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was done by people whocouldnt afford fresh bath water
go for because my mothercouldnt afford tae send the
m608: mmhm f643: ehm wecouldnt afford the trends of
robert can stay there hecouldnt afford to get a
of a family erm certainlycouldnt afford to nourish them
beard a telephone bill hecouldnt afford to pay until
because of the war theycouldnt a lo- that was
we re just mates hecouldnt accept it he s
step to step because icouldnt actually lift it it
problem was always that peoplecouldnt actually see the work
but civilisation killed them theycouldnt adapt themselves to it
ksenia phoned to say shecouldnt after all get hold
a few steps stops icouldnt agnes gie it time
white condor pattern that [censored: forename]couldnt and didn t resist
t that funny f1038: hecouldnt and so she had
patient who livid rough whocouldnt and wouldn t learn
some of the questions icouldnt answer at all but
fool of him and hecouldnt answer back adults were
m941: this is why icouldnt be a radio d
surely not surely the governmentcouldnt be accused of corruption
mmhm yeah f965: because youcouldnt be aware of where
s narrow kitchen deciding hecouldnt be defeated by soap
f963: mmhm f965: and itcouldnt be made too much
jeans are getting tight theycouldnt be much tighter i
foster bill upon which agreementcouldnt be reached at westminster
that i told him hecouldnt be right that you
i couldn t po- icouldnt bear it you know
at him again and hecouldnt bear that geordie is
were alone too and icouldnt bear that i ll
dead fire that her breathingcouldnt begin to stir her
disappointed with the results icouldnt believe how few words
was wasted last night jakeycouldnt believe i d to
money was com- and icouldnt believe i was getting
was my first appoi- icouldnt believe it i hadn
f631: yeah i know icouldnt believe it i just
had these toilets outside icouldnt believe it it just
got on the thing icouldnt believe it it was
his bisexuality in 1994 andcouldnt believe it when it
was never coming back shecouldnt blame her she should
out bethia big time youcouldnt blame him really she
i just m944: mm f943: couldnt bring myself to leave
men aren t allowed icouldnt bring susan and leave
wi you here carolanne icouldnt bring them david s
we had something that moneycouldnt buy f1018: that s
you ever saw it youcouldnt buy it any other
were bitin them but theycouldnt care a damn who
to illustrate it artless anniecouldnt care less a typical
yeah f965: oh they theycouldnt care less and i
why dwell on things hecouldnt change he flicked through
he d report that hecouldnt clear it the saga
to home i felt icouldnt come to glasgow an
arms around me remember icouldnt cope any more the
to see to him icouldnt cope i can t
t believe it i justcouldnt couldn t have walked
even a hiccup like thatcouldnt dampen the mood there
the greenery of course theycouldnt disguise their voices bit
f1148: mmhm f1149: like youcouldnt do a proper higher
have known so you justcouldnt do it because in
pronunciation for admir- and icouldnt do it [laugh] all
me 3 lots but theycouldnt do it so i
do four highers cause theycouldnt do maths as a
the back yeah but theycouldnt do me cause my
choose life but then icouldnt do otherwise for without
not f963: [laugh] so wecouldnt do that f965: but
there for eight years icouldnt do that kind of
[?]anything[/?] for that f1018: ehmcouldnt do that one m1019:
don t know what icouldnt do we give him
the emperor refused saying hecouldnt drink without eating and
independence because of course hecouldnt drive and he couldn
was ill for months andcouldnt earn anything she even
t hungry any more shecouldnt eat for the thought
season the coleslaw and icouldnt eat it cause i
round your name cerwyss shecouldnt eh she i mean
but there are others icouldnt er i d need
anyway f1038: mm f1037: andcouldnt er that was a
know traced back i icouldnt er you know er
there but ye co- youcouldnt erm let anyone know
unless she wanted them icouldnt even ask if she
know frozen and [laugh] icouldnt even get my bag
kept disappearing so that icouldnt even have a word
smelled so foul that icouldnt even speak the catherine
i want my mum theycouldnt f1149: oh no and
he diluted with water hecouldnt fathom the woman only
she was still breathing icouldnt feel her heart i
a game f1023: well icouldnt figure it out i
you had something that theycouldnt figure out what it
totally lost on that onecouldnt figure that one out
took bloody ages f943: icouldnt find a mate card
wrong one and then shecouldnt find and then they
the last day but wecouldnt find any is that
up there and when wecouldnt find her there they
been very worrying because theycouldnt find out what exactly
off in that direction butcouldnt find the place so
their puppies so much theycouldnt find the puppies anywhere
way home kathleen and douglascouldnt find their shoes and
a pie so revolting icouldnt finish it and tepid
again to see if hecouldnt fix in his mind
sycophantic archduke admirer but icouldnt follow up everything i
tenderly round you but icouldnt for i might have
t remember that i meancouldnt forget their names f963:
to keep him helpless butcouldnt free himself from the
welsh at all she justcouldnt get a hold of
low pitch and i icouldnt get a job over
and had nothing because theycouldnt get anything f1049: aw
east f606: mmhm m1036: youcouldnt get away from it
she hated the album icouldnt get enough of it
up for him and icouldnt get enough people interested
nice safe home except shecouldnt get her key out
near a church if hecouldnt get his fingers to
because in those days youcouldnt get in to glasgow
in to glasgow univ- youcouldnt get into scottish universities
and ehm we lived wecouldnt get into the school
inside her head and shecouldnt get it out of
i hadn t i icouldnt get on it cause
were washed away and wecouldnt get our cows home
trapping its wings so itcouldnt get out again no
would die soon if theycouldnt get the food they
next friday doll and icouldnt get to see you
no means of communication onecouldnt get very far anyway
know about you but hecouldnt give me your new
not us m941: but wecouldnt go into the kids
right yeah m1078: and landladiescouldnt go out and buy
locked them up so shecouldnt go out i said
illegally in my room icouldnt go out i would
say things like well icouldnt go to university now
baxter park but then youcouldnt go up to baxter
erm and hopkins of coursecouldnt h- handle the irish
time coming but the timecouldnt have been better because
a long pause no itcouldnt have been george galloway
that message aloud the factcouldnt have been more obvious
the parents and the childcouldnt have been more stark
age is he and hecouldnt have been outside of
common at the time lifecouldnt have been very easy
t be right that youcouldnt have caught a dirty
greek any more so icouldnt have done that as
back for a visit wecouldnt have done that if
made love and how hecouldnt have felt more fulfilled
you last year because wecouldnt have got the connections
see the world an wecouldnt have nae ither wey
to the uk and youcouldnt have someone who was
them she wanted something shecouldnt have the johnny had
it i just couldn tcouldnt have walked in these
wet days as if theycouldnt have walked miles indoors
bare in this public waycouldnt he have burned them
warned him this would happencouldnt he have found a
dropping his voice till icouldnt hear him at wastepaper
could close it quietly shecouldnt hear us comin in
but i was unimportant icouldnt help and reluctantly he
s flurry of inactivity icouldnt help but be reminded
into an environment where hecouldnt help but grow up
and breadness the tenderness theycouldnt help but show names
it was wrong but icouldnt help it you see
for quite a while icouldnt help myself the prisoners
smiled at that but moragcouldnt help noticing she was
over to take it icouldnt help pulling it back
being vain about it icouldnt help reminding one or
be very surprised if icouldnt here at millennium moggies
as the st enoch centrecouldnt hold a candle to
the first time ever icouldnt i abs- i couldn
yeah yeah f965: and icouldnt i still can t
couldn t i abs- icouldnt i took a glass
just you know you justcouldnt identify people properly you
it now kelly even jimmycouldnt ignore that voice scaling
the same stop but icouldnt ignore the stench of
page from the cd_rom andcouldnt is there a trick
a lot of divorces thoughcouldnt it f1025: mmhm definitely
could be in that categorycouldnt it f1025: that s
alive and last winter icouldnt just sit there and
extent reimagine it because icouldnt just walk out of
uh huh f965: and youcouldnt kick a ball against
thingummyjig over there if youcouldnt [laugh] remember their name
were both avoiding but icouldnt let go of that
but f746: yeah f745: icouldnt let her [laugh] do
at his work cause hecouldnt lift his head off
welsh irvine welsh er icouldnt like you had to
much in advance cause youcouldnt m964: mmhm f963: right
nut cases and lifers hecouldnt make it fit as
so out of place icouldnt make it out at
f606: [audience laugh] m954: i icouldnt make much of that
the last minute and socouldnt make our first planned
aboot a binder but hecouldnt make out what was
help preserve his dignity archiecouldnt make out whether his
i was still weak icouldnt make the transition without
throat and irritating his chestcouldnt mask it nor could
high andes beyond the foodcouldnt match the view no
fission bomb misses you icouldnt move but he was
t feel her heart icouldnt move her i started
but he didn t hecouldnt move i was quite
[laugh] they f1049: aw m1048: couldnt move like to go
anyway i wouldn t yecouldnt pay me to go
sense of things when wordscouldnt people do what they
yoked engaged working quidna iscouldnt pit is put masel
his head down so allycouldnt place him but then
people who say oh icouldnt po- i couldn t
in any form surely itcouldnt possibly be an english
words the last one divorcecouldnt possibly be hanging over
to the rector and icouldnt possibly discuss the matter
alec attempted a leer butcouldnt pull it off and
and all the kings mencouldnt put humpty m1090: kings
[laugh] m819: you you youcouldnt put twenty thousand celtic
and continued to grow icouldnt quash it it was
and mumbled something that icouldnt quite hear but there
and tight lipped that icouldnt raise the usual greeting
stick which lies where shecouldnt reach it shortly after
couldn t drive and hecouldnt read his own mail
it ehm but w- shecouldnt read irvine welsh at
she can t read shecouldnt read it at all
nights running but i justcouldnt read it holden isn
significance about perestroika that itcouldnt really carry still it
skinned as well like icouldnt really f1148: mmhm f1149:
of old george but icouldnt really fault the guy
then you know she shecouldnt really help it she
was on five but youcouldnt really see it cause
she f1148: uh huh f1149: couldnt really settle there but
and buses you co- youcouldnt rely on the buses
prints in the morning hecouldnt remember a thing the
sweet and friendly but icouldnt remember her name f963:
f965: so i really reallycouldnt remember that i mean
f963: yeah [laugh] f965: [laugh]couldnt remember the nicest kids
my young days something youcouldnt remember what s that
in regimental rows and [censored: forename]couldnt remember which hers was
out on anything that youcouldnt reschedule or anything f1151:
and waved at me icouldnt respond normally by sticking
huv tae lie carolanne icouldnt sadie and look where
you carolanne oh no icouldnt sadie why no agnes
of malboro cigarettes although icouldnt say for sure as
kerr and paddy linn whocouldnt say his rs you
which often interests me icouldnt say whether they got
no the fire mannie m1096: couldnt see his hat look
the problem was when youcouldnt see it and you
f1111: uh huh f1112: icouldnt see it [inaudible] f1111:
butterfly hair slides suddenly youcouldnt see me but i
angry with each other theycouldnt see me standing there
f1038: yeah f1037: what hav-couldnt see out the kitchen
er first year at universitycouldnt see out the kitchen
to do it himself hecouldnt see over the sort
at the stars and wecouldnt see santa and erm
cool i glanced about butcouldnt see who was shouting
a dog no f1023: icouldnt see women saying that
first came here carolanne icouldnt sit maggie right i
were on the go youcouldnt slide them onto the
have said that although theycouldnt spare the time to
engineers two weeks ago icouldnt spell it and now
i know i know icouldnt spell it [laugh] f1054:
hated french so much andcouldnt stand another two years
you ll wake him icouldnt stand it i ve
at home as her fathercouldnt stand the smell of
and sang in cafes icouldnt stop her and she
the hospital now maggie icouldnt stop her i tried
you always lie mum icouldnt stop him don t
society stepped in and icouldnt stop it all on
ve painted i said icouldnt stop myself i could
of me i realised icouldnt stop oh god oh
[laugh] locked up because wecouldnt stop thinking about the
world locked up because theycouldnt stop thinking about these
a silly dare because hecouldnt stot a ball in
that he could drink bellycouldnt take booze guts are
m608: yeah f643: and ehmcouldnt take it seriously but
you say oh no icouldnt take one uist you
me and indicated that icouldnt taken in my bag
week i m sorry icouldnt talk very long on
dad an aa somehow icouldnt tell him that it
my hands and knees icouldnt tell if she was
doing it but you knowcouldnt tell you anything about
leering greyly should i icouldnt think clearly i couldn
first of all f1023: icouldnt think f1027: mm [inaudible]
mean er i i justcouldnt think o a more
that was about it icouldnt think o anythin else
got any m1146: i justcouldnt think of any other
an jewellery [laugh] f1145: icouldnt think of anythin to
f1023: pissed as well [laugh]couldnt think of anything else
the same i wouldn tcouldnt think of anything else
couldn t think clearly icouldnt think period fiona with
rosie came to work shecouldnt think think think why
worked very well as andycouldnt thole any silence for
standing on a drain theycouldnt touch you f963: did
but knowing now that peoplecouldnt truly make such promises
m1090: oh no it justcouldnt turn it can spin
is only fourteen miles awaycouldnt understand a single word
a nice guy but theycouldnt understand a word i
f1149: oh no and theycouldnt understand her [inhale] f1148:
mmhm m944: but this guycouldnt understand it so he
up the course because shecouldnt understand let alone spanish
she wasn t there shecouldnt understand not being there
t understand let alone spanishcouldnt understand scots f1037: yeah
m608: mmhm f643: but shonacouldnt understand very much of
numbers of rings that icouldnt understand when i finally
would never say ehm icouldnt use whaur cause it
stones thrown at me icouldnt walk home from f1037:
easily put on the lightcouldnt we f1112: [inaudible] see
paper make patterns using itcouldnt we f1112: not yet
we could talk for scotlandcouldnt we [laugh] you know
have a big tree thoughcouldnt we like in the
i suppose indoors or theycouldnt wear them outside but
changed [laugh] f965: and hecouldnt well he he really
the harbour whose nickname joancouldnt work out until she
plays in a week icouldnt write a play then
s keeping i found icouldnt write at all so
a long gap when icouldnt write at all this
living myself i know icouldnt write i am not
play then you know icouldnt write you know i
playing as well and icouldnt yeah m1007: no m1008:
a fresco like leonardo whycouldnt you draw me a
gasped it s absolutely brillcouldnt you fix the one
i said to him butcouldnt you have kept the
f640: you know and youcouldnt you know you had
the huff withoot bein moodycouldnt you [laugh] [laugh] f1054:
could get in anywhere reallycouldnt you m816: oh well
in your hand of coursecouldnt you m827: could do
as a feather scissors whycouldnt you paint me a
phone the officer in chargecouldnt you phone him about

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