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ai ah div wush ahcoudbelieve ye puddok a aince
ross a wush that acoudbring ye mair comfort the
sobbing eildh ah wush ahcoudgang back ti whan ah
ochone ah div wush ahcoudhae ma favorite dream back
ma chair ah wush ahcoudrin aboot lyke you again
yeir chappin a wush yecoudthey leave curtain scene iii
day ah gat fou ancoudhaurlie haud up ma heid
ah felt badlyke but ahcoudhaurlie keep the first ane
hattert an worn out hecoudhaurlie move at aw an
she stertit ti speak ahcoudhaurlie shut hir up he
beatrix s bewtie that shecoudhaurlie sleep at nicht for
cut oot hir tung shecoudhaurlie speir for yeir permeission
war that sair tyauvin shecoudhaurlie wurk at aw that
oniebodie coud say that wecoudaw say that malcolm rises
sae that oniebodie that wantitcoudgae doun for a douk
ma fortuin aweill whit maircoudoniebodie want sae his faither
meg wha isna mercie yecoudsay that aboot oniebodie knicht
she coudna help hirsell oniebodiecoudsay that we coud aw
juist a bonnie lassie shecoudspin forby better nor oniebodie
onlie a true lousum hertcoudfesh me wattir frae the
the onlie horse his faithercoudgie him wes a randie
mornin ai if onlie ahcoudgie ma lyfe for you
o t ai if ahcoudonlie convince ye that the
aw weeps ai if ahcoudonlie stap existin stops crying
if ye onlie kent pompitiecoudye no uise sum glaumerie
coudna help it naither ahcoudah juist coudna covers her
the spring flouers ai ahcoudnever dae it ah coudna
ah coudna win it yecoudwin oniething but ye didna
war that slippie nae mancoudfinnd a richt grup or
craig an see gin thaycoudfinnd a wey inti the
wyfe bairns sairvants awbodie theycoudfinnd macduff an a haed
pepper it wes aw ahcoudfinnd onie port in a
airmor to physician gin yecoudfinnd oot what ails this
it wes the best ahcoudfinnd pompitie nods weakly and
thocht mair but nae aunsercoudhe finnd nane ava sae
haed he forgotten aboot hircoudhe no mebbe finnd a
ferr awa an gin yecoudjuist finnd that verra green
frae skaith the knicht shuirliecoudnever finnd oot aw thae
thare but nae wey incoudthay finnd but whan thay
oot hou weill the horsecoudkick the hound coud snak
mynd princess nanse ah ahcoudlat ah coud lat ye
ah ah coud lat ahcoudlat ye see ma breiks
coud snak an the hawkcoudpyke for thay kickit him
horse coud kick the houndcoudsnak an the hawk coud
an beiss an the fishescoudspeak an fowk coud unnerstaun
the beiss an the burdscoudspeik sae thay coud whan
fishes coud speak an fowkcoudunnerstaun am speiak wi thaim
burds coud speik sae thaycoudwhan it wes needfu an
o the houss door pompitiecoudye coud ye no cuist
houss door pompitie coud yecoudye no cuist a spell
nanse hae sum sense houcouda ever mairrie the lykes
man l macduff mercie acoudbuy masell twantie men at
peace an unitie at hamecoudgang ti hell macduff o
yeir speirit macduff syre acoudgreit lyke a bairn an
tearfully dinna be daft yecoudhae got roond him mairrie
the desert air whaur naebodiecoudhear it macduff what s
spell on the houss houcoudma faither cum ti mairrie
ai mercie whatna day whatcoudthey howp ti gain macduff
mairrie wi a puddok whitcoudwe dae thegither ye wad
ava ye stuipit tawpie houcoudye gang an mairrie a
lyke hir ai if yecoudhae seen hir this mornin
mukkil chaunce o that naebodiecoudforget aboot this eilidh sniffing
the r naebodie here thatcoudobjek puddok naither the ir
that naebodie but hir wadcoudpou the skelf an cure
or she died an naebodiecoudsay it didna serr hir
no verra joco an naebodiecoudsay she wes an innerlie
the airt o meditation houcoudah beir this yondmaist lanesumness
wes ah greitin for houcoudah tell him ah ask
best going out hou ahcouddae wi sum tea here
day ah dinna think youcoudhae stuiden it pepper hou
still fikkilt eftir aw houcoudhe ken aboot the twa
still aw wesna feinisht houcoudit be for warna the
hou no chebutykin if ahcoudjuist tell ye whit yeir
malcolm ma dochter moula houcoudshe be ah left hir
an cure me but houcoudshe dae that whan she
thrappil nou morag but houcoudsic a thing as this
wes yeir puddok morag houcoudye be ah dinna unnerstaun
haed gethert hir wuts houcoudye dae sic a thing
that ah wes saikless houcoudye ever think ah wad
ye dae a cup pompitiecoudah no juist pepper pours
verra thing for that ahcoudgie ma frein pepper a
aboot it pompitie na youcoudnever hae stuiden it pepper
pompitie no at aw peppercoudye dae a cup pompitie
aneuch nae man s lyfecoude er be trustit wi
lyfe wad be gin hecoudhae this wumman til himsell
tyme in his lyfe hecoudhear the birds liltin an
again ah mean suppose yecoudpit asyde the waesum lyfe
the broun ogre for hecoudbe rael nestie whyles pompitie
a fears pompitie gin yecoudsee me the wey ah
fowk an the skaith thaycouddae ti mortals that haed
the fairie fowk an hecoudhear that thay war makkin
bonnie richt maik but thaycoudnever byde lang divertin thairsells
luik up an syne mysiecoudsee that thay aw haed
at hir haill bodie thaycoudsee that the baith sydes
haep o murlins an whitcoudthay dae naething at aw
ti wat ma thrappil ahcouddae wi sum leafs ti
sum wee furrie thing ahcoudeat for ma denner ae
or sum ither thing ahcoudfell wi ma mukkil stick
wark sum howp gin porkerscoudflie eh sighs aweill ah
ye malcolm whit news ahcoudsair dae wi sum guid
that an naething it seemedcoudbudge but hinnerlie ae wee
mittilt bodie hir tung shecouddae naething wi for aw
s honest truith mither ahcouddae naething wi him he
ane for fient a thingcoudhe mynd naething o catriona
yeir maids nane o thaimcoudsatisfy ma radgieness naething wad
wi siller tree but hecoudsee that naething ither wad
licht as feathers afore naethingcoudshift thaim frae the glaur
kichen an naething it seemedcoudwauken him sae awa gaed
thir twae lowin paerls ahcoudlat licht yeir luiv an
thing ah dinna think ahcoudlat ye pit the branks
hir bewtie he kent hecoudnever lat hir gang syne
a haena onie prospect acoudcredit nae mair nor ti
heicher up nor onie mancoudever howp ti speil onie
kintrie that onie leddie thatcoudgit the slipper on hir
weill pleised he said finncoudhae onie rewaird he micht
sobbing ah dinna think acoudhae tholed it onie langir
haena heard o afore ringancoudah hae a ploum yeir
wutch that s graund taibletcoudah hae anither bit ye
in december shona malcolm ahcoudaye hae anither bairn malcolm
it toozenbach ah daursay itcoudbe duin if we wantit
tell throu gangril merchants yecoudbe fund here nou ah
ogre a haill groat ahcoudbuy twa guid denners for
but ah dinna think ahcoudbyde here anither meinit an
the hurdies wi it ahcoudcum oot frae ahint a
gin a wes weill ahcouddae better nor that ah
dry as a stick ahcouddae fyne wi a guid
it s the laest yecouddae malcolm hesitates howt ah
ah dinna ken whit yecouddae wrang aither eilidh aw
a bonnie young lassie ahcouddaff an link wi the
ah m no shuir ahcoudeat a thing ah ve
ah hae awthing that hecoudever want an mair sae
guid thummilfu o tea ahcoudfair dae a guid drink
hae an awfu drouth ahcoudfair dae wi a guid
still leevin an whan ahcoudfeel it nae mair ah
gives a demonstration kick ahcoudgie ye a richt sair
ice at ardgour afore ahcoudgit inti the loch an
daft besom mebbe gin ahcoudhae a richt guid greit
hearin andrey aweill gin yecoudhear richt ah dinna think
aw that stramash aboot ahcoudhear ye bickerin in the
he wesna lookin syne ahcoudjouk back again ahint the
on wycelyke men syne ahcoudjundie throu a blyth hunder
ti see the man thatcoudleather me ah ken wha
the day tea wyfe ahcoudmerk ye doun in the
yeir richt shape prince ahcoudnever be lowsed frae the
ah stuid ma lane ahcoudnever believe in masell ah
ma dule morag pasionately ahcoudnever dae sic a thing
in aw the warld thatcoudpossibly unnerstaun me ah hae
she fair hates you ahcoudsee it in hir een
syne orm an syne ahcoudsee ma herp nae mair
whan ah got near ahcoudsee that oor houss wes
an innerlie bodie but whitcoudshe hae agin me ah
dae better nor that ahcoudshow ye a thing or
a man for masell ahcoudshuirlie gar him forget the
ah im a sklimmer ahcoudsklim a silken raip ti
imperiously did ah say yecoudspeak as ah wes sayin
he brandishes his club ahcoudsweir ah heard sumthing rustle
sae it wad here ahcouduise the needle as a
hame as fest as ahcoudwhan ah got near ah
as fest as ever ahcoudwhan ah heard ah wes
sumthing hae ye ocht shecoudwryte wi knicht ah hae
body cot houss n cottagecoudv could crackit v cracked
nor ma success gin itcoudbe the be aw an
better gin duncan s daithcoudbe the end o it
it happens suin gin wecoudeducate the common wurkin fowk
an strangir irena gin wecoudjuist gae back ti moscow
na ti me puddok yecoudbe the queen o sheba
spiert at him whit hecouddae an the saicont man
roused it wes aw hecouddae ti keep frae letherin
darlin dae ye think yecoudmove yeirsell inti olga s
lassie dae ye think yecoudpou this skelf richt awa
the tea is weill maskitcoudye no dae a cup
cuist a spell on yeirsellcoudye no dae that wutch
whit hae ye duin whitcoudyou dae that wad roose
end o it an tharecoudbe nae ither ootcum o
the morn even if acoudbe shuir o gaun thare
of this at aw yecoudplant tatties in thare he
wes duin for thare hecoudrin about as he pleised
dule that s ruitit tharecoudye no rub oot the
stertin ti wunner whuther itcoudhae been hir that killed
a merk on hir yecoudsee malcolm that s guid
hir tung sae that shecoudspeak aince mair an the
day s wark wi mecoudye no leave hir ti
ti sort a seik myndcoudye no yerk frae hir
the teapot cum back yecoudhae a guid cup o
in oor hame whit illcoudthe bairn cum til in
ma heid or ma heelscoudye cum back an see
the speirit ti shaw itcoudcheck himsell at sic a
scots and that can andcoudsic cover both permission and
heuchie back he fand hecouddaunce as weill as the
wad angrily weill ye hizziecoudye no hae pusht him
the maist meiserabil an whacoudledge oot thair lang swallen
be tryin ti see whacoudluiik the maist meiserabil an
fourth goblet wha said yecoudpour ane for yeirsell tak
the bairn for aince whitcoudbe mair naitral to moula
shouther yit afore the grupparcoudtak the bairn oot the
in aw the warld thatcoudhae hutten that merk an
his baird an hair yecoudhae taen him for auld
leim at ma bed fuitcoudthe hae been a freist
we hae seen the nichtcoudthe trulie be puzzin in
is shairnsell sae it iscoudye no hae fund a
wad be sauf that shecoudrax til awthing wul be
the loch the day wecoudgang oot in the boat
day afore finn an brancoudgit leave ti gang hame
or sennae tea that wecouduise ti flush thir inglish
ogre looking distressed tea wyfecoudye no mak less noise
hawk syne afore the callantcouddraw braith the ugsum draiglin
wi clean strae whit maircouda bodie want aunsir me
thocht til hirsell whit hermcoudthe be in that shuirlie
see thae mukkil lips whitcoudthis unco wee wumman mean
tell him but aw hecoudhear wes a soond lyke
sicht wes that sherp hecoudpick out a speug a
the tyme cam whan itcoudfend for itsell again an
bumptious virr on me yecoudjuist as easie wound the
haudin at lest puir mhairicoudthole it nae mair an
at his meinit the itherscoudhear nocht but the sie
frae the heichest ben hecoudhear the waves laipin saftlie
ti miss a sale yecoudaye pey me anither day
never heed a daursay yecoudbe waur scotland haes monie
one leg jek she sayscoudshe no see ye for
fearful cry from shona moulacoudye no stap it faither
the hert mynd you acoudsoup him oot ma road
an frae the openin hecoudsee licht glintin out his
the keing cummin oot suincouda spier physician ay syre
delicht aboot the burds hecoudsee fliein throu the bars
else but perfit morag shecoudfollae him about the coort
the war nae wey hecoudken houanever on the third
wi siccan a ferlie shecoudaiblins fleitch the duik o
hirsell ae day siller treecoudthole it na langir that
cummin on for a whylecoudshe no be lockit up
on the sea shore hecoudhaud a ship in the
for steirin eydent quynes thatcoudcuik an spin an be
his haund an his fuitcoudcuiver a haill field o
wyde but nane o thaimcoudpou the skelf an aye
aweill the guidwyfe o kittilrumpitcoudsleep nane that nicht for

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