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doon in a corner ehcorneran told tae not tae
another corner what about thecornerdoon at the bottom try
never sat doon in acornereh corner an told tae
this corner here f1122: thiscornerf1121: mmhm see you re
pop it up in thiscornerhere f1122: this corner f1121:
mm no near not thatcornertry another corner what about
not that corner try anothercornerwhat about the corner doon
face steve scrambles to thecornercammy want a bit colour
steve scurries back to thecornerdoll harm me you ll
helps steve back to thecornered laughs pause bairn wis
up steve sits in thecornerhis coat over his head
silence steve goes to acornerof the shed stew goes
pain steve crawls from thecornersits beside stew holds him
dimps steve cowers in thecornerunder his sheepskin coat steve
hey chist oot o ehcornero ma eye ah saw
could see me out thecornerof her eye but she
cut my face wi mycornerof my eye right down
to her mouth from thecornerof one eye she could
at me out of thecornerof your eye you looked
the main road to hiscornerby the sweetie shop he
is like just round thecornerfrom the shop i have
chemist shop doon at thecornerhere m865: eh and finally
souter s shop in acornero a park syne on
in a bag from thecornershop and i m gonna
buy things from a littlecornershop etc mrs beaumont martha
minty sweeties is t acornershop or staa chorus some
just stand on a streetcorneran whistle teribus an they
go and stand in thecornerand face the wall f965:
go and stand in thecornerf963: mm f965: i did
go and stand in thecornerf965: i don t even
don t stand on thatcornerof buchanan street like the
made to stand in thecornerthe teacher s desk sat
ll be away round thecornerand the people at the
who lives just round thecornerand there s a children
bit sort of round thecornerand there was a s-
from the gastronom round thecorneranother treat is chocolate sent
it s just round thecornerbut your hospital or whatever
david broadfoot resided round thecornerfrom his captain in royal
to the school round thecornerfrom my flat in glasgow
was going on round thecornerin case it had to
never saw round the valldemossacornernor did she visit the
a quiet spot round thecornerof the building there is
a string quartet round thecornerperhaps santa eulalia s carved
left our house round thecornerthe world i shared with
the road and round thecornerthey have been very good
instead we went round thecornerto the ateneum art museum
a bus swung round thecornerwith toothlock doddy boy at
[inaudible] piper on every streetcornerf826: as long as she
the f718: shared toilet f1077: cornerin brook street and she
find one on every streetcornerm903: [laugh] f606: mmhm [cough]
useless rail erected at thecornerof kelvinside gardens wilton street
a similar proposal for thecornerof otago and gibson street
took me down to thecornerof the street and two
of buchanan street just thatcornerwhere you come up and
one that s on thecornerwith the wee street that
f1095: no that s acornerbit in there mind fitt
farr does it f1095: acornerbit no i dinna think
f1095: now there s acornerbut you ve to look
no it isna f1095: acornerlook cause it s got
f1095: no that s acornerlook get the bits o
side somewhere that s acornerm1096: [exhale] [child noise] f1095: right
[exhale] f1095: that s acornerm1096: no it isna f1095:
down here and roon thecornerm1096: somebody [inaudible] f1095: oh
f1095: no that s acornermind so it has to
[panting] f1095: that s anothercornerso farr does it go
f1095: no that s acornerso it goes doon the
f1095: no that s acornerso you ll need other
f1095: well that s acornerthat s a bush [inaudible]
your auntie bade roon thecornerf1043: aye f1041: yer sister
temp 8 12 roon thecorneris winter i hiv tae
weel fit s roon thecorneroorsels we steel wednesday 29th
her purse fan roon acornerrobbers came wi guns and
mithers roon chippie on thecornerstauns plunkin pyokes in hungeret
day lang winter roon thecornerwid i be wrang monday
corridor theatre b roon thecornerwis theatre c abody wis
sit in silence in thecornerbut i think that i
thigithir backing hur inti acornercould get messy long silence
sitting in silence in thecornerfills the committee with such
an shoving him in acornersilence lee ah shoul uve
the social duthie park petscornerhazlehead milk is always white
of park and sun petcornerhazlehead park it s a
2005 by poetry now petscornerhazlehead park was published in
the picture s in thecornerehm the main room of
thit wis staundin i thecornero the room yonder the
of the light to eachcornerof the room f639: mmhm
was something rotting in acornerof the room growing and
outsize flower pot in onecornerof the room nanse has
a photograph tucked into thecornerof the room shows catalina
been left lyin in thecornerof the room since friday
was a piano in thecornerof the room two more
couch and across to thecornerof the room where she
his mouth open in thecornerof the room you can
dinna ken that s acornerain m1096: and fitt s
dinna ken that s acornerand aa m1096: that s
right no that s acornerit is m1096: no it
his bike that s anothercornerm1096: farr s it go
mind no that s acornercause it s got two
s it that s acornermind no that s a
no well that s acornermind so it s to
cockroaches spilling out of acornerof her mind in church
it goes up at thiscornerf1126: alright this is bit
and dimps goes to acornersets up the ironing board
up from its long forgottencornerthere was another long pause
doon ain and look thecornerain aye that bit no
to walk doon to thecornershoppie if the grun was
had been situated in thecornerof arbuthnott house gardens about
in the house at thecornerof stair drive and royal
house would be in acornerof the backyard it s
from the house on thecornerwho had been seen sporting
had been left in thecornerforlorn ignored resentful yep on
in the the left [inaudible]cornernow by the way [inhale]
in the top left handcornerwith words for pleased if
who yelled sayonara at everycorneras we passed at the
own country but in everycornerof the world as scots
is bit that go oncornerf1125: right here look f1126:
one f1135: over in thecornerlook [inaudible] f1136: oh uh
one over there at thecornerlook that way [censored: forename] over
we showed you what onecornerof the backcourt could look
rolled back i turned acornerdown to the river and
drags his cushion from thecornerlies down curls up with
and sits down in acornernatasha covers her face with
on right down to thecornershops we were told that
seats sort of at thecornerlike little sort of stool
begrudge them this little rockycornermore regrettable has been a
up in the north westcornerwe have the three little
pictures of christ in onecornera priest led a cluster
me huddled together in onecornera timid scrum we tried
a coloured flower at onecornerand a text that she
center ring sara in onecornercherie in the other they
the green one in thecornerf1112: i can t see
mmhm that one in thecornerf1112: i can t see
peter [censored: surname] stood in onecornerin a red tie other
of uncooked oatcakes on acornerof the table one above
ring each boxer takes acornerone by one each boxer
flip chart stands in onecornerpunch bag boxing gloves some
the phrase chalked on onecornersoli deo gloria an official
dinner mats grasped at onecornerwere deemed just the ticket
four sheaves one at eachcornerwi a tit o corn
my box guess what eachcornerwas the same then i
right [inaudible] this in thecorneras well [inaudible] put up
banging [inaudible] up in thecornerbeside her right [inaudible] this
got sweeties the day [inaudible]corner[inaudible] right see fann you
that s that s acornerbit aye so turn it
he grebbed hould o ehcornergave hid a wee shove
ti see on the aecornerhe cam on a wee
kist wi jist a weecornerhere an there for your
life in a backward weecornerof the world like this
fann you go roond thecornerthere s jelly sweeties for
fann you go roond thecornerthere there see fann you
o hands over in thecorner[laugh] f1049: [laugh] that was
know somebody just in thecornerin the pub michty he
just a nuisance at thecornerof the road to the
s just speaking into acornerof your ear it s
just put her on acorneron the royal mile playing
gonnae stop hiding in yourcornerlee laughs jilly what the
your pitch to argue yourcornerto put forward coherent proposals
to be put in thecornerf963: mm f965: do you
s no that s acornerand aa [censored: forename] where s
by definition have no easycornerin which to accumulate the
bits no that s acornermm no near not that
of road that s acornerno that s hmm farr
might do nicely in acornercabinet here are local olives
used to sit in acornerall day recently though i
m642: to shallow out thecornerand he got in so
s drop in centre thecornerand off the record in
want to sit in acornerand read a book you
along and you turn acornerand the sun s in
f643: big fire in thatcornerand there was a big
in pencil in the topcornerandy gets excited for he
were hangin about on thecorneras they did in these
stands alone waiting in thecornercarolanne hello pause yes it
to his cushion in thecornercurls up sucks his thumb
jack horner sat in acornereating his christmas pie he
the couples in a backcornerheld a can of oil
will continue to fight ourcornerin the future using the
actually in quite a goodcorner[inhale] f958: that s what
aye m1008: box in thecornerm1055: yes the the picture
deid an daurk in acornerma daddy wis dead chuffed
peerie bush in a shelteredcornero a back gairden curled
holding court cigarette in thecornerof his mouth insisting that
s a story in thecornerof my family it s
thought what a leisure orientatedcornerof scotland we live in
to heap up in thecornerof the loft and was
in order to undo acornerof the packet she looks
the pulley in a highcornerof the roof arachne s
big feather bed in thecornerof the sort of living
whether lee staes in hurcorneror noh enter pat pat
union jack in the uppercornerpinned in the middle of
blease always kept in thecornershe would slice off a
solemnity sat enraptured in acornerthe girl leant her elbows
the waa in a crowdedcornerthe telly sells ma car
of pebbles in a farcornerthe whole office was so
filled the story in thecornerthere s a story in
wuiden flair ower in aecornerweel gie s a leuk
they hide them in thecornerwhen people are trying to
area in the otago gibsoncornerwill be a open concrete
and the guy in thecornerwill he want ti sit
fled to the furthest darkestcornerwith terror in its eyes
ones sittin in the nationalistcorneryou know what i mean
but were stopped at thecornerat parkhill by a troop
at seed on the cattycornerbalcony freak morag screamed she
at this end at thecornermm that was the smiddy
they will congregate at farcornerof reception suite miss [censored: surname]
old men gathered at acornerof the square and from
fishin blithely awa at thecornerpuil while twa ither chiels
point at its north westcornerto head for ireland they
eric liddell centre at holycornerwhich is home to many
the food dispenser at thecornerwis bladdit bi fear o
caur lichts cam roun thecornera polis caur i jumpt
ah threw masel intae acornerand howled ma heid aff
reveal two ditches forming acornerangle similar to that of
it is proposed levelling thecornerarea achieving a free flowing
o thaim ower tae acornerawa fae the windae for
is situated on a busycornerbecause of this car parking
as we cam roun acorneri stoppt deid somebody s
cause it says a sharpcornerit must have been going
tryin ti push mi acornerkeep me there exit gary
f718: [laugh] m734: a blindcornerkind of splodge straight into
an arrow pointing to thecornermrs brown isn t a
went there d be somecornero a foreign field that
i the tap nor wastcornero scotland a mynd on
get it out with thecornerof a handkerchief failing that
fire she points into acornerof the audience to where
the old man lifted acornerof the cloth with a
[?]tell you what to do[/?] f643: i had acornerof the factory floor m608:
this damp towel crumpling acornerokay to have a bath
through the crowd to acornerseat beside the drinks table
a particularly private and secludedcornershe then felt something wet
doors open herried inti acornerthae twenty bodies hed nae
f1103: and there s acornerthere erm f1104: i thought
to coax from a dustycornerunder an iron bed they
us that hung on thecornerwall flabbergasted we including a
brocht til wut s endcornergud s postal address an
help him fight scotland scornerross finnie we have access
[laugh] f810: that s thatcorners so awful [laugh] i
and dumb on speaker scornerthe rug i am swypin
half way to the firstcornerwhen i hear phimister s
least we have turned thecornerwe will see an increase
yon tap side fer backcornerstuid whit wei kent is
ve mentioned was his specialcornerand except on special occasions
purns we cam roun thecornertae fin puggie an his
hearty voices from beyond thecornerof the lobby the sergeant
also there was really tightcornerf718: mmhm m734: that was
fit wis jist aroon thecornerthe pale moon was rising
said now all of thiscornerhave herpes through this girl
sea syne tuckt inby thiscornero aa corners ti whilk
o it oot o thecornero my ee i saw
roxburghshire an selkirkshire i thecornero the borth icksheils ferm
three guid puils roun thecorneran ah don t think
home as he turned thecorneran ambulance lights flashing siren
with inheld breath to thecorneras it turned i saw
afore ye come tae thecornerf643: uh huh aye we
juist bei roond the nixtcornerfur aa on huz n
an even level makes thecornermore attractive and useful it
huh on the hill f963: cornerof the golf course you
the wyte dealer on thecornersellin hash an smack hello
had earlier described as thecornerstone of christianity be natural
the time they rounded thecornerto the last distillery cottage
jar an jist roond thecorneruncle whoever or auntie whoever
mair fields ir i yoncornerwhaur the maislee wudburn mairch
full of odd recesses andcornercupboards and places that were
sure to please them naturecornerodd facts about denizons of
be reminded of an unlovedcornerof bratislava i visited recently

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