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that the parliament notes thecontinuingpresence of bovine spongiform encephalopathy
s1m 2592 mr kenneth macintoshcontinuingpresence of bse and new
2002 john scott s1m 2592continuingpresence of bse and new
mr keith raffan s1m 2592continuingpresence of bse and new
support from their employer forcontinuingprofessional development and nearly half
through their initial training andcontinuingprofessional development cpd teachers are
that all nurses get thecontinuingprofessional development that they deserve
to pay the cost ofcontinuingprofessional development themselves while a
primary teachers our work oncontinuingprofessional development will ensure that
however they have also mentionedcontinuingprofessional development working conditions work
as figures worthy of ourcontinuingadmiration ___ notes 1 not
that the parliament notes thecontinuingconcern being expressed by veterans
borders textiles industry notes thecontinuingdecline with the recent announcement
borders textiles industry notes thecontinuingdecline with the recent announcement
among teenage girls notes thecontinuinghigh levels of teenage pregnancy
parliament notes with concern thecontinuinginequalities and complexities inherent in
must equal improvement further notescontinuingpublic concern about aspects of
gaelic teachers further notes thecontinuingshortage of university graduates intending
that the parliament notes thecontinuingthreat to the borders cashmere
numbers through scottish airports arecontinuingto increase substantially and notes
numbers through scottish airports arecontinuingto increase substantially and notes
islands notes the historic andcontinuingtrend of growing population in
notes the threat to thecontinuinguse of portmoak airfield by
in response to increased numberscontinuingtheir studies post 16 has
would result in a eliminatingcontinuingeducation in the borders leading
data and so on werecontinuingand that some of the
eis was aware of somecontinuingdifficulties with data processing but
central and local has acontinuingneed for data on the
nurses including recruitment and retentioncontinuingcareer development and training were
long term comprehensive strategy forcontinuingpost compulsory education and training
exception there was a healthycontinuingtraining and monitoring process dr
of the site has acontinuingreligious significance however a civil
improve the legal system bycontinuingto reform civil legal aid
living in rural areas bycontinuingto relocate civil service jobs
place such maintenance is acontinuingconcern overall the bill s
parliament expresses concern at thecontinuingtraffic chaos in auchmill road
the licensing process and thecontinuingability to hold fish in
bill the consultation process iscontinuingand the working group is
extent the consultation process iscontinuingin the form of the
cathie craigie you mentioned acontinuingprocess between now and the
is a stage in acontinuingprocess that will make a
process those commitments form acontinuingprogramme to provide the best
the support of members incontinuingthat process scottish berry project
alleviate pressures that is acontinuingweek to week process the
customers recognises the executive scontinuingcommitment to a public water
customers recognises the executive scontinuingcommitment to a public water
month recognises the importance ofcontinuingresearch into the diagnosis and
may be needed on acontinuingbasis it does not come
the scots language on acontinuingbasis the executive will continue
accused objects to the icccontinuingon the basis that the
other unions that teachers werecontinuingto raise concerns were those
s story evidence of itscontinuingfascination can be found in
institute friday 16th september thecontinuingstory of last monday glasgow
universitetskaja hotel jotting down thecontinuingstory of our first days
nowadays may not see thecontinuingdevelopment of a child s
to scotland as well ascontinuingthe development of personal and
only one part of thecontinuingmodernisation of building construction and
whether the building had acontinuingreligious significance i am not
are building regulations compliance noticescontinuingrequirement enforcement notices building warrant
and 1998 with further redundanciescontinuingpost 1998 according to forecasts
that i mentioned activity iscontinuingin other areas through private
the churn rate clearly thecontinuingneed for support for the
played and to support itscontinuingrole which is fundamental to
many crofting counties and encouragescontinuingsupport to crofting through such
scottish executive should give itscontinuingsupport to those families affected
which local enterprise companies operatecontinuingtheir role in business support
and ministers have naturally beencontinuingto emphasise and support action
means that people cannot securecontinuingcore funding for their basic
evidence from universities association forcontinuingeducation scottish higher education funding
scotland funding will have acontinuingfinancial requirement in some parts
lack of core funding andcontinuingfunding for successful projects and
which gives her work itscontinuingfreshness in particular it is
to do we commit tocontinuingthat work the report highlights
then be a matter ofcontinuingthe work that is being
the work that we arecontinuingto do with elderly forums
also added some points aboutcontinuingto work towards a review
wild fish stocks more effectivelycontinuingwork by nasco and other
than ever before and thecontinuingwork by the executive and
than ever before and thecontinuingwork by the executive and
showcase year might overshadow thecontinuingwork of campaigning for and
confidence as part of ourcontinuingwork programme it is always
last visit given the importantcontinuingwork that is not covered
regulations that are subject tocontinuingwork they are for illustrative
bell baxter high school forcontinuingto provide a high standard
pre school to tertiary andcontinuingeducation and in promoting the
will be part of thecontinuingnational debate on education my
the resources to provide thecontinuingmonitoring that is required i
look no further than thecontinuingfailure to implement the new
off from the shore andcontinuingfor a further two miles
fully learnt and further encouragescontinuingholocaust remembrance by holding an
said given that there iscontinuingcontroversy on this matter we
say tricia marwick there arecontinuingpolice inquiries into the matter
need to pay any annualcontinuingcharge s1w 33696 mr brian
there is a need forcontinuingdialogue between the scottish parliament
the general principle of thecontinuingneed for livestock markets sex
argued that there was acontinuingneed to publicise it and
views on the need forcontinuingregional aid for the highlands
s pace partnership action forcontinuingemployment 3 arrangements will be
arrangements the partnership action forcontinuingemployment strategy will be put
movement of people and thecontinuingcontact between those on the
as the result of acontinuingdialogue between a multiplicity of
only too aware of thecontinuingdebate about housing finance and
and improvement it is acontinuingdebate and i am sure
that and that there iscontinuingdebate with westminster about the
they are delivered through thecontinuingsuccess of the barnett formula
antonine guard organisation on itscontinuingcampaign on this and other
april the council confirmed itscontinuingcommitment to doing that my
very late confirmation of itscontinuingimportance in scottish poetry although
luxembourg in 1891 and itscontinuinglife as an icon and
expresses its opposition to thecontinuingrestrictions in movement imposed on
in its history and wishescontinuingsuccess to the club and
no time is lost incontinuingpublic transport investment and improvement
online public services and iscontinuingto explore a variety of
disruption in an institution fromcontinuingon that course those prisoners
practice that that is acontinuingresponsibility of those who have
yourself in the water beforecontinuingto macchu picchu and some
national health service capitation orcontinuingcare arrangements are required to
of the world service andcontinuingto write christmas cards it
planned for each of thecontinuingand new trunk road projects
boslit that new translations arecontinuingi was especially interested to
had been severely threatening ourcontinuingfriendship saturday was the exception
our democracy is concerned atcontinuingreductions in the value of
the report states that thecontinuingvitality of our lesser used
being made worse by thecontinuingeffect of the fuel price
two occasions and is stillcontinuingschool security is being monitored
that the parliament condemns thecontinuingeuropean union eu subsidy of
on local economies of peoplecontinuingto be able to use
the day wis tae thecontinuinguse o wir mither tongue
any other bodies about thecontinuingtechnical viability of sand runways
door to enter rather thancontinuingto walk in front of
miserable about it but doggedlycontinuingand the loss to the
no clear idea about thecontinuingcare that they will receive
about poindings and warrant salescontinuingfor up to a year
optimistic there will be acontinuingcost requirement to fund the
levels will not meet thecontinuingdemand for affordable rented housing
kind of model that thecontinuinglonger term review will want
there will be a gentlecontinuingpush to demonstrate in appropriate
will take to address thecontinuingweaknesses in the fundamental financial
the advantages or disadvantages ofcontinuinga b p not surprisingly
cultural aspect could affect thecontinuingattraction of such locations for
the roman empire and thecontinuingauthority of the roman catholic
that generality the provision ofcontinuingcare when the person is
just one illustration of thecontinuingdialogue that we want to
and to the executive scontinuingengagement with the future of
against the background of thecontinuingerosion of colloquial scots it
in the light of thecontinuingexperience of devolution s1w 28490
important tool in ensuring thecontinuinghealth and safety of the
[censored: forename] had written of hercontinuinghectic but enjoyable life in
his robust backing to thecontinuingoperations of livestock marketing companies
ye know and and acontinuingproduction of gaelic documents eh
with responsibility for reviewing thecontinuingsecurity and welfare of the
government s policy of acontinuingsteady increase in tobacco taxation
who have contributed to thecontinuingsuccess of this project and
of leven hospital and thecontinuingsuggestions of threat to the
next day sporadically rehearsing andcontinuingthe discussion the crux of
in the number of studentscontinuingthe study of a modern
publicity surrounding rangers and celticcontinuingthe theme of giving you
innovative know the score campaigncontinuingto emphasise the benefits of
the rest of the ukcontinuingto produce product that requires
or wales the difficulty ofcontinuingto promote and compete effectively
no money at all 99continuingwith the notion of monolingualism
in standard grade modern languagescontinuingwith the study of the
has been forced by acontinuingand critical shortfall in revenue
urgently measures to halt anycontinuinganti glasgow bias and adopt
to face up to thecontinuingchallenges and ensure that we
the pound and end thecontinuingharm that scotland s non
northern ireland are prevented fromcontinuingillegal and sectarian activity if
the political stability and thecontinuingpeace that we enjoy in
a worthy focus for thecontinuingrelationship with estonia and the
act as a means towardscontinuingto develop an ambitious and
in scottish university studies bycontinuingto give a male and
pushing her head down andcontinuingwith her rolling ach be
the scottish executive whether studentscontinuingtheir course into academic year
itself objects to the icccontinuingwith a prosecution or if
which was in effect acontinuingseb unit david elliot by
be better served by mycontinuingto speak in english although
there appears to be acontinuingdelay if there is a
intend to do as acontinuingfirst minister mr swinney if
oil in a steady streamcontinuingto beat vigorously add remaining
there was no point incontinuingto press for concessions that
factual information as well ascontinuingto retrieve factual details from
under 65s should be acontinuingtask for general practitioners if
yes it is wow bessiecontinuingher own thoughts but her
seats meanwhile the conversation iscontinuingwe never had cake ye
1300 the mids o marcontinuingas a frontier linguistic area
m makkin reference tae thecontinuingcaring relationship atween the praisent
he was next in linecontinuingthe shopping magdalena in the
do that they would havecontinuingresponsibilities cosla supports that measure

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