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dinners they are sniffling andcoughingand shifting about in their
shops with long queues ofcoughingmen shuffling in the cold
pals are waitin she saidcoughingto clear her throat hesitating
sol paed yi della startscoughingshe has to sit down
and rattling and muttering andcoughingand for the assurance that
fall over laughing della startscoughingkrista hugs her tightly krista
surprise us robby della startscoughingberna aye della s lung
the rag to her mouthcoughingloudly robby what s he
mr mcallion i apologise forcoughingit is not due to
up she hasn t beencoughingthe lucky thing mummy has
going to die i stopcoughingand mummy stands me on
so i think she wascoughingshe was going [cough] f1103:
[cough] f1113: you canna stopcoughingthe day you ve nae
room maybe she s beencoughingtoo i put down the

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