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on the idea of acontainerbancofa chest fæt vessel hus
traces of michael reddy scontainermetaphor which envisages the mind
on horse shoe coggie woodencontainermade of staves a pail
had glass globes above acontainerof paraffin that fed a
be transported in an unsealedcontainerif seeds are transported in
scraan scraps rubbish scull shallowcontainerfor turnips etc scushle roon
comes from knowing that thecontaineris sealed that might lead
must once have held acontainerof flowers or an exotic
mind as a space orcontainerin which thoughts are stored
as the uk s internationalcontainerhub port support the continuation
between ba ball backet woodencontainerbad use to ill use
the wooden lippie a squarecontainerthat served as the feed
in winter time a metalcontainermaybe 3 feet long by
an opening in the seedcontainerwith a similar motion to
stone put in bottom ofcontainercover with sugar add gin

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