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suidhe to beinn it iscorrectlymapped as ben arthur after
if my memory serves mecorrectlygordon jackson supported me in
if my memory serves mecorrectlytwo years ago 50 million
the matter if i remembercorrectlyhe has pointed out that
next year as karen whitefieldcorrectlypointed out anybody who has
contentious but the minister hascorrectlypointed out that those will
order bruce crawford pointed outcorrectlythe part of the order
so fewer people speak itcorrectlyperhaps even fewer than gaelic
of any two genres andcorrectlyidentifies these the dealer checking
the directive was being implementedcorrectlyand fairly might we be
we are enforcing the directivecorrectlyat the moment however if
uniform business rate is quitecorrectlypegged at the rate of
robson if i understood youcorrectlyyou rely upon local information
who last week reported quitecorrectlythat users did not see
can be established by twocorrectlypositioned receivers and direction finding
that generally speaking most systemscorrectlyidentify the accused persons who
i read the power structurecorrectlybut i wouldn t underestimate
became god beside or morecorrectlyin place of the father
the centre if they guesscorrectlythey can keep the piece
a borders name david mundellcorrectlyreferred to the work of
i am reading that tablecorrectly257 cases went to the
to manage european financial affairscorrectlywe seem to be moving
grenade blast if i remembercorrectlymrs laurence clarified but nonetheless
ensure that it is workingcorrectlythe presiding officer sir david
the people of the areacorrectlybecause it covers an area
that any test went absolutelycorrectlyfrom the point of view
but if i follow youcorrectlythe bill s extension of
today if i heard himcorrectlythe first minister spoke about
who was going about thingscorrectlythe authorities said that they
conditioning patterns not being acquiredcorrectlyunless speakers have been exposed
you did not do thatcorrectlyand there was a f963:
appropriately and one for eachcorrectlyidentified by underlining they also
that this entry is correctcorrectlydated and in ink my
acceptable or that justice iscorrectlyaddressed in proceedings in the
it ken an pronounce itcorrectlythat s f606: mmhm m830:

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