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a scrutineer to monitor thecountingof the votes they should
one scrutineer to monitor thecountingof votes will candidates ensure
fussing about passing forward andcountingthe pencils andy knows from
fussing about passing forward andcountingthe pencils pencils are precious
in a novel even simplecountingcan be revealing here one
the possibilities of all thiscountingand sorting often the best
so get oot she iscountingthe books of coupons dod
trouble dod i dinna understandcountingthe coupons angelica fancy dod
10 counting days to 20countingdays if we do not
make a change from 10countingdays to 20 counting days
farmers have an interest incountinglice as they need to
can undertake that monitoring andcountingof lice fiona mcleod west
they have found them atcountingthings and presenting them in
the implications of a 15countingday deadline it would be
day deadline or a 15countingdays deadline it would mean
what sixty five years andcountingall those faces and other
yeah mm f947: kind ofcountingor research it was sixty
invite them to the votecountingtable in the well of
invite them to the votecountingtable in the well of
we should use the termcountingdays and define that exactly
standing orders of the termcountingdays and the offer of
i do not think thatcountingdays and the working days
as possible the convener socountingdays are neither the working
follow your calculations on thecountingdays but it sounds as
and include a definition ofcountingdays do we agree to
can discuss subsequently whether 15countingdays is acceptable that is
in standing orders the termcountingdays that is proposed for
is open the convener arecountingdays the working days of
could go back he wascountingthe days his eyes seemed
for a simple lesson incountingshe said to them that
follow there yet instead ofcountingsheep i mull over the
wishes to consider a 15countingday alternative that is perfectly
recess operate on a 15countingday basis which is midway
international i ve just beencountingup and there were 15
got let me hear youcountingf1112: one two three four
been four major goddesses notcountinglaura riding one is very
daein an awfie lot ofcountingthe day m1110: three five
petitions particularly when one iscountingsignatures to see what the
we should be tabling stuffcountingthings and doin it like
one fo- [child noise] got somecountinghere will you manage to
the fare no one scountingthe catch a child is
tureen and the long ladlecountingout the drops all all
arrives not that i mcountingmuch i get sporadic lumps
tae ellon an finally acountingout rhyme eetle ottle black
t know where they startedcountingbut it certainly felt like
roughnecks toss in their bunkscountingthe hours like rosaries that
length of the bits bycountinghis strides as he walked
the chamber to scrutinise thecountingof the ballot papers mr
tootsie s no talkin remembercountingon her fingers an furst

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