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of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2000
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2000
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2000
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2001
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2001
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2001
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2002
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2002
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2003
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2003
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2003
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2003
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2003
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2003
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2003
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2003
of community quota and thirdcountryfishing measures scotland order 2003
products of animal origin thirdcountryimports scotland amendment regulations 2002
products of animal origin thirdcountryimports scotland amendment regulations 2002
products of animal origin thirdcountryimports scotland amendment regulations 2002
products of animal origin thirdcountryimports scotland amendment regulations 2002
products of animal origin thirdcountryimports scotland amendment regulations 2002
products of animal origin thirdcountryimports scotland amendment regulations 2002
products of animal origin thirdcountryimports scotland amendment regulations 2002
products of animal origin thirdcountryimports scotland amendment regulations 2002
products of animal origin thirdcountryimports scotland amendment regulations 2003
products of animal origin thirdcountryimports scotland amendment regulations 2003
products of animal origin thirdcountryimports scotland amendment regulations 2003
products of animal origin thirdcountryimports scotland amendment regulations 2003
products of animal origin thirdcountryimports scotland regulations 2002 ssi
products such as a thecountryof origin b a traceable
the revival of enthusiasm forcountrydancing among young folk is
jogging along alice misses hercountrydancing class which folded up
music ye ken f902: scotchcountrydancing f826: mm m903: sco-
have the dances here thecountrydancing f978: yes yes the
bed deo gratias 7 wednesdaycountrydancing good but am not
first war time experiences ofcountrydancing in primary school were
is that sort of scottishcountrydancing is that is that
time to the music thecountrydancing they d learned at
half jim blease taught memberscountrydancing they had an annual
above evening 16 wednesday scottishcountrydancing town liberal club claughton
fairly drunken chaotic and innovativecountrydancing you could by then
our third day in thecountrywhere they faked the maps
washed up in a foreigncountryan they ve got tae
the culture of the foreigncountryand to benefit from the
holiday job in the foreigncountryand ultimately through a period
the culture of the foreigncountryare most evident in advanced
foreigner this is a foreigncountrydeep fried maggot shocks pianists
the culture of the foreigncountryin the national qualifications higher
old age in a foreigncountryno m954: no i mean
students travelling to the foreigncountryor the speaker of the
pupils travelling to the foreigncountryor the speaker of the
pupils travelling to the foreigncountryor the speaker of the
or geography of the foreigncountrythe study of literary texts
they travel to the foreigncountrythe teaching syllabus is usually
they travel to the foreigncountrythis again provides opportunities to
revolution this is a foreigncountrytoddles hang from scooter handlebars
blocks this is a foreigncountrytrees wear bells traffic police
of study in the foreigncountryunder the socrates scheme for
sending a message in thiscountryabout how dangerous tobacco products
town speech whereas in acountrycontext drollery or humour had
between the town and thecountrym741: mmhm yeah m605: you
approved the draft town andcountryplanning fees and applications and
by resolution the town andcountryplanning fees for applications and
home affairs the town andcountryplanning fees for applications and
instruments the draft town andcountryplanning fees for applications and
october 2001 the town andcountryplanning general development procedure scotland
the environment the town andcountryplanning general development procedure scotland
2001 244 the town andcountryplanning general development procedure scotland
october 2001 the town andcountryplanning general development procedure scotland
rural development the town andcountryplanning general permitted development scotland
rural development the town andcountryplanning general permitted development scotland
october 2001 the town andcountryplanning general permitted development scotland
to annulment the town andcountryplanning general permitted development scotland
june 2001 the town andcountryplanning limit of annual value
50 of the town andcountryplanning scotland act 1972 and
such as the town andcountryplanning scotland act 1997 but
applications under the town andcountryplanning scotland act 1997 lodged
applications under the town andcountryplanning scotland act 1997 lodged
4 of the town andcountryplanning scotland act 1997 negative
5 of the town andcountryplanning scotland act 1997 other
43 and the town andcountryplanning ssi 1999 1 should
both morrison parents were ofcountrystock and town life needed
for any town city orcountryto bid to host a
action takes place in acountrytown thrie sisters act 1
festival or in a smallcountrytown very little is known
be another town or anothercountrywhere is scotland i get
and fairer services throughout ourcountryalongside that investment we have
many voluntary groups throughout thecountryalready provide i would like
they represent constituencies throughout thecountryand are concerned about their
could get it throughout thecountryand into ireland and there
are not available throughout thecountryas fergus ewing said we
to be proud of ourcountryas we travel throughout the
that takes place throughout thecountrybut primarily in scotland people
install dexa scanners throughout thecountrybut they would save the
is being mirrored throughout thecountrycathy peattie my point is
not be even throughout thecountrydavid orr no it will
number of meetings throughout thecountryduring december the committee is
are applied uniformly throughout thecountryfrom council to council and
ago scallop fishermen throughout thecountryhave been pulling their hair
raised were similar throughout thecountrymr rumbles that is exactly
on that varies throughout thecountrymy understanding is that the
known now still throughout thecountrynot only for farm folk
volunteers in communities throughout thecountryolder people volunteer and are
he was mourned throughout thecountryon his death in 1988
in central scotland throughout thecountrypeople either cannot obtain broadband
of the carers throughout thecountrys1m 3518 end debt on
on pain services throughout thecountrythe letter states it is
post offices closing throughout thecountrythe minister for e commerce
willing to move throughout thecountryto develop their careers than
that differentials exist throughout thecountrywhat we have not heard
big teaching hospitals throughout thecountrywhy do we need 15
of all parts of thecountryand believes that the scottish
visit many parts of thecountryand she always returns knowing
from all parts of thecountrycame together once a year
in other parts of thecountryin order to provide the
into certain parts of thecountryit is not the language
in different parts of thecountryone of the smiths neighbours
in many parts of thecountrythe system requires a warrant
in different parts of thecountrythey exist because burns travelled
in various parts of thecountryto commemorate some victory by
the same levels in thiscountrywe test the edible parts
to other parts of thecountrywe will continue to work
in other parts of thecountrywee ones for children m1055:
be applied across the wholecountryan individual respondent felt that
guidelines are implemented across thecountryand matched by any necessary
guidelines are implemented across thecountryand matched by any necessary
carers and fundraisers across thecountryand pledges to help them
high quality services across thecountryand recognises the need for
out the service across thecountryas soon as possible the
fines which varies across thecountryhowever those fines are a
the years and across thecountryin primary and secondary school
consistency of comments across thecountryin rural areas in urban
community to community across thecountryis called regional diffusion the
sent to organisations across thecountrymy predecessor ensured that many
happening fairly gradually across thecountryprogress may be further delayed
for outdoor recreation across thecountrysupport action by the enterprise
of acute services across thecountrysusan deacon as ever john
help plan events across thecountrythe organisational membership of this
of post offices across thecountrythe sub post office plays
should be standardised across thecountrythe youth parliament opposes the
forthcoming skills shortages across thecountrywe must ensure that training
a stranger in my owncountryas indeed was the child
just here in his owncountrybut in every corner of
the vernacular of their owncountryeffectively making a case for
although egypt s a muslimcountryfor your own safety walk
a stranger in their owncountryi have much pleasure in
only furth of their owncountryi hope alasdair is going
family came from our owncountryin a red room which
f833: scot- scotland s acountryin its own right and
yeah f833: scotland s acountryin its own right f834:
natural way in their owncountrymay suffer from a social
who are banned in acountryother than their own cannot
hollywood but in our owncountryperhaps even with a scottish
to be presented from thecountrys own national perspective at
without honour in his owncountrysomebody once said that devolution
new cultural vision for ourcountryand a radically different way
battle on behalf of ourcountryand calls upon the scottish
as the expenditure is ourcountryand our empire are rallying
of many people in ourcountryare gravely damaged by poverty
of social history in ourcountrycathy jamieson absolutely i agree
people voted and which ourcountrydeserves 11 37 christine grahame
i come from a coldcountryeven our rose is white
the people living in ourcountryfirst and that if there
often in the past ourcountryhas been scarred by religious
come from and what ourcountryhas done good and bad
that scots have for ourcountryi have no doubt that
for the pensioners of ourcountryi move that the parliament
were a blight on ourcountryi would not like to
are the voice of ourcountryif this is the majority
communities and people in ourcountryin backing the social justice
minister when he represents ourcountryin brussels and seeks to
dlos up and down thecountryin clearing our roads during
the flags in our oldcountryin our faith white flags
for the elderly of ourcountryis to give us the
length and breadth of ourcountryis very translatable malcolm chisholm
enjoying new confidence in ourcountryit is alive in songs
workers and employers in thiscountryit is our responsibility not
soon end up running ourcountryross grilled the ruddy faced
which are part of ourcountrys distinctive past and may
has enormous clout in ourcountrys economic life because of
those who live in ourcountrythat would enable policy to
the elderly people of ourcountrythe government does not know
that we would like ourcountryto have secondly despite the
the govern- government of ourcountryto millionaires [audience member coughs] well of
countries sending presents from ourcountryto our european friends and
thing we have watched ourcountrytreating our two languages with
relation to poverty in ourcountrywe know about urban deprivation
to see happen for ourcountrywe must send a message
more deprived areas of ourcountrywill you tell me what
community up and down thecountrythat should not be seen
loyal to both community andcountrythat we salute you tonight
involve moving staff around thecountryas members may already appreciate
those er children around thecountryas much as possible the
and monitoring varies around thecountrybelieves that sufficient funding can
because burns travelled around thecountrygathering songs and pulling them
lot of movement around thecountryhorses and gigs were the
in visiting hostelries around thecountryi have never found regulation
of learning centres around thecountrys1o 4935 19 dr sylvia
in pain moving around thiscountrysometimes the smallest distance that
pubs and shops around thecountrythe enforced celibacy was hard
in every household in thecountryand the needs of users
[laugh] f835: every single crosscountryand they never noticed i
of every sheep in thecountryfurther notes that such proposals
procedure given that not everycountryhas a similar system to
to every part of thecountryin the midst of his
not every part of thecountryis so lucky awareness of
in every part of thecountrymr duncan mcneil greenock and
f826: mm m903: sco- scottishcountrymusic an every hoose was
in every part of thecountryonly today we have seen
be banned in every eucountrythat is crucial for public
if a general in thiscountrysent his men intae a
life make scotland a safercountrya difference for transport a
quality of life in thecountryas i said the problem
through cultural life in thecountryeh the other the other
the cultural life o thecountryin a mair vigorous wey
they take as their themecountrylife and not the life
tae gie lectures on scottishcountrylife it wis a maist
to the life of thecountryone only has to look
new life in a newcountryyou will find me down
a particular part of thecountryand that when a proper
in this part of thecountryin this quarter of the
continue to drive in anothercountrypart 4 makes a variety
alight an outing to thecountrypart funded by the social
part of such a hugecountrywith such a small population
the upper part of thecountryxiv 1791 1799 429 otherwise
be an offence in anothercountryand vice versa how would
who are banned in onecountrycan drive in another and
that it felt like anothercountryhere almond trees proliferate in
more expensive than in anothercountryother reasons were that it
project from scotland to anothercountryrather than an internal ferry
and scottish procedures and anothercountrywith different procedures might argue
if you go to anothercountryyou can t speak it
started oh scotland oh mycountry25 one senses here an
national council pounc and thecountrycouncils in scotland wales and
up computers all over thecountryf889: uh huh f890: scotland
get spoken in mony anithercountrygin scotland doesna beild gaelic
to the rest of thecountryhigher and further education scotland
towards scotland becoming an independentcountryin the european union engaging
to come over from anycountryinto scotland so the au
burns a ploughman in thecountryof ayr at sic scotland
scotland purchased either in thiscountryor elsewhere a baby for
abuse make scotland a safercountryrecruit 3 500 police officers
scotland were manufactured in thiscountrys1w 4821 richard lochhead to
is and what a greatcountryscotland can be f606: mmhm
irony is directed at hercountryscotland this place winds me
scotland was described as acountrythat suffers from low growth
stage make scotland a safercountrywe will deliver long awaited
who chose scotland as theircountrywill live in harmony together
that scotland is a richcountryyet it has so much
unwanted conservative government in thiscountryafter debate amendment sim 3650
need more of this thiscountryair the proximity of nature
aboot the freedoms o thiscountryand o oor sister kingdom
by the people of thiscountryand which we are pledged
that old people in thiscountryare considered to be a
and move anywhere in thiscountryas you have the land
and move anywhere in thiscountryas you have the land
cigarettes are arriving in thiscountrybecause of smuggling members will
determined to leave this benightedcountrybehind when i am in
imposed on pensioners in thiscountrybill butler let me put
of the deaf in thiscountrybsl is an ancient and
a negro brocht intae thiscountrycanna be cairried back tae
t a place in thiscountryf963: mm f965: that people
on the arts in thiscountryfor a generation but we
get enough credit in thiscountryfor what we have achieved
to their state pensions thiscountrygives only 4 3 per
o causie roads but thiscountryhaes naethin but desert sand
staff this is a buddhistcountryhard by the beach the
behaviour of landlords in thiscountryhas led to a view
syne and returned tae thiscountryhe brocht the pursuer wi
level of support in thiscountryhowever i cannot find my
in other areas of thecountryi assume this much more
the police forces in thiscountryi take on board the
the usa but in thiscountryi understand that there has
level of poverty in thiscountryif we look at the
lead to disqualification in thiscountryin the case of drink
that has happened to thiscountryin the past five years
the voluntary sector in thiscountryis active independent and will
and that s why thiscountryis how it is because
the radio and said thiscountryis now in a state
them both whit kind ocountryis this that ye can
union to come to thiscountryit is right that we
but as usual in thiscountryit s difficult to pinpoint
a gulag archipelago in thiscountryit would be a secret
a similar upheaval in thiscountryloud was the weeping the
of old people in thiscountrymany members have mentioned the
a sexual offence in thiscountrymay not be an offence
just to those in thiscountrymembers could be disconcerted by
that a fermer in thiscountrynever overcrops his land or
christmas shopping in this atheistcountrynew year tinsel and firs
the founding father in thiscountryof comparative religion and religious
also a tradition in thiscountryof people being exposed to
bondage and misery in thiscountryor be transported tae whence
opinions of men in thiscountryprobably something orthodox certainly something
minister agree given this greatcountrys history of sacrifice in
special view of relativity thiscountryshe go to the dogs
i am being in thiscountrysince three weeks or native
to develop improvements in thiscountrythe convener paragraph 25 is
and distinguished heritage of thiscountrythe first minister i announced
daring them to disgrace theircountrythis he knew was a
dutch originally deutsch or germancountrythis is largely a farming
of scots believe that thiscountrytreats older people as if
that young people in thiscountryunderstand all of their roots
those like ourselves with acountryupbringing should carry this early
an official language of thiscountrywe must build on that
of multiple deprivation in thiscountrywe think of entrepreneurship as
about 60 people in thiscountrywere reckoned to have reached
history of class in thiscountrywhich is very crucially important
the ordinary people of thiscountrywho matter 16 33 mr
that grey power in thiscountrywill become more organised as
rowland no engineer in thiscountrywould ever do that beaumont
they can stay in thiscountryye know f606: mmhm yeah
female nude in the othercountry1990 and mean time 1993
opposed to in any othercountryas far as i am
extraordinary proposition in onie othercountryin onie other situation that
application is in the othercountryit will lead to a
of drink driving the othercountrymight apply a higher or
difficult than on some othercountryrelated activities or crimes if
if it is for thecountrys good on the other
other things britain is thecountrythat keeps turning down european
to disqualification in the othercountrywill lead to disqualification in
on the other flat dullcountrywith mixed woods changed at
stakeholder group in any othercountrywithin the uk or the
we are european as acountryand europeans as a people
to the people of thatcountryhe says that a state
as most people in thecountrykept hens when there was
we were simply a membercountryof 5 million people scottish
had told mabel that westcountrypeople loved mutton broth swimming
evidence on behalf of thecountrys 800 000 disabled people
at young people from anycountrythere was much more to
through the loveliness of thecountrylanes towards ca na maria
home just then through muddycountrylanes would be no pleasure
[inaudible] m941: you are acountrylass through and through aren
towards home through familiar farmingcountrythat smelled of rain washed
english crept up through thecountrythough it must have come
had strong links with thecountrythrough his family and the
present day identity of hercountrythrough these moves she has
o playin for yer aincountrywis showin through nae heids
place names in the hillcountryand the widespread use of
changes in any self governingcountrynative place names which reflect
take place in the nativecountryscottish proceedings would take place
the bay of fundy lobstercountrythe place is full of
not makin us do crosscountryany more f833: are they
a short stay in anycountryi think however i ve
the intimate knowledge of anycountrymust form the rational basis
the intimate knowledge of anycountrymust form the rational basis
than on the detail anycountryneeds an organisation of some
transferred personal data to anycountryoutwith the eu in line
a national theatre in anycountrythe proper function of the
in member states any newcountrywill be required to come
expressed up and down thecountryabout the time that is
1997 broken down by acountryb method of travel and
fact up and down thecountrymembers will find that the
belyaevo and watched the crosscountryskiers speed down the icy
but chessels farther down thecountrythey were squeezed in a
workers up and down thecountryvoiced similar experiences whether they
b broken down by thecountrywhich such visitors are from
and ska and punk evencountrya bit of everything in
in the poem in mycountrya suspicious woman may question
visit to grandmother in thecountryand a wonderful interlude with
stock production cooperatives in thecountryand all participants learned a
in the south of thecountryand are listed below berwickshire
like they dae in theircountryand it s no caird
be safer out in thecountryanybody that had room took
his last days in thecountryat the end of november
spik aboot fowk in ecountrybeing slow tae change bit
re back in e countrycountryborn country bred big in
in e country country borncountrybred big in hoof fat
in the service of hiscountrybut who wasn t broken
virtually were built in thecountrycertainly for us townies erm
ye re back in ecountrycountry born country bred big
east and in all thecountrydistricts you tilted the plate
them in speaking not socountryelocution was being taught in
a council house in thecountryerm with all these facilities
the north of the hillcountryfascinated my son in particular
not available in finland thecountryfollows a conservative issuing policy
stalls an huckle wares incountryhalls whaur money spent wis
in the collections of scottishcountryhouses which could shed further
hitler s nazis in acountryhyne awa mr churchill said
o spikkin in ma aincountryi d raither nae folla
from hendaye in the basquecountryi pay tribute to modern
when james ii fled thecountryin 1688 parliament held that
that england was a protestantcountryin fact made it more
r i p 7 thursdaycountryin mourning thaw continues but
we travelled to the hillcountryin october 2004 but went
of malawi it s acountryin s w africa by
standard of living in thecountryin such a fruitful fertile
occurs the effects on thecountryin terms of deaths illness
bullets up by glencorse quietcountryin the heather spent army
a long walk in thecountryin the morning i quite
ordinating activities within their particularcountryin the united kingdom the
that there is nae ithercountryin the world where the
traffic problems imagine the largestcountryin the world with
felt ye belonged in thecountryin those days abody kent
in the language of thecountryin which you re inhabiting
and issues relating to hercountryis implicit in her poetry
he gets so passionate hiscountryis in a real mess
their neighbours in the lowcountryit was once thought an
kinna english scots efter thecountryit wis spoken in walter
in the rest of thecountrylabour members and i suspect
and make speech in thecountryless diverse than it is
you were away in thecountrym608: mmhm m636: and and
of a walk in thecountrym815: [cough] yeah so he
brought up oot in thecountrym865: mm mmhm mmhm mm
the staple crop of acountrymaize in the usa wheat
in widespread use particularly incountrymarkets until the mid nineteenth
at kinrake mills the biggestcountrymill in its day north
since food production in thecountrymust be heavily increased it
i was concerned about acountrynot acting genuinely in such
croon marie antoinette in thecountrynot one splash of dung
there isn t in thecountrynot the same kind of
survey of everyone in thecountryon a compulsory basis however
might be undermined in thatcountryor at least in the
flu epidemics elsewhere in thecountryor in europe are we
of whose sentences in thecountryor territory from which they
when she is in acountryorphanage expecting the coherent narrative
in the government of thatcountryparadoxically that same decision might
leids the sign in thecountrypark says tod an whaup
judgement in the case ofcountryproperties ltd against the scottish
step in only where acountrys legal establishment has broken
feelin in yon roch blastcountryside dries up sae bonny
us it coodnae bide faircountryside soakin weet in a
as much as in thecountrysome for brandering fish and
ere s a bit ocountrysteeped in history it wis
buses comin in fae thecountrysyne ma thochts switch tae
best academic brains in thecountrytae design a prototype supercuddy
20 years in the basquecountryteachers are taken out of
official billies in wir aincountrythat turn up yer nibs
sets foot in a civilisedcountrythe fact is legitimacy disna
or employer in the targetcountrythe three obligatory sections are
they can stay in thecountrythe- they re able to
in some bits o thecountrythere s lots o funny
they are in a distinctcountrythere will be no complaints
aince a slave in anithercountrytherefore nae ither man may
lizzie came in from thecountryto act as her housekeeper
political prisoners in the basquecountryto be frank i am
the week in mallorca scountrytowns does the weekend invasion
their native sign languages thatcountrywas in a similar situation
but that distribution in thecountrywas poor where there are
toward nationalists in the basquecountrywhere large youth organisations social
were brought up in acountrywhere the major institutions did
what is happening in thecountrywhere their manufacturing is based
rights coming from a smallcountrywhich i hope in the
newest analogue exchanges in thecountrywhich is a bit like
which is surprising in acountrywhose government controls the supply
ay got steeper an ecountrywilder a little difference in
is banned in one eucountrywill in effect be banned
a nice walk in thecountrywith cath the bairns we
time in a middle eastcountrywould be a fascinating experience
no one else in thecountrywould touch the idea with
honour round their king andcountrys banner teribus ye teri
is imperative that a smallcountrysuch as britain should be
is it advantageous for acountrysuch as kenya where there
world s better than developingcountrybut erm er i mean
by the laws o thecountryhe left raither than the
than ae degree gran daycountryside begins tae dry spring
west we were into thecountryand erm if we had
his mare into the westcountryand near newmilns he did
shifted into a jaunty jumpalongcountryand western beat and he
thematic but more of acountrycollection it was divided into
imagery moves the preoccupation withcountryinto a wider questioning of
drove away int- into thecountrym636: that s right he
not bringing them into thecountrythen i was met by
they sent me into thecountryto convalesce don t go
took a trip into thecountryto see maple sugar being
leave curtain scene iv thecountrynear birnam wood where the
influence the history of acountryand how history politics and
with the psychology of hercountryand its history is humorously
of the population of thecountryand that the most vulnerable
reflect the history of thecountryare seen as valuable national
the forest monks of thecountrybut there is a book
harvesting time most of thecountrychildren went tattie pickin although
of kate dalrymple introducing scottishcountrydance music bless them all
of hawai i the scottishcountrydancers association hawai i thistle
whit s happening tae oorcountrydivine rights of kings it
the culture of of thecountryerm and eh i want
musicians can be dressed ascountryfolk of the 19th century
the closure of the grampiancountryfoods chicken processing factory at
economic well being of thecountryfor the prevention of disorder
the creation of a bettercountryfor us all it is
know i can sound reallycountryfor want of a better
of the north of thecountryfrom that of the south
has always been a multilingualcountryfrom the founding of the
friend of his neighbor thecountryhad no king for the
absent and out of thecountryhow on earth can a
education compulsory over the wholecountryi wish both sets of
the literature of the targetcountryis extended authentic contexts the
the ethnic constitution of thecountryis roughly as follows 74
the south west of thecountryit would have been nigh
eh f1011: [laugh] f1054: huntingcountryof course ehm moody bert
000 men out of acountryof three quarters of a
a week at ithaca thecountryof ulysses by march they
providence that took me upcountryon an affair of business
sort of favouring of thecountryover the city m741: mmhm
loolecondra estate ceylon today thecountryproduces 22 of world exports
used interestingly 58 of thecountrypupils surveyed claimed to speak
inevitable that one of thecountrys most prolific songwriters would
length and breadth of thecountrys1m 1835 tommy sheridan rise
ginger cinnamon coriander with hillcountrytea four drops of boiled
take somerset out of thecountrythat had been overthrown and
as the speech of acountrythen scots becomes a language
of her early poetry mycountrywas woman 1 and memo
you think of it acountrywith canada s natural resources
cent worst of all thecountrywith the highest awareness of
it is degrading for acountrywith the status of britain
information from all over thecountryand erm stòrlann are the
together from all over thecountryand then like f1151: mmhm
wondering peasants up from thecountryexcept soldiers seemed to have
the parish and over thecountrygenerally as seen from parish
urgent assistance from a partnercountryit will also help to
it s quite a largecountryso erm to get from
volunteers from all over thecountrywho carry out work here
but you were from thecountryyou came to the cowgate
if we were a normalcountryeven though we will be
big triangle there s littlecountrylanes and we were told
if we were the onlycountrynot to have a census
were f823: country yokels m822: countryyokels [laugh] f823: [laugh] f606:
he realised we were f823: countryyokels m822: country yokels [laugh]
studies the move to thecountryall seemed to be outside
large scotch and played acountryand western tape all the
became the larick like allcountryfolk willie mathieson had a
at all how empty thecountryis even on a saturday
committee members went round thecountrywe all saw effective programmes
gaelic units dotted about thecountryand equally there are gaelic
producers we are a richcountrybut we do not yet
swaying like coconuts at acountryfair three seats are wearing
a sledge on snaavy dayscountryfolk are aye gweed at
leave curtain scene ii opencountrynear dunsinane drums are heard
and to say as acountryand as a parliament that
you know move to thecountryand i just thought that
drove you out to thecountryand it was just like
think so badly o mycountryand its law that it
the cairngorm mountains the flowcountryand new lanark the subsequent
can go away up thecountryand stuff like that so
the f010: mmhm f122: thecountryand things like that there
to me [inhale] was thecountryand was a bungalow and
he s sad he singscountryand western if he s
frae his parents and hiscountryat a very early age
very well pleased with goodcountrybutter eggs cheese and cream
s lust and love acountrydearly kent and yet sae
upper classes and occasionally thecountryfolk also managed to acquire
it was said that thecountryfolk split them and sold
alquerias farmsteads and rahl rafalescountryhouses supplied cotton rice and
and listening to an awfulcountrymusic show on the radio
s right he d acountryrun m635: [inaudible] farmers and
should pay tribute to thecountrys past achievements and signal
local architectural environment and thecountrys rich built heritage s1m
harbour ones and how manycountryscenes or something m642: er
enthusiast who has visited 66countryschools and 39 city schools
between itself and a nationalcountrythat was not seen to
started to rain and thecountrythere is very exposed a
semi final and my hostcountrywent on to lose to
the world as a dynamiccountrywithin the united kingdom and
the world as a dynamiccountrywithin the united kingdom and
ain as weel s ecountrys doon e mou o
on as you travelled thecountryyou could see how the
you hiv jist cost thecountrya fortune the bobbies wull
o went tae a westcountryaccent but i ve got
tae come tae a strangecountryan start up a business
it s a strange bigcountrybut i think i ll
s not like a hugecountrybut it s quite a
lo bianco hauds that acountryhaein nae specific policy for
a den i the hielancountryhame o sir archie roylance
a spectacular pairt o dacountryhe s been him a
recommend to his attention acountryhouse named la granja de
send him tae jamaica acountryi remind ye again whaur
name m608: mmhm m1174: acountryi said to you or
a person coming frae anecountryintae anither can expect tae
a view on whether acountryis unwilling or unable to
is now a non smokingcountryit is now illegal to
kinrik n kingdom kintrie ncountrykirstal a n crystal kis
know it s a communistcountrymind you if it s
road at baljaffray croass thecountryopened oot a bit an
men shuffling along a peacefulcountryroad leading a spirited black
m642: on a wee quietcountryroad tryin to make a
unable to proceed if acountrys legal system is best
a warm simmer day ecountryscholars wis sittin on a
a richt look o thecountryside he said tae some
an there s a healthycountrysmell bit och the air
telt that he wantit hiscountrytae hae a modern transportation
the sultan o a desertcountrytaen it intae his heid
trip should be to acountrythat was abroad for both
claim its jurisdiction if acountrythinks that it has jurisdiction
quote likes running thro bushcountryunquote there s a lot
m never been at acountrywan [inaudible] f960: no nedder
she said it s acountrywhaur big glaikit chiels like
lo bianco claims that acountrywhich has no specific language
ago it s a beautifulcountryyou have anyhow she continued
the f1053: mmhm m999: thecountryactually but i like to
the young girls fae thecountryan the fisher boys tae
normal decent law abiding possiblycountrycitizens doing what even the
group 2 mime music frenchcountrydance music or scottish the
s the last c- crosscountryf833: it s not though
me i am leaving thecountryfirst thing on friday morning
who has been running thecountryfor the past 40 or
himself drawn towards the quietcountrygirl attracted by her looks
i hate the term developingcountryi i i i think
wi the rest o thecountrym1017: yin twae three fower
mm f826: like leaving thecountrym827: aye well who knows
the road doon was playincountryme- eh music ye ken
good friday we went crosscountryskiing along the still frozen
federation the scottish association forcountrysports the british association for
supercuddy that wad gie thaircountrythe best an maist modern
unusual ye ken ower thecountrythe the the wh sound
right yeah f965: the wholecountryvery erm what am i
maybe they d left thecountryyou re never sure [laugh]
it s neen ower mildcountryside is jist fer soakin
promise it ll be crosscountryskiing not downhill safer easier
great success 29 sunday upcountrygood day porridge twist at
heid tae build up hiscountrys transport system an bring
or designer jeeps wear boutiquecountryclothes these palmesanos have bought
agein hippies fa listened taecountryan western aa day lang
9 17 rainfall 1 16countryside noo dis begin tae
done because we got scottishcountrydance music f963: mm f965:
they ll learn ye evrycountryskill o ploo an pasture
only it s it scountrybumpkins that f832: it s
s pairt roon oor noblecountryefter he d been hoodie
breem trees bonny an greencountryfer flush better sicht canna
mike watson s1m 613 grampiancountryfoods ltd lodged on 1
you ve got prime burncountryhere beautiful f1023: yes well
castle at dunsinane scene 4countrynear birnam wood scene 5
at dunsinane scene 2 opencountrynear dunsinane scene 3 courtyard
slopes wi iv coorse eezcountrys flat an different aathegither
what i needed even crosscountryski ing isn t easy

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