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bob christie head of policycoslajon harris director of policy
committee will take evidence fromcoslapat watters president jon harris
from jon harris ellen kellycoslarona fitzgerald equal opportunities commission
social inclusion spokesman eddie baincoslalegal adviser andy o neill
following witnesses councillor corrie mcchordcoslasocial inclusion spokesman eddie bain
quote from alison magee thecoslatransport spokesman she wrote to
o neill cosla pat watterscoslajohn o hagan cosla 3
fraser smith andy o neillcoslapat watters cosla john o
legal adviser andy o neillcoslapolicy officer the meeting adjourned
law fife council education spokespersoncoslac llr eric gotts east
committee will take evidence fromcoslacouncillor john pentland finance spokesperson
councillor helen law education spokespersoncoslamaggi allan executive director education
watters cosla john o hagancosla3 subordinate legislation the committee
and anil gupta policy advisorcoslaeddie egan scottish health committee
bill at stage 1 fromcoslacouncillor andrew campbell rural affairs
a joint inquiry established bycoslaand teachers unions in 1997
by the teaching unions andcoslain regard to reaching a
by the teaching unions andcoslain regard to reaching a
director of policy and legislationcoslabob reid assistant director planning
from kathy cameron policy officercoslagraham u ren director royal
funding of the national parkscoslajmt and rspb all suggest
parks suggested by snh onlycoslaproposed one further selection criteria
may work for national parkscoslarequest more detail on this
parks in england and walescoslarequest that the power to
committee will take evidence fromcoslabob christie head of policy
in respect of priority needcoslahas concerns about the impact
priority need as far ascoslais concerned the immediate financial
of the priority need groupscoslas understanding is that if
you when you met thecoslarepresentatives and i wondered whether
between the forestry industry andcoslarepresentatives to discuss timber transport
representatives about the details ofcoslas offer and agrees that
and position on the billcoslacommented that many councils already
made as yet according tocoslacouncils have not raised the
by local councils she quotedcoslaon its adamant opposition to
convention of scottish local authoritiescoslaand poverty alliance also attended
council tax as stated bycoslain convention item 4 on
if its assessment differs fromcoslas statement in convention item
convention of scottish local authoritiescoslawhereby local government calls on
convention for scottish local authoritiescoslawould like the national park
letter states on behalf ofcoslai would again request most
considers that the defects incoslas offer are the result
notes the overwhelming rejection ofcoslas pay and conditions offer
that the current impasse betweencoslaand the teaching profession is
committee will consider letters fromcoslaand sportscotland in response to
a less comprehensive response fromcoslai will not read through
other action in its responsecoslaindicates that it has consulted
who holds to that viewcoslaand the individual local authorities
have heard and received fromcoslaand the local authorities i
are right but that mspscoslalocal authorities uncle tom cobbleigh
alan mckeown i know thatcoslahas been involved in in
agencies that are involved fromcoslain particular and from the
in scotland i certainly wantcoslato be involved in the
their neighbours mark turley incoslas view it is good
dangerous to overstate savings doescoslashare that view do other
the executive scottish care andcoslaon the funding of private
between it scottish care andcoslaon the funding of private
authority funding shortfalls identified bycoslawill all require to be
s1m 2819 north lanarkshire councilcoslaaward lodged on 1 march
eric gotts east dunbartonshire councilcosladr wilson mcleod dr rob
of dundee city council andcoslai confirm that we welcome
relationship between the executive andcoslaas kenny gibson and i
8 january 2003 between itcoslas rural affairs committee and
caused by snh s proposalscoslain particular emphasise that structure
local services and policies thecoslabriefing outlined a number of
to the report produced bycoslas fireworks task group s1o
and the homelessness monitoring groupcoslas views have therefore been
on a working group withcoslato consider this issue the
it last met members ofcoslaand what issues were discussed
which are largely capital issuescoslawas not encouraged by the
from the scottish executive andcosla5 gaelic language scotland bill
come first mark turley fromcoslas perspective there can be
know whether a representative fromcoslashould take part in the
committee have had direct experiencecoslahas a number of european
under the community care requirementscoslais concerned that there are
first minister has written tocoslaand we will ensure that
conditions of service is neededcoslahas machinery that can do
on how housing is financedcoslahas put some good proposals
discussions it has had withcoslaregarding the effects of stress
bungee rope what has beencoslas initial reaction to your
be negotiations with unison andcoslathe crux of the bill
a well organised structure throughcoslaof which some of the
practice guidance on allotments 13coslaand the scottish executive are
ask for the views ofcoslathe association of scottish colleges
sfha made probably cover thatcoslais not at all reassured
2003 uk nap the scvocoslaand poverty alliance have been
report on her meeting withcoslaon the subject matter of
to support nppg 11 andcoslas and sportscotland s comments
they would have continuing responsibilitiescoslasupports that measure because it
copy of the petition tocoslaas well the convener the
years as vice president ofcoslafighting for public sector jobs
scotland s affordable housing stockcoslaagrees that unless that happens
i remember a seminar atcoslas offices three or four
support the convener i askcoslathe same questions david orr

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