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ironside leader aberdeen city councilcouncilloralison mcinnes chair infrastructure services
management committee aberdeen city councilcouncillorlen ironside convener policy and
by aberdeen city council fromcouncillorlen ironside leader aberdeen city
councillor cllr danny [censored: surname] districtcouncillorand mr ian [censored: surname] parks
were cllr john [censored: surname] regionalcouncillorcllr danny [censored: surname] district councillor
at stage 1 from coslacouncillorandrew campbell rural affairs spokesperson
councillor john pentland finance spokespersoncouncillordrew edward chair of capital
heather fiskin disability rights commissioncouncillorhelen law education spokesperson cosla
will take evidence from coslacouncillorjohn pentland finance spokesperson councillor
of health boards chief executivescouncillorrita miller spokesperson on social
representatives professor neil maccormick andcouncillorkeith brown are the only
sir neil maccormick mep andcouncillorkeith brown leader of clackmannanshire
professor neil maccormick mep andcouncillorkeith brown to give evidence
councillors councillor tulley council leadercouncilloranne younger councillor thomas dumble
both sides might approach thecouncillorfair enough however the councillor
alistair mckillop and the localcouncillorfor the area councillor ian
local councillor for the areacouncillorian frain the association consists
councillor fair enough however thecouncillorshould not be forced to
council leader councillor anne youngercouncillorthomas dumble trade unions ms
officer scottish borders council councillorscouncillortulley council leader councillor anne
including local councillors such ascouncillorgordon graham the current vice
development officer glasgow city councilcouncillorjames coleman deputy leader of
jon hargreaves chief executive andcouncillorrobert cairns chairman east of
east of scotland water authoritycouncillorrobert cairns chairman east of
evidence from the following witnessescouncillorcorrie mcchord cosla social inclusion
scotland s craft town congratulatescouncillorelizabeth maclardy and the west
pm 1 time for reflectioncouncillorreverend elizabeth j wardlaw minister
planning and regeneration highland councilcouncillorsandy park chairman of the
council officers to complement thecouncillors code of conduct following
public life code of conductcouncillors code se 2001 50
public life code of conductcouncillors code se 2001 50
in cumbernauld and calls uponcouncillorcharles gray north lanarkshire education
william h watson duncan hopecouncillorcharles kennedy jp 3 amendments
trust eh as a businesscouncillorcum manager of the prince
service manager west dunbartonshire councilcouncilloriain robertson convener economic planning
manning project manager base 75councilloryvonne allan convener resources management
work city of edinburgh councilcouncillorkingsley thomas executive member for
officers during miners strike districtcouncillorresigned over poll tax it
adequate corroboration pe463 petition bycouncillordonald manford calling for the
following petitions pe129 petition bycouncillordonald mcintosh calling for the
were discussed pe420 petition bycouncillorsam campbell calling for the
ian jenkins i became acouncillorin glasgow in 1977 when
disposal that the parliament applaudscouncillorkevin stewart and aberdeen city
angus youth congress dialogue youthcouncillorglennis middleton chair of dialogue
the community representatives and tocouncillorkevin stewart they all champion
other local authorities are backingcouncillorstewart s original motion because
committee will take evidence fromcouncillordavid suckling scottish borders council
after she became a labourcouncillorlynda struthers the second employee
alex jannetta director of financecouncillordavid alexander scottish executive angus
member of the labour partycouncillormalcolm king who 20 years
support of the petition becausecouncillorfaulds could not make it
brian meek the edinburgh towncouncillorand journalist brian is a
margie currie pe 463 bycouncillordonald manford and pe 464
chaired the meeting 1 apologiescouncillormrs [censored: surname] mr mrs [censored: surname]
the committee heard evidence fromcouncillordavid green convenor mr arthur
roots project as the formercouncillorfor middlefield i had considerable
tolls on the erskine bridgecouncillordaniel mccafferty representing west dunbartonshire
progress on charity law reformscouncillorjean mcfadden who chaired the
a presentation from a wrexhamcouncillora distinguished member of the
than inputs as a veterancouncillori remember that about 20
bids together i was acouncillorin 1995 and i remember
convention of scottish local authoritiescouncillornorman murray invited all the
an msp or a localcouncillorwill come down on them
to pe429 which is fromcouncillorjulie faulds about the dumping
who has experience as acouncillori am well aware that
have to be a privycouncillorbefore he could call himself
scottish executive what the basiccouncillors attendance allowance was in
out of the clutches ofcouncillorpatronage as a result of
which i served as acouncillorthe same people moved round
kennel of his mind acouncillorbarks an opinion like a
would withdraw that statement acouncillorfor example would be constrained

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