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she s got the clothincouponsangelica oh no fit did
got eh f637: an clothincouponsf638: ah but that wasnae
i dinna understand counting thecouponsangelica fancy dod i peyed
fit i got you sixtycouponsangelica no dod look for
angelica fit aboot dod yourcouponsangelica very excited have you
and peers in at hercouponsangelica weel she canna find
dod jist aboot angelica likecouponsdod ah noo that s
angel angelica ye promised mecouponsfor that suit she is
angelica i need a mycouponsjist for every day i
angelica if she got thecouponsout of it she wouldn
it all out angelica scouponsshe smiles serenely at him
ve got that aff yourcouponsthis rouses angelica s anger
use a lot of clothingcouponsyou could hae them angelica
dod for messin up thecouponsbusiness ron walks wearily away
fan will ye get thecouponsdod it micht tak a
ve got me some clothingcouponsdod nearly i ken a
is counting the books ofcouponsdod och he turns to
happenin have you got mycouponsdod your mither winna hand
claes but i ve naecouponsleft dod i ve got
this dod she takes thecouponsparcel out of her bag
dod getting your hands oncouponswould be like kind o
sweeties because you did getcouponsfor sweeties but you could
the parcel on him thirtycouponshalf enough for my suit
and carefully i need 60couponsfor my suit sixty get
cawed the the the thecouponswere f640: [inaudible] f637: cawed
could save up your aincouponsan i d gie you
able to save up enoughcouponsbut i ve managed it
left ower to save 60couponswould tak me years to
but ye got ye gotcouponsfor bread as well and
mean necessities for f637: breadcouponsyou got f638: for us
lay their hands on illegalcouponsin the hopes of advantage
the household had books ofcouponsyou were only allowed to
s comin here s yourcouponsshe takes them and opens
got it aff my fagcouponsthe roup it wis the
i got ye a thecouponsye asked for in a
er you took your owncouponsyou got well you either
hand back your bacon rationcouponseverything from the pig was
every week and when yourcouponswere finished you could not
need an affa lot ocouponsfor a frock like this
skirts you did not needcouponsfor them during the 2nd
you could swap them forcouponsfor an egg f631: mmhm
never get that number ocouponslegally could you she shakes
in the loss of hercouponsmuriel moves away from the
suspicion dawns there s naecouponsava is there you ve
really gan in for thecouponsan she ll be so
in or you gave thecouponsto the landlady and she
minute for dealin in stolencouponschange of mood an chrissie

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