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dealt a number of cardscontainingsubjects and predicates not distinguished
points for an ungrammatical sentencecontainingtwo subjects or two predicates
suet clootie piece of clothcontaininga lump of suet for
illegal practice of using solderscontaininglead on copper fittings for
herbal cures vividly illustrated boxescontainingaphrodisiacs and gruesomely enough dried
a strategy or action plancontainingclear policy commitments and descriptions
personal correspondence such as letterscontainingdescriptions and opinions and from
instrument and a statutory instrumentcontaininga regulations under section 1
parliament 1a a statutory instrumentcontainingan order under section 1
statutory instrument 2 an instrumentcontainingan order under section 1
the parliament 3 no instrumentcontainingan order under section 3
fit 2 a statutory instrumentcontainingan order under subsection 1a
areas 5 a statutory instrumentcontainingan order under subsection 3
instrument and a statutory instrumentcontainingany such order other than
a draft of the instrumentcontainingit has been approved by
a draft of the instrumentcontainingit has been approved by
document 3 a statutory instrumentcontainingsuch an order shall subject
a draft of the instrumentcontainingthem has been approved by
a draft of the instrumentcontainingthem has been approved by
was circulated by the executivecontainingits response to our questions
consideration of petitions a reportcontainingrecommendations has been circulated to
david elliot when a filecontainingcandidate entries comes in it
brownhill was the engine housecontainingthe sturdy paraffin engine made
collect as many noun phrasescontainingfour or more words as
verb phrases each hexagonal blockcontainingsix permutations of the same
liqueur from an enormous glasscontainingan equally enormous snake the
newspapers act as ancient rockscontainingthe marks of prehistoric insects
leads me to a backroomcontaininga desk paperwork a chair
called out to mister blaikiecontainingten clydesdale bank ten pound
asked to compose a sentencecontainingthe word bell and offered
suitable for use as grazingcontainingsemi natural vegetation including heathland
had to find a formulacontainingwarrior it seems natural that
in the streets was boardscontainingpictures of those who had
1998 letters were despatched eachcontaininga s a e for
is a novel in scotscontainingthree books supporting poems and
picture the white lidded pailscontainingcarefully placed eggs all heavily
gooseberries gorblet of an eggcontainingan unfledged chick gorblin newly
parliament 4 no such ordercontainingprovisions which add to replace
insert 5a no such regulationscontainingprovisions which amend disapply or
i had an anonymous lettercontaininga bullet which i was
the roman believers a lettercontaininggreat truth and revelations and
crystal flask and a bagcontaininga sandwich nanse to herself
asked for an initial presentationcontainingfactual information which i am
written submission from the ministercontainingall the information that we
will create an electronic corpuscontainingwritten and spoken materials with
been characterised as being diffusecontaininga high number of small
contexts reading a passage aloudcontaininga number of key linguistic
schools were given information packscontainingchocolate euros europe balloons pens
and brought over an albumcontainingpress cuttings and photos of
holds the white envelope obviouslycontaininga card but makes no
the group of 5 wordscontainingbil as one element the
of old english level twocontainingfive sets of exercises offering
there is a large chestcontainingtwo plaids at the foot
office published a report 16containing24 proposals 17 for modernising
stage 2 the marshalled listcontainingall amendments selected for debate
e for ease of replycontaininga pro forma to all
scotland s kist an anthologycontainingprose poetry and drama and
for having sold a newspapercontaininga tobacco related advertisement this
as i said a papercontainingsuggestions on whom we might
storage units exist in scotlandcontaininganimal remains resulting from the
if they are vegetarian decanterscontainingwine will be on the
bloomfield the school the kirkyardcontaininghis ashes the centre brings
person brown place in bastercontainingwater peppers onion stock cube

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