See this word as a collocate cloud

similar approach perhaps the executivecouldaddress that matter under either
to hear whether the ministercouldallay any such concerns perhaps
the chamber perhaps the ministercouldalso comment on what he
a brief statement perhaps youcouldalso introduce your colleague assistant
upon the convener perhaps wecouldalso say that the sga
our disposal perhaps the reportercouldand should have considered the
central office again perhaps wecouldbe a little more helpful
very good in parts andcouldbe accepted perhaps with some
and occupancy but perhaps wecouldbe more subtle and refined
transparent at present perhaps theycouldbe on a web page
should be translated perhaps thatcouldbe our fall back position
get too far perhaps itcouldbe tried in italian signora
best points from all threecouldbe used effectively perhaps we
the new system perhaps wecouldcome back to that issue
due course perhaps the reportcouldconcentrate on specific issues such
the scheme perhaps other authoritiescouldconsider that i take the
mind des mcnulty perhaps wecoulddilute the paragraph a wee
with you perhaps afterwards wecoulddiscuss the cross party group
earlier discussions perhaps simon wakefieldcoulddo some preliminary research on
particularly concern us perhaps wecoulddo that by talking to
been true perhaps the ministercouldenlighten us this afternoon is
wales only perhaps scottish ministerscouldensure that consultation is extended
a hat stand perhaps shecouldeven lie down and plug
career in a way nietzschecouldeven perhaps be set in
mr mcaveety perhaps bill scottcouldexpand on how the strategy
in your case perhaps youcouldexplain it further it strikes
are queries perhaps the ministercouldexplain what is meant by
homes is serviced perhaps wecouldexplore further how it was
those consultation meetings perhaps youcouldforward us details of when
dorothy grace elder perhaps youcouldget the government to care
perhaps excessive number examples wecouldhardly fin onywye ta park
in an hour perhaps wecouldhave had a more topical
research evidence but perhaps wecouldhear more on the road
poachers laughter perhaps john farquharcouldhelp us out on that
the governments have other agendascouldit be perhaps that some
consider that matter perhaps wecouldlearn from practice elsewhere secondly
would allow more flexibility andcouldperhaps allow housing officers to
a review on that wecouldperhaps ask it when it
centre for deaf studies whichcouldperhaps be considered by whomever
singer voices an opinion thatcouldperhaps be seen to be
what they think the parliamentcouldperhaps consider doing for future
honour of our isle onecouldperhaps find a sexual frisson
itself in repetition in shetlandcouldperhaps have become hellery also
care throughout scotland perhaps wecouldpick up on that the
be used effectively perhaps wecouldput this to a referendum
they were lodged perhaps youcouldreflect upon that when you
michael russell perhaps the ministercouldremind the delegation that scotland
introduction of changes perhaps youcouldsay something about the training
amendment is recorded perhaps youcouldsay why the amendment was
when perhaps a small adjustmentcouldsecure the parliament s unanimity
minister cannot attend perhaps wecouldsend a letter obviously we
of lobbyists perhaps the clerkcouldsend that to mr ratcliffe
in a big document itcouldsometimes be abbreviated perhaps every
wish it well perhaps itcouldstart by renaming prestwick international
clear to me whether thatcouldsubsequently perhaps five years down
are are erm perhaps icouldtalk about and that is
it is perhaps chris naldrettcouldtouch on some of the
harbour perhaps from where wecouldwatch the three kings arriving
of action perhaps the committeecouldwrite to the executive asking
the executive perhaps the clerkcouldwrite to the minister miss
toons arable fields dey theycoulda could have trist thirst
anyway you know that theycouldactually they could actually whack
that they could actually theycouldactually whack you when you
specific constituency interest the executivecouldaddress those or could choose
could be real orra sometimescouldaddy pause a little sadness
they could work for wecouldalso give more training to
that operations could be compromisedcouldalso lead to other law
mmhm well there could youcouldalways make up languages eh
m818: christ i know hecouldan all he could pay
beastie m1000: of course youcouldan attractive ye could hae
redskins johnny i wish icouldand i could maybe meet
could become segregatit the situationcouldarise whaur for example urdu
could become segregated the situationcouldarise where for example urdu
i suggest that the questioncouldbe asked simply and could
[censored: surname] reported that a carcouldbe available and could be
oh i could be icouldbe but you are making
car could be available andcouldbe called from rachel s
judgment the risk that operationscouldbe compromised could also lead
word at all m1007: itcouldbe cool could it m1055:
it c- it could itcouldbe eh coorser is it
that could deliver land thatcouldbe exploited for organic farming
old pictish stones if anyonecouldbe found who could translate
wha- what m1007: well hecouldbe he could be quite
for he realises that itcouldbe his he could have
think you were oh icouldbe i could be but
m1002: that could be thatcouldbe just puttin it on
into being more subtle whichcouldbe more dangerous they could
made the effort nowadays lockscouldbe picked bolts could be
but you could be youcouldbe put in digitally f643:
well he could be hecouldbe quite a comedian he
to hear that but hecouldbe real orra sometimes could
locks could be picked boltscouldbe slipped doors opened straightening
his hands fuil m1002: thatcouldbe that could be just
f643: aw m608: but youcouldbe you could be put
you know that that couldcouldbe you know traced back
into mainstream schools then educationcouldbecome segregated the situation could
intil mainstream schuils syne educationcouldbecome segregatit the situation could
jungle creeper anely a grenadecouldbomb him oot could heelstergowdie
he would do what hecouldbut he himself could not
executive could address those orcouldchoose to take an issue
here sadie still the postmancouldcome the phone could ring
whether you know that thatcouldcould be you know traced
the ss shieldhall and youcouldcould go a cruise on
so yeah but yeah icouldcould sort of imagine living
the girls f1130: oh ermcouldcould we go to codonas
ye aye m642: because yecouldcould write a story o
sort of thing that thatcouldcould ye know potentially have
i tell you fitt youcoulddae you could go and
would create a system thatcoulddeliver land that could be
still you could still youcoulddo it i mean now
the committee the convener wecoulddo that or we could
any more so what wecoulddo we could maybe make
i mean you could youcouldelect to do a dialect
i could understand people icouldeven write it erm and
could think up if youcouldf- find out what wo-
could we f1121: aye wecouldf1122: aye that s easy
we could go doon icouldfeel the water with my
we could see if wecouldfind water walk over f1122:
short hand you could youcouldget a job fair- fairly
ss shieldhall and you couldcouldgo a cruise on the
fitt you could dae youcouldgo and get f1104: fitt
mummy c- we could wecouldgo and get some shells
towel f1122: oh c- wecouldgo doon i could feel
could be more dangerous theycouldgo into film production and
the bridge go oh thatcouldgo there where minty could
pier then hid broke nobodycouldhad hid in ye could
you could an attractive yecouldhae an attractive hoose f1001:
it m822: it could itcouldhae done that ye see
wonder if [censored: forename] oh [censored: forename]couldhae fish and all could
could had hid in yecouldhae heard eh laughter ower
i could think of thatcouldhave been asked was not
millennium threat in scotland thatcouldhave been better how could
could have been worse shecouldhave been called bridget mcconnell
could have been good icouldhave been eh you know
c- i could have icouldhave been good i could
papist called brigit mcginn [audience laughter]couldhave been worse she could
it could be his hecouldhave his own writing book
skiing is i c- icouldhave i could have been
could lead by example itcouldhave much more liberal employment
fields dey they could acouldhave trist thirst saat salt
it could turn nasty icouldhave you gulping fistfuls fighting
grenade could bomb him ootcouldheelstergowdie him explorin his crackly
could i write some storiescouldi collect them together that
says excuse me mrs mowdycouldi have s- could i
i could i kent icouldi kent i could i
it said i kent icouldi kent i could i
i could i kent icouldi kent i could m1010:
mowdy could i have s-couldi please have samuel s
s- a story about thatcouldi write some stories could
how could it matter itcouldif it was andy robb
you know it could itcouldinterfere with your quality of
could do that or wecouldinvite it to make a
could be asked simply andcouldinvolve the ticking of a
one who could it whocouldit be oh m805: i
maybe no it c- itcouldit could be eh coorser
looks like it m822: itcouldit could hae done that
active life you know itcouldit could interfere with your
into sounds even if itcouldit could not say whether
m1007: it could be coolcouldit m1055: it m1008: yes
happening if it was howcouldit matter it could if
eh there s one whocouldit who could it be
the important factors the executivecouldlead by example it could
you know you could youcouldlie on your stomach or
i could i kent icouldm1010: aye f1011: [laugh] m1013:
many stories of women whocouldmake spells who could talk
what we could do wecouldmaybe make chocolate crispies f1122:
wish i could and icouldmaybe meet uncle john and
could might permission can maycouldmight obligation requirement must have
can could possibility can maycouldmight permission can may could
f632: mmhm f646: [laugh] icouldnever could work it out
think f1122: we could wecouldno f1121: can you see
that moved in us itcouldnot be denied it could
could not be denied itcouldnot be temptation because we
he could but he himselfcouldnot guarantee that anything would
this wee girl could reallycouldnot read that well f963:
even if it could itcouldnot say whether the repeated
persons in the parish whocouldnot write and all could
he could an all hecouldpay about three times over
you know we could wecouldplay in the street there
distant modal s ability cancouldpossibility can may could might
f1121: there we go wecouldput three on here could
t needed [inhale] few peoplecouldread those who could were
could not write and allcouldread to some degree he
i say this wee girlcouldreally could not read that
postman could come the phonecouldring the phone rings all
could see maurizio [censored: surname] icouldsee amerigo m608: oh m1163:
best they could till theycouldsee better fit they were
to the beach oh wecouldsee if we could find
m608: oh god m1163: icouldsee maurizio [censored: surname] i could
[censored: forename] s picture so wecouldsend that too could we
could hae fish and allcouldshe f1130: aye f1129: and
what would she do wherecouldshe go who could she
where could she go whocouldshe tell no one and
highly polished you could youcouldslide you know you could
yeah but yeah i couldcouldsort of imagine living there
the buses the conductors conductorscouldspeak into the conductors could
could speak into the conductorscouldspeak into the driver through
i could spell that icouldspell onything every friday we
i felt that if icouldspell that i could spell
mean you could still youcouldstill you could do it
yeah yeah i mean youcouldstill you could still you
who could make spells whocouldtalk to the invisible world
that no question that icouldthink of that could have
something if you iif youcouldthink up if you could
t doon as best theycouldtill they could see better
some cases you could youcouldtrack back some of them
anyone could be found whocouldtranslate them wainwright however cautions
could go there where mintycouldtrip trop trip trop go
weeds against your thigh itcouldturn nasty i could have
quite fluent in it icouldunderstand people i could even
m1007: then you could youcoulduse gangway as well f1009:
you could use the youcoulduse gangway as well m1008:
airports an shipping terminals youcoulduse the you could use
shells f1122: mummy c- wecouldwe could go and get
do you think f1122: wecouldwe could no f1121: can
in that you know wecouldwe could play in the
go and feel the seacouldwe f1121: aye we could
we could send that toocouldwe f1122: mum erm i
girls f1130: oh erm couldcouldwe go to codonas f1129:
could put three on herecouldwe oh they look good
could weep with frustration icouldweep too for the lack
putting down the story icouldweep with frustration i could
people could read those whocouldwere scholars clergymen often the
about voluntary organisations that theycouldwork for we could also
f646: [laugh] i could nevercouldwork it out maybe it
aye m642: because ye couldcouldwrite a story o f643:
i suppose ye wid f643: couldye could ye do anything
ye wid f643: could yecouldye do anything about it
of thing that that couldcouldye know potentially have aboot
m865,: mmhm mmhm well therecouldyou could always make up
f951: there i mean youcouldyou could elect to do
you had short hand youcouldyou could get a job
could slide you know youcouldyou could lie on your
was that highly polished youcouldyou could slide you know
longer in some cases youcouldyou could track back some
[laugh] [laugh] m1007: then youcouldyou could use gangway as
olive you know my sistercouldyou could you could you
do anything for herself saidcouldyou could you shorten that
know my sister could youcouldyou could you shorten that
involved in journalism in glasgowcouldyou could you tell us
we all had conkers m964: couldyou erm could you tell
could have been better howcouldyou have improved what has
for herself said could youcouldyou shorten that for me
sister could you could youcouldyou shorten that for me
conkers m964: could you ermcouldyou tell me what the
journalism in glasgow could youcouldyou tell us a little
fifty pounds f809: maybe wecouldall group together [laugh] for
let me see maybe wecouldbaste her in lard deep
ah well then maybe shecouldbe a witch after they
in here f1111: maybe wecouldbe at the seaside is
black bun maybe m964: thatcouldbe f965: black bun is
would be anither ane maybecouldbe orra lookin m999: oh
like errands you know itcouldbe scotland generally maybe i
than local demand maybe thatcouldbe slowed down and work
maybe a kist m1000: ayecouldbe uh huh couldnae think
our thinking caps maybe icouldclimb up and reach them
all that recycling maybe wecoulddo that tomorrow f809: i
how that is maybe icouldget a job in the
stuck are they maybe wecouldget your sweeties round about
re nearly finished maybe wecouldgie some to [censored: forename] will
but a suppose things maybecouldhae been a bit wurse
yeah f951: mmhm yeah maybecouldhave been but a-a- a
happened for syd maybe hecouldhave been rescued from his
and the day we maybecouldhave done it it was
last day too maybe youcouldhave got him sacked [laugh]
his tranquillised oblivion maybe hecouldhave shone again just like
in triangles and what elsecouldi cut maybe a big
art i tocht maybe icouldjöst recite da poem or
the sun weel maybe icouldjust tak a minute he
mmhm m865: so maybe youcouldjust take a look at
f1122: aye f1121: maybe wecouldmake this again for [censored: forename]
o a new nightie icouldmaybe even get een fae
over like that then wecouldmaybe find a dress that
can dee peggy weel youcouldmaybe fold some napkins you
love them f1121: well wecouldmaybe gie the baby ones
i was jist thinkin wecouldmaybe ging oot thegether for
[inaudible] f940: oh well icouldmaybe go in and just
the playschool erm [tut] youcouldmaybe go to [censored: forename] s
i don t know icouldmaybe have another go at
to shout jimmy jimmy theycouldmaybe have been cheering you
the same wye yoursel youcouldmaybe pop toby intill t
wi sanderson we thoucht youcouldmaybe respond wi a toast
f1112: uh huh f1111: youcouldmaybe sing maybe he tickles
is that it f1101: youcouldmaybe take oot your hoover
f1102: uh huh f1101: youcouldmaybe take oot your hoover
teach guidance to children hecouldmaybe teach guidance of children
[inaudible] f643: no m642: icouldo been breathin maybe f643:
s extras so maybe wecouldput a couple o ones
oh no f1121: maybe wecouldput two on [censored: forename] s
mmhm m865: so maybe youcouldtake a look at these
m ready f1121: maybe wecouldtake take some shells back
the incredibles yet maybe youcouldtell me a bit about
was wondering if maybe youcouldtell me about how spiderman
were arabs maybe palestinians youcouldtell they weren t russians
do next week erm wecouldwe ll maybe go to
suspicious fit aboot it angelicacouldyou maybe tak it in
just one more time wecouldall hear what he never
tae their beds though theycouldaye hear the on go
quite an extraordinary concept wecouldeven hear a bus going
the car looked immaculate hecouldeven hear the engine ticking
t much traffic and youcouldhear a car coming from
went beep beep beep icouldhear a man in the
her hands to play youcouldhear a pin drop it
up so fast that icouldhear all his strings yowl
step forward behind him johncouldhear coughs and murmurs and
cried oot so s abodycouldhear div you still kich
towel has become rumpled icouldhear e dinnle o e
next to me and icouldhear fit he was sayin
those witnesses ms macdonald wecouldhear from three witnesses in
aye so ah hear hecouldhear her dress rasp between
the last one up icouldhear her footsteps move through
s daein on washdays yecouldhear her oot in the
toupee over his head hecouldhear her repeat that to
she left the room hecouldhear her speaking to some
in worn carpet slippers shecouldhear her wheezing as she
o weemun and bairns yecouldhear his low voice at
the wa had tae yecouldhear his voice yer faither
the watter s edge yecouldhear hissin an we saw
neither he nor the clerkscouldhear i ask members to
my face locked it icouldhear i tried to kick
know or [?]fur their[/?] man youcouldhear it very strongly oh
now brought her calm shecouldhear joseph s voice against
loudly not minding that everyonecouldhear may i join you
inside the car no onecouldhear me of course in
seconds there wiz silence yecouldhear nothin bit eh scorries
tae the post office hecouldhear ping ping ping ping
daughter s swanky villa hecouldhear susan ben the hoose
he said erm eh hecouldhear the bump bump bump
tryin tae steek hersel yecouldhear the catch in her
beyond the mountains and icouldhear the cry of wild
somewhere to his left hecouldhear the flat clack of
sae that auld grandma brucecouldhear the news frae a
quay a ready wishin youcouldhear the paddles swishin then
tendrils in their wake youcouldhear the soft hiss of
dinnle o e wheels icouldhear the sound of the
the chiel spakk kate murdochcouldhear the thin skirl o
tae the bylie s icouldhear the whush whush o
outside the room and icouldhear the woman on the
oot wi the pain acouldhear them fine but awfy
no hear ye but youcouldhear them yer ma and
an isie war hidin minniecouldjist hear ned fusper tae
he was breathing but hecouldnot hear himself breathe he
the door behind it theycouldstill hear weir ranting mitchel
to hear from five organisationscouldyou give us more of
it s bad enough theycoulda be oot o jobs
just as a passing commentcoulda local authority be required
any person if such disclosurecoulda reasonably be expected to
wid be warm if yecoulda toucht it i wis
know quite quite honestly youcouldactually be more qualified than
the end of a shaftcouldaften be heard as far
must be considered 116 thiscouldagain be addressed through a
these concerns and proposed solutionscouldagain be addressed through a
each running through them thatcouldall be twined with one
so nervous and jumpy icouldalmost be his first girl
the scotland in sweden weekcouldalso be a prominent opportunity
average sized bunch but itcouldalso be a specific measure
these concerns and proposed solutionscouldalso be addressed through a
this point of view itcouldalso be argued that the
through the executive agency itcouldalso be paid by local
waterproof outer covering however itcouldalso be quite warm and
tissue purple in those dayscouldalso be seen to represent
the written exemplars of performancescouldalso be used as the
the classroom activity described belowcouldalso be used as the
statute allowing their issue thesecouldalso be used in finland
must be strengthened and compactscouldalso make a local contribution
to make some progress progresscouldalways be faster we would
able to work because icouldalways i can always be
but the scottish qualifications bothcouldand should be different from
up she s [inaudible] howcouldanybody be ha- i m
therefore be grateful if youcouldarrange for the matter to
that the ae thing shecoulday dae wad be tae
thir concerns an answers proponedcouldaye be addressed throu a
the same carriage because yecouldaye be sure o a
the total cost of recruitmentcouldbe 150 000 but this
krista micht wi ken awreadycouldbe a bag o tricks
lack of ability in englishcouldbe a barrier to the
debate i wish that icouldbe a bit more light
oh aye m1016: cause itcouldbe a bloke as well
ticking of a box therecouldbe a box for 0
aye like a bike wheelcouldbe a circle isn t
f1001: or a close freencouldbe a close friend or
way to describe it todaycouldbe a defining moment for
east a far aff freencouldbe a far aff relation
but as willie said itcouldbe a fine spell too
the way i drink itcouldbe a fortnight having a
did you think oh icouldbe a full time writer
the member believes that thatcouldbe a genuine danger ben
shed an of coorse therecouldbe a gweed up draacht
up competitors for fun therecouldbe a hat trimmin competition
from a practical perspective therecouldbe a helpline for example
normal working day so therecouldbe a high demand on
a focus in life hecouldbe a house husband he
flushed out or alternatively therecouldbe a long delay when
firth o clyde the seafrontcouldbe a lot better than
on local languages and culturecouldbe a marketing tool the
direction a new career youcouldbe a pair of stilts
it is feared that thiscouldbe a potential fire hazard
was a fabulous friend andcouldbe a real sweetheart but
without a legislative framework itcouldbe a recipe for conflict
and co operation in europecouldbe a return to the
obtain such a licence therecouldbe a significant demand from
bill comes into force therecouldbe a warrant sale for
demonisation of the other whichcouldbe a whole nation or
believes that such a developmentcouldbe a world centre of
the future of europe debatecouldbe a worthy focus for
rounds of drinks and youcouldbe able to buy a
fenced money for furniture whichcouldbe about 3 000 per
is some possibility the witchcouldbe about pompitie ah dinna
miles from it and wecouldbe above it i do
a distinct operation or itcouldbe absorbed into the remit
consider introducing specific funding whichcouldbe accessed by schools to
is an eia because itcouldbe accused of failing to
written language and again thiscouldbe achieved in a number
a number of ways thiscouldbe achieved were suggested regulating
from the chaise longue m1008: couldbe actually f1009: oh yes
a cupful of boiling watercouldbe added the buttermilk was
make it bulk more milkcouldbe added to it and
mabel thinks that some coalcouldbe added to the baking
species and how those problemscouldbe addressed but dr shelton
removed mike jones the concernscouldbe addressed in that way
is a great need thatcouldbe addressed this year the
be considered 116 this againcouldbe addressed throu a cohesive
thir concerns an proponed solutionscouldbe addressed throu a cohesive
not be monetary but itcouldbe advantageous as i say
government but a policy thatcouldbe afforded this is not
and a lot of peoplecouldbe alarmed at the prospect
it s completely different itcouldbe alien to a lot
re committed ehm so therecouldbe also opportunities for dual
i think that the billcouldbe amended and that a
once the possibility that estimatescouldbe amended got into the
be suggesting that the billcouldbe amended in contrast a
do not know whether itcouldbe amended quickly the bill
i keep thinking that thiscouldbe an experimental chamber for
responses to different levels jimmycouldbe an ignorant accomplice or
aye right wright wright itcouldbe an interesting transformation on
would throw up documents thatcouldbe analysed by members who
the video of speaking performancescouldbe analysed with the students
was to late no prayerscouldbe answered no gulph crossed
dromedary in particular similar techniquescouldbe applied at a later
added feeding the same argumentcouldbe applied to habitat management
attempt to sort it itcouldbe argued m lud that
tobacco manufacturing in scotland itcouldbe argued that industries in
the usage of scots itcouldbe argued that it is
affects such activity indeed itcouldbe argued that it is
that was the question itcouldbe argued that the fishery
was redefined as that whichcouldbe articulated and the unconscious
humanities subject m741: yeah m605: couldbe asked to be a
intensive reading activities where studentscouldbe asked to find the
pour quoi similarly a classcouldbe asked to take a
you said that scottish companiescouldbe at a competitive disadvantage
heritage languages scots and gaeliccouldbe at risk in one
natural resource our weather scotlandcouldbe at the cutting edge
existed the fire under itcouldbe at the level of
far atween noo the fireplacecouldbe at the level of
in the wall or itcouldbe at the side of
clarifies the other methods thatcouldbe attempted if personal service
comment on a failure thatcouldbe attributed to a flaw
funding and lack of researchcouldbe attributed to the low
tocher an want o researchcouldbe attributit tae scots bein
information on the support thatcouldbe available from puk for
much narrower than that whichcouldbe available to a student
up the fact that sowenscouldbe badly made as well
that s okay so icouldbe better than him you
complete and wondering whether itcouldbe better used by someone
search for opencast coal whichcouldbe blighted for many years
blue of 4 or 5lbscouldbe bought for 5 even
had the advantage that itcouldbe bought for a guinea
otherwise apples or dried fruitcouldbe bought forbye the habit
wiith rabbits and soft fruitcouldbe bought from the gardener
syrup or treacle syrup piecescouldbe bought from the shop
to sea i think hecouldbe brocht hame droont ony
prison service is under pressurescouldbe brought to bear on
was no railway but onecouldbe built the completion date
upon which a future theatrecouldbe built the first minister
they seen how sadistic peoplecouldbe but they were f943:
unnerstan foo a cog holecouldbe caa d a frost
in a community like ourscouldbe cairried off only by
shows it any attention thatcouldbe called affectionate but he
tricia marwick s while whatcouldbe called the mechanics of
at your ideas about whatcouldbe called your council s
doubt it the only problemcouldbe canadian lit where the
those in the education sectorcouldbe cancelled before commencement a
road tankers with their contentscouldbe carried to stranraer the
bearer s legs other thingscouldbe carried too like a
from the report but itcouldbe changed or rectified the
provide more guidance the flyercouldbe circulated to libraries and
remind the minister that therecouldbe circumstances when an authorisation
example whispers in the graveyardcouldbe compared with the opening
a string attached so thatcouldbe concealed inside the trouser
horse s name dobbin whichcouldbe conceived as having been
consultation on planning the issuecouldbe considered as part of
which the petitioner s concernscouldbe considered further angus mackay
of the year when itcouldbe considered if not exactly
and gaelic from the programmecouldbe considered small minority languages
ehm i suppose it itcouldbe considered to be an
view of that committee itcouldbe considered to be drafted
large group a large groupcouldbe considered to be three
born in the new towncouldbe considered to be true
116 i wonder whether thatcouldbe corrected before the report
that it in fact itcouldbe counterproductive f718: mmhm m017:
are so many topics whichcouldbe covered accents and dialects
displays in shop windows whichcouldbe covered by regulations nicola
dissolving soon hopefully those issuescouldbe covered in your legacy
lexical sets an alternative textcouldbe created by substituting the
that more than 5000 jobscouldbe created in developing renewable
material no doubt but theycouldbe crisper nurses the presiding
what what do you thinkcouldbe crossing the road who
i don t think icouldbe d- m816: these things
aye i daresay but icouldbe daeing with a word
economy is very fragile andcouldbe damaged irreparably by the
very smug the convener thatcouldbe dangerous muir russell i
built them so that theycouldbe de- defended by people
language learning otherwise such workcouldbe dealt with exclusively in
or certainly not one thatcouldbe dealt with through standing
less complicated sheriff summary casescouldbe dealt with through the
basket for little fairm workcouldbe deen on e wye
large group of people courtscouldbe delayed as a result
timetable so that decision makingcouldbe delegated after six or
from outwith the north eastcouldbe described as linguistic half
results interestingly no gender differencescouldbe detected amongst the target
confront the convention this dialoguecouldbe developed and common positions
seeing how such an amendmentcouldbe devised and maintained during
some ways ye know youcouldbe different and you weren
be unknown and which itcouldbe difficult to cover in
funniest by the whole classcouldbe displayed as a list
difference in quality of interactionscouldbe divided along social class
he doin this when hecouldbe doin shakespeare they always
m815: don t think icouldbe doin wi that really
i mean really i icouldbe doing more than lightin
and that not very muchcouldbe done about it how
options are available and thatcouldbe done as others have
the basis on which thatcouldbe done at the moment
or the general public whatcouldbe done at this stage
of the handle this jobbiecouldbe done because you were
out that i think morecouldbe done by the broadcasting
to instruments and procedures whatcouldbe done for example to
the bill in which thatcouldbe done i think that
until they become fluent thatcouldbe done in scotland with
the times at which unitscouldbe done we might have
paint brush f632: mmhm f646: couldbe droppin on you as
baking or some of itcouldbe drunk or used to
things and so on thatcouldbe easily carried and that
a white celluloid collar whichcouldbe easily cleaned boys wore
travelling van because the producercouldbe easily identified when i
the entitlements associated with homelessnesscouldbe effected only by extending
briks or are flannels m1000: couldbe [?]either[/?] m1002: aa aa
first time if that informationcouldbe elicited from the treasury
if the city of glasgowcouldbe embodied in a man
i accept that the judgecouldbe english irish or whatever
the assistance of voluntary groupscouldbe enlisted i would expect
costs of implementing a glpcouldbe enormous if its requirements
petersberg tasks what defence remitcouldbe envisaged for the union
during which the necessary servicescouldbe established and put in
and lures presumably because theycouldbe established and revoked more
are based in scotland itcouldbe estimated that between 300
some in the parliament chambercouldbe exactly what other members
although pupils from large familiescouldbe exempt from school at
went back home at teatimecouldbe expanded and made more
mechanisms that will become pukcouldbe expanded upon by government
slightly better afterwards no civiliancouldbe expected to work under
feature that is whether itcouldbe explained in literary terms
of effective enforcement any inconsistenciescouldbe exploited by the tobacco
has suggested that the fdrcouldbe extended it seems to
to local services that accesscouldbe extended to health services
was to late no mercycouldbe extended to him only
home made wine as itcouldbe extremely potent ginger beer
that s it f1043: shycouldbe f1054: is that a
as a basilisk whose glancecouldbe fatal but as the
away at ballindean oh shecouldbe fierce when she chose
two halves so that itcouldbe folded back when it
those two hourly visits theycouldbe for checking my responses
for point to point qualificationcouldbe found 43 if there
out a fox a foxcouldbe found almost immediately and
just in case a usecouldbe found for the railway
declared lay in homeopathy salvationcouldbe found in royal jelly
said earlier that a derogationcouldbe found only if grouse
or other objects the musicianscouldbe free to take up
aware that the sutherland reportcouldbe fully implemented by using
about how the sutherland proposalscouldbe funded and supported and
the scottish parliament but nothingcouldbe further from the truth
an advantage of some sortcouldbe gained should that be
felt that some valuable informationcouldbe gathered through such a
what i ask and itcouldbe ghastly a hammer horror
airfix model plane her marriagecouldbe glued together by a
doing flat stitching the leathercouldbe gripped between the wooden
gripped together the palin weercouldbe gripped firmly at this
created the only persons whocouldbe guilty of an offence
would be exciting if shecouldbe gutting but failing that
me that a decent breakfastcouldbe had before the trip
c in it the chordcouldbe harmonious or a discordant
neurologist astrologer psychologist our organscouldbe harvested at source the
ur zeb tell krista tesscouldbe he hus a cat
let oot a scream thatcouldbe heard in fittie and
committee room but the launchcouldbe held outwith the parliament
i started doing so icouldbe here all day as
pm if any committee membercouldbe here for that they
does clean really clean shecouldbe his friend if she
a gut feeling that itcouldbe his last so he
the cot by which itcouldbe hung up on four
you tess a great cometcouldbe hurtling toward us an
well i don t knowcouldbe i suppose we should
ensure that one trustworthy technologycouldbe identified and used that
relation to the holyrood projectcouldbe identified without prejudice to
challenge and response while thiscouldbe improved by setting up
longer to be mandatory wecouldbe in danger of reducing
da simmer as happy ascouldbe in dir peerie hooses
how you re attired youcouldbe in for another big
him as horrendous as hecouldbe in his mind erm
seen those activities and onecouldbe in no doubt that
into like bits of fluffcouldbe in your belly button
way in which project workcouldbe incorporated into a language
top so that the pressurecouldbe increased every day for
her in any way thatcouldbe indicted as a breach
campaign competition going maureen [censored: surname]couldbe interested in organising such
the presiding officer the wordingcouldbe interpreted as meaning that
that as drafted the billcouldbe interpreted as requiring those
out in the consultation papercouldbe interpreted to include organisations
leeway for the compromise thatcouldbe introduced at stage 3
is that another ain itcouldbe is that his luggies
2 of the bill licencescouldbe issued where hunting with
find it f1104: [inaudible] thiscouldbe it mm here it
if you were greedy youcouldbe jist a sannie sandy
else turns up the pairtycouldbe just us that s
louvres that pivoted inwards andcouldbe kept in position with
wondered if f p scouldbe kept seats the president
she knows that but icouldbe killt in a raid
up a complicated area therecouldbe knock on effects on
dinner time an oatmeal dishcouldbe knotty tams i never
was hoping that the lettercouldbe left to me i
like like next year icouldbe like in your job
was an older person itcouldbe like mutton dressed as
m805: okay like like thatcouldbe like that m804: yeah
certain marriage venue previously thatcouldbe logged for future use
disbelief that a modern shipcouldbe lost and with such
of public sector jobs whichcouldbe lost as a consequence
from the fire iron onescouldbe lower down from this
somebody who walks funny hecouldbe m1008: mmhm m1007: somebody
say playin hookey m1012: ayecouldbe m1010: [inaudible] m1013: aye
it m1008: yes m1007: coolcouldbe m1055: och yer showing
present orthography for example bookscouldbe made available in either
raised was that whilst bslcouldbe made available to deaf
forms of public support whichcouldbe made available to scottish
the areas in which regulationscouldbe made but this might
possibilities too for example sapscouldbe made instead of the
about whether such a requestcouldbe made on demand and
they have an interest itcouldbe made plain that if
that information and whether itcouldbe made public however this
would be good if thatcouldbe made public mr mcaveety
suggest early practical improvements thatcouldbe made robert brown mentioned
[censored: surname] know and alternative arrangementscouldbe made the meeting closed
bruise for the horses feedcouldbe made thicker or thinner
bill highland council suggested appealscouldbe made to the new
table at home the buttercouldbe made up into ballies
aw ee aw other versescouldbe made up to fit
find out how different factorscouldbe manipulated to influence carrying
problem is to tag salmoncouldbe marked like slightly marked
bowler hat before a couplecouldbe married in church their
revenue account some households needscouldbe met through the supporting
on the carrying capacity wecouldbe miles from it and
sae a ploy like thoncouldbe mony things tae mony
give us rapid control thatcouldbe more easily maintained dr
the area in general therecouldbe more such places there
at the front door itcouldbe mrs linkletter s geriatric
that the impact of thatcouldbe negative unless through other
that the views of teacherscouldbe neglected and discounted as
however in cases where therecouldbe no appeal parents wrote
making it clear that therecouldbe no recovery of an
wisnae wi bairn bairn thitcouldbe noh richt an imbecile
i canna think fit itcouldbe nor can dod or
from balriddie list d schoolcouldbe not for the first
woman s voice a womancouldbe not just a woman
only deal with data thatcouldbe observed objectively and with
in schools in which qualificationscouldbe obtained as part of
jmt suggest that additional resourcescouldbe obtained from a number
identify and target venues thatcouldbe of particular benefit to
a huntly hill benefit landcouldbe on planet mars tethers
or the top of itcouldbe on the trevis and
in the school grounds itcouldbe on the way out
ken whaur ye are yecouldbe oneywhere it isnae easy
mother you see ma itcouldbe onybody you ve nae
rather than eh the closecouldbe open but a vennel
with partitions between them whichcouldbe opened and closed as
as less worthy such prejudicecouldbe overcome to a large
to blurt out his secretcouldbe overwhelming especially when he
scottish homes in future itcouldbe paid by the scottish
do not know whether anyonecouldbe paid enough to marry
we are not careful wecouldbe perceived as trying to
cause of another s deathcouldbe permitted to continue to
22 rather than 12 theycouldbe playing their sport professionally
harry you never know itcouldbe point it another way
you know erm and whatcouldbe poncier than riding a
that s really well offcouldbe posh and becks f1005:
the canterbury tales houanever hitcouldbe possible that chaucer is
gutting but failing that shecouldbe preparing for it cleaning
view that the final documentcouldbe presented at the european
aye mmhm m691: an theycouldbe pretty dangerous from a
ideal if such a vaccinecouldbe produced but we are
excellent if the two dictionariescouldbe produced concurrently so that
flow to say that therecouldbe products with a brand
guid is more standardised andcouldbe pronounced in various ways
more efficient and flexible deliverycouldbe provided in response to
high quality and sustainable servicescouldbe provided now and in
is not held centrally andcouldbe provided only at disproportionate
underlying rationale for their designationcouldbe publicly available i do
reefer jackets which in turncouldbe purchased at a reasonable
the name of a productcouldbe put beside the product
seek to satisfy themselves itcouldbe put in brackets that
remainder of the reforms neededcouldbe put in place i
september ideas were produced thatcouldbe put into immediate practice
voluntary code of practice thatcouldbe put together with the
not know whether the statementcouldbe questioned raises considerable questions
how things develop but itcouldbe quite good fun to
a ban on our economycouldbe quite positive tanith muller
for which we in scotlandcouldbe quite well prepared if
f963: yeah f965: or itcouldbe rage f963: mm f965:
appointments system whether the issuecouldbe raised at interview and
exhausted all the issues thatcouldbe raised in connection with
is ever recorded that pointcouldbe raised with the minister
ragin bilin f1023: rattled youcouldbe rattled if something really
of the track and structurescouldbe re used with speeds
because of the tides ancouldbe really horrible boa- sea
market for example the publiccouldbe reassured that we are
your wrists in winter cuffscouldbe red ribbed or with
this level of public spendingcouldbe reduced if there are
the best value regime itcouldbe referred to audit scotland
to ensure that that diversitycouldbe reflected in what we
is an interesting word theycouldbe regarded as a tax
period means that our areacouldbe regarded as one of
if planning permission and licensingcouldbe related in the way
querying whether or not theycouldbe removed however mr harding
which parts of their argumentcouldbe removed or abridged and
detail des mcnulty that sentencecouldbe removed the convener that
electrical compliance certificate that certificatecouldbe renewed annually in the
as i know my gtacouldbe renewed for the second
acute wards the orkney crisiscouldbe replicated elsewhere in scotland
consult them in law icouldbe required to go to
the district registrar other anomaliescouldbe resolved by having the
is an anomaly but itcouldbe resolved by the bill
majority of cases such disputescouldbe resolved by the individual
pursue the idea the situationcouldbe reviewed in the future
we were told that estimatescouldbe revisited as some estimates
m makkin [censored: forename] s partycouldbe round here take that
or other uk government departmentscouldbe running ppp schemes relating
to s2 there but itcouldbe s1 to s3 ehm
doing nothing very obvious itcouldbe said at lad s
which is likely more thancouldbe said for cement as
factual position karen whitefield itcouldbe said that some local
like that m822: all incouldbe say fower or five
on the wa where itcouldbe seen a muckle big
with the notion of monolingualismcouldbe seen as effectively suppressing
be argued that the lightcouldbe seen as the light
to the bit whaur itcouldbe seen either way a
i might have had whatcouldbe seen of his clothes
to bear on staff favourscouldbe seen to be given
limits or daily close timescouldbe set for either rod
number of units as therecouldbe several assessments within one
genres and periods if itcouldbe shown that clustering was
worth noting that those costscouldbe significant for the property
approval for the same venuecouldbe simplified there is a
m999: [laugh] f1001: well theycouldbe singin m1002: [laugh] m999:
age f963: mm f965: theycouldbe sitting reading a book
so in twelve hours icouldbe sitting talking to fiona
ingine s aye there ancouldbe smaittly pit intae wirkin
you wish for that icouldbe snow so no one
all the same that youcouldbe so big heartit as
would purchase and serve itcouldbe sold at 1 00
other and from ronnie therecouldbe some drinks and food
seemed to imply that therecouldbe some positive advantages in
yeah f950: ehm if therecouldbe some sort o thing
a gype f1001: well itcouldbe somebody that capers aboot
be quite a comedian hecouldbe somebody who walks funny
pushing higher still and itcouldbe something else tomorrow is
i feel that if workcouldbe speeded up in certain
68m in 1997 prices therecouldbe stations at galashiels and
by an uncle then therecouldbe stovies stewed rabbits fresh
assessment on candidates and teacherscouldbe sufficiently reduced without changing
the wallpaper yeah then itcouldbe sunny all the time
committee and the parliament clarificationcouldbe supplied do i need
from the right medicine strategycouldbe sustained janis hughes you
alternative was the swey whichcouldbe swung out and in
kilmarnock is one initiative thatcouldbe taken forward there are
and to consider whether itcouldbe taken forward what conclusion
a range of measures thatcouldbe taken that would assist
if ye used freend itcouldbe taken that you re
premises were available a customercouldbe taken to the premises
season john scott s suggestioncouldbe taken up we are
henry to some extent wecouldbe talking about different things
suggests that on going paymentscouldbe tapered towards the end
and on one day therecouldbe tattie soup sometimes there
f940: well they m942: shecouldbe technically f940: might ken
quiet area where the childrencouldbe tested and interviewed prior
coo yowes aboot lambin timecouldbe tethered too sometimes wi
that the result of thatcouldbe that although a fish
to enter a convent itcouldbe that shakespeare had more
and ne er more gladcouldbe that we chose for
and in the masons youcouldbe the biggest idiot or
my head round how thatcouldbe the case i have
is the father although itcouldbe the natural mother that
f1026: toomin f1023: same f1025: couldbe the norwegian f1027: yeah
farming for example one riskcouldbe the proximity of sites
s her man but thatcouldbe the very m999: aye
your apartment i wish wecouldbe there to help with
poverty who wondered little margaretcouldbe thinking of such an
that this mutuality and successcouldbe threatened by the actions
and an iron mouth thatcouldbe thrust under a standing
the mess i think itcouldbe tidy up time cause
i suggest that this mattercouldbe tied up with the
m still coming alive hecouldbe too i suppose i
the registrar general a personcouldbe trained from monday to
to finding out if informationcouldbe transferred and will report
whispers in the graveyard passagecouldbe transformed into a past
populations as a residue thatcouldbe transmitted on to farmed
a marginal suspicion that bsecouldbe transmitted through the transportation
would shift the caff sugarcouldbe tried for the same
existing registrars however a demandcouldbe unmet and it is
know there was big familiescouldbe up tae seventy folk
bride would wear something thatcouldbe used again a suit
and dogs f1006: eh stottincouldbe used again stotting it
on the higher port sidecouldbe used and because of
of how language is orcouldbe used and of how
m1000: an it an itcouldbe used as a bed
to modernise them although theycouldbe used as hotels or
hunger food indeed but theycouldbe used at times of
this same bail out moneycouldbe used either to build
for development funding those resourcescouldbe used for any purpose
another craft using wood andcouldbe used for decorative purposes
enormous amount of material whichcouldbe used for the purpose
excellent pipe organ from trinitycouldbe used in st john
very worthwhile writing activity andcouldbe used more in scottish
access to scottish executive informationcouldbe used to justify non
how flexibility on capital receiptscouldbe used to plug some
to say how the powerscouldbe used to promote safer
regulations made under the billcouldbe used to reduce fishing
he asked whether the legislationcouldbe used to reduce the
was stated that the moneycouldbe used to strengthen the
source photographs and information thatcouldbe useful in the centre
source photographs and information thatcouldbe useful in the centre
disability living allowance for examplecouldbe usefully connected with and
and with experiments whose resultscouldbe verified by other scientists
glass chimneys kept clean theycouldbe very decorative items but
the way in which peoplecouldbe very nice great controversy
disqualification from keeping a dogcouldbe viewed as an additional
no no no but youcouldbe weel endowed wi onything
f746: that s very thatcouldbe why f947: [laugh] f1159:
that is not echr compliantcouldbe within devolved competence you
a a romany word icouldbe wrong with that and
a villain eh yeah m1008: couldbe yes yes f1009: in
be the witch aye ancouldbe yull be hurled inti
the union 8 what taskscouldbetter be left to the
it kind o magentie yecouldbit it widnae be true
would be helpful if youcouldcome back to us on
would be useful if youcouldcome back to us on
there or be warned wecouldcome knocking on your door
would be very small andcouldcomprise those involved in the
interpretation between scots and englishcouldeasily be addressed by any
of attachment of movable assetscouldeasily be seen as poindings
macbeth although describing the weathercouldequally be applied to shakespeare
flavour cakes and biscuits andcouldeven be put into cheese
were different though and wecouldexpect him to be around
would be helpful if wecouldfind out more about what
would be nice if youcouldfit in a holiday somewhere
be useful if the clerkcouldflag it up to those
steve be good if ahcouldforgive him tell him every
be situations in which somebodycouldgain advantage not necessarily for
would be helpful if wecouldget to questions some of
might be satisfied that itcouldgive an approval earlier in
lot of people those industriescouldgrow and be valuable to
cudna be that coorse hecouldhae onybody else aboot the
be defused before arrival tragediescouldhappen eight young servicemen members
went with them once butcouldhardly be expected to come
the deputy presiding officer wecouldhardly judge it to be
a different mood cloze procedurecouldin fact be used in
effectively suppressing community languages andcouldindeed be a form of
dragged its heals so badlycouldit be anything to do
they raise through tobacco taxationcouldit be anything to do
hard tae look awa whitivercouldit be she saw an
really heat frequency radiation orcouldit be something more sinister
does he park his 4x4couldit be that the noise
package that is on offercouldit be that we are
to why the discrepancy arosecouldit be that while those
triumphed so i salute themcouldit be the day for
often would be nowadays ancouldjist be milk tae yer
wid be ken if wecouldjist switch off like the
mmhm [laugh] f965: that youcouldjoin and be one of
m1014: well it s ayecouldjust be a a fancy
the time f809: yeah wecouldjust be in a tropical
be issued in may wecouldlet the committee have a
is out to perform whatcouldloosely be termed poaching in
be abundant if the scientistscouldmanufacture wings they are plotting
keeping my fingers crossed thatcouldmean i wouldn t be
might be helpful if hecouldmonitor the situation on behalf
dow be able may doughtcouldmote may might must note
ti be the person hecouldnae be aw aye he
you introduced the subject youcouldnever be sure that her
meant that the completion datecouldno longer be met and
the inescapable conclusion that wecouldno longer be party to
between men and their godcouldno longer be sustained influenced
officials and the fire mastercouldnot agree who should be
mid victorian complaint that burnscouldnot be a great poet
the committee recognised that thatcouldnot be achieved overnight and
officers warned that the aimscouldnot be achieved without adequate
million per annum as thatcouldnot be added to the
of one volume per yearcouldnot be adhered to volume
the unconscious was that whichcouldnot be articulated or that
grown spinach and melons magdalenacouldnot be avoided buenos dias
represented after that when theycouldnot be away from the
mr nevay being in exilecouldnot be brought as a
health social disadvantage and discriminationcouldnot be carried out effectively
sort out the problems theycouldnot be cloned overnight it
become clear that the dictionarycouldnot be completed in twenty
budgets given those pressures wecouldnot be confident that the
a non starter the roadcouldnot be diverted but the
mcintosh in february 1951 thiscouldnot be done by a
about the fact that thiscouldnot be done in a
to be checked and thatcouldnot be done until the
is a pity that scotscouldnot be encouraged more it
result a warrant of salecouldnot be executed unfortunately the
went straight out to markerscouldnot be followed papers had
judge there had said hecouldnot be forced to go
made his statement the drawingcouldnot be improved on it
intent of such travelling groupscouldnot be in doubt we
example air traffic control softwarecouldnot be introduced until it
and because of the listcouldnot be launched they were
and that such a determinationcouldnot be made if the
stevenson proved that this datecouldnot be met following the
respect one another physically theycouldnot be more distinct but
fact that quality assurance checkscouldnot be performed it would
of the data failure andcouldnot be predicted in individual
the initial mcfall bill agreementcouldnot be reached in westminster
event that such a disputecouldnot be resolved by other
jean fairy queen but thatcouldnot be right either there
put pressures on the unitcouldnot be so readily foreseen
his wife and that shecouldnot be such without consummation
not apply and enforcement actioncouldnot be taken if a
marriage to make good whatcouldnot be undone and this
the severe list meant itcouldnot be used for the
would be forfeited if hecouldnot demonstrate that he deserved
from andorra the tobacco industrycouldnot fail to be aware
so well that the problemcouldnot possibly be with the
the additional revenue that newspaperscouldobtain would be sufficient for
loon low german and dutchcouldof course be equated in
be out of order procedurallycouldone challenge a ruling from
stake in its success whichcouldonly be beneficial for scottish
was surrounded by shipyards ancouldonly be seen from the
refer to their wives shecouldonly be twenty nine but
m1008: the erm tha- itcouldonly be used of a
not any more english speakerscouldprobably be blamed for ben
the expertise but if wecouldpromote dialogue that would be
be worth while if mspscouldreach it that would be
or function which a membercouldreasonably be expected to carry
would be helpful if wecouldreceive a copy of the
would be helpful if icouldreceive a copy of the
would be interesting if wecouldreceive rather more detailed statistics
handwritten petitions christine grahame wecouldsay that petitions must be
there her voice quivered andcouldscarcely be heard above the
to be cross examined wecouldseek answers to any questions
temple steps thon auncient queencouldshe be o the race
is f943: what m944: itcouldso be an experiment to
by the treaty be reducedcouldsome procedures be simplified how
would be useful if wecouldspeed things up a wee
it means that warrant salescouldstill be carried out up
can fix that bit itcouldstill be good sadie you
my ear disturbingly so icouldstill be grampa far away
in glasgow and aberdeen andcouldstill be pretty sure of
issued by constables such noticescouldstill be withdrawn only by
be willin tae bet yecouldstill fin a neep shed
be useful if the committeecouldstrongly suggest that to the
would be helpful if memberscouldswitch off their mobile phones
a kind caring face hecouldtell she d be a
gymnastics not much good shecouldtell there would be no
businesses have an identifiable riskcouldthat be an achilles heel
clung to that opinion howcouldthat be dealt with where
bilin mm yeah f1054: likecouldthat be mad and f1025:
some procedures be simplified howcouldthe number of legal instruments
end of fencing wire thatcouldthen be twisted round a
them trummell m1013: trummell f1054: couldthere be a reason for
know something about those crimescouldthere be a table for
on what kind of evidencecouldthere be either a wholesale
a soul james beaumont whacouldthere be why in the
whole time i mean reallycouldthere no be somethin in
role is extended bill aitkencouldthere not be a conflict
in the treaties be reducedcouldthey be given names which
those concerns if not howcouldthey be met tony gallagher
be all the game theycouldthink of was i run
clergyman of leith what elsecouldthis be but a pretext
with now this car accidentcouldthis crisis be the catalyst
what it was that theycouldtouch ye seemed tae be
m saying sometimes they dcouldtransfer be transferrin them up
for the parliament and theycouldusefully be adopted by the
want in modern languages thiscouldusefully be done with likes
ti be the door yicoulduve staed ootside peeked through
micht hyter ower aa thiscouldweel be components o a
yes that c- that thatcouldwell be right m608: mm
time and even if icouldwhit would be the use
seem unfair that men writerscouldwrite and yet not be
vestigal dialect in the colonycouldyet prove to be the
appeals is to be regrettedcouldyou expand on why you
be happening during october stephencouldyou identify some of the
way that i am rowlandcouldyou not try to be
well to be skint f1054: couldyou say that again sorry

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