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journal 28 january 1688 12coronationoath act 1688 1 will
the 1700 act is thecoronationoath act 1688 s3 of
take the oath at theircoronationaccording to stat 1 w
of england came in thecoronationoath act of the same
this act shall have thecoronationoath administered to him her
an act for establishing thecoronationoath and shall make subscribe
reformed church provided for acoronationoath by which the monarch
form of administration of thecoronationoath including the following arch
status of the sovereign scoronationoath made in 1952 is
he or she swear thecoronationoath the act for the
persons who shall administer thecoronationoath to him or her
arbuthnott then dressed in theircoronationrobes and coronets 1939 sale
queen to swear during thecoronationceremony that they will to
power a whole episode ofcoronationstreet tired of soaring petrol
a celebrity special i thinkcoronationstreet stars sing stars in
mountains to assist in hercoronationat the end of the
or at his or hercoronationbefore such person or persons
what s the other onecoronationstreet and ri- well no
stayed at home and watchedcoronationstreet drinking cups of tea
a long running storyline incoronationstreet in which ken barlow
the present queen at hercoronationon 2 june 1953 swore
were set alight too earlycoronationpicnic when our present queen
gave a talk on thecoronationand showed the members the
parish were each given acoronationmug and a bonfire with
declaration at his or hercoronationor the first day of
the it was maybe thecoronationm608: right m194: i d

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