See this word as a collocate cloud

woody nature trails a golfcoursean artificial lake 15 yards
let fowk see the golfcoursean jonsar tried tae wak
their man s favourite golfcoursean things like that but
golf club doon the golfcourseand played away so m815:
of like the greenock golfcoursebut i m talking about
serves as the mactaquac golfcoursedriving range that was really
could go in the golfcoursef1121: mmhm f1122: can we
down to see the golfcoursef1121: okay then just take
go in the the golfcoursef1121: okay you ve to
trying to say the golfcoursef1121: the golf course right
we re past the golfcoursef1121: uh huh is there
to include the new golfcoursei expect tom [censored: surname] has
m815: there s a golfcoursekinna near like where we
f1121: there s the golfcourselook f1122: aye golf course
to go to the golfcourselook there s another one
talking about the gourock golfcoursem816: aye m815: yeah there
tent up on the golfcoursem816: mmhm m815: can censor
yeah off to the golfcoursem816: yeah we never saw
course look f1122: aye golfcoursemum we have to go
park a racecourse a golfcourseneat rows of bungalows growing
an on tae the golfcoursenow don t come back
caught me on the golfcourseone day f963: mm f965:
golf course f1121: the golfcourseright up this way take
kenspekkil figure on the golfcoursethese days or there is
a tent on the golfcoursetook himself to innermessan shore
and there s a golfcourseup there m815: there s
tell you where the golfcoursewas in case they come
i spent on a golfcoursewas when we camped on
m815: camped on a golfcourseyeah m816: popular hope you
you camped on a golfcourseyou d have been m815:
f963: corner of the golfcourseyou know is it a
was walking over the golfcourseyou saw water up there
industry in scotland in duecourse6 water environment and water
able to create in duecoursea database of venues that
up with us in duecourseand that it will become
then be advised in duecourseangus mackay i am happy
the second question in duecourseas far as a referendum
taken into account in duecourseas part of the draft
will be made in duecoursebusiness bulletin no 154 2002
day will follow in duecoursebusiness bulletin no 179 2002
the business bulletin in duecoursebusiness bulletin no 23 2003
will bear reveesitin i duecoursebut this is buchan s
of the franchise in duecoursedoes the committee agree that
ye know e- in duecourseeverybody s going to be
to neighbouring burghs in duecoursefour particular burghs were identified
of projects will in duecoursehave the support of partnerships
a written report in duecoursehowever i ask that the
should make representations in duecoursehowever that is an entirely
will be regulations in duecoursei do not know whether
with that issue in duecoursei felt that the team
make that decision in duecoursei thought that i made
the understanding that in duecoursei will provide a written
get a response in duecoursein the interim it might
will also translate in duecourseirene oldfather merci monsieur le
detailed implementation plan in duecourseit is important that detailed
curator and close in duecourseit is only a matter
other sports events in duecourseit was the stadium which
to the committee in duecoursemembers indicated agreement the convener
available allows more in duecourseour three spend to save
report to us in duecourseperhaps the report could concentrate
will be announced in duecourserobin harper will the minister
consider hospitality rules in duecourseso that we can provide
secretary and treasurer in duecoursesusie [censored: surname] nancy [censored: surname] and
to be secretary in duecoursesusie [censored: surname] will be assistant
describe but that in duecoursethat might be a sensible
consider the matter in duecoursethe convener i have no
will be announced in duecoursethe deadline for lodging amendments
degrees in addition in duecourseto an si fellowship and
the new regulations in duecourseto consider a wider range
said even if in duecoursewe introduce primary legislation the
native land when in duecoursewe visited him he complained
yeah m762: and philips ofcourseand and he used t-
yeah m762: children do ofcourseand then it gets kind
something you know on acourseas such that m762: yeah
mmhm m762: er history ofcourseas usual er i love
m762: for the stone ofcourseberyl semi precious stone but
the whole sort of m762: coursef963: it s almost a
m762: of course yeah ofcoursef963: looking at records later
influenced me and then ofcoursef963: mm aye right m762:
of no hope and ofcoursef963: right yeah m762: th-th-
there was a m762: ofcourseit does f963: programme about
s driving you on ofcourseit f963: yeah m762: it
f963: mm m762: and ofcoursemy elder siblings used to
a long time in thecourseof m762: yeah f963: this
it s all in thecourseof one evening m762: yeah
f963: mm mmhm m762: ofcoursesc- of scotland so the
m762: did the reverse ofcoursethe hippie trail was the
right m762: and and ofcoursethe the landscape and the
mmhm m762: erm and ofcoursethere are rhythms in latin
do so m762: yeah ofcourseyeah f963: and yet they
and then people m762: ofcourseyeah of course f963: looking
use both but m762: ofcourseyeah yeah f963: th- there
taken for granted m762: ofcourseyes f963: and you think
m762: and and also ofcourseyou know erm you know
or to follow a certaincourseof action a persuasive essay
would ask them is thatcourseof action agreed members indicated
we have already agreed acourseof action and must move
was a legitimate and propercourseof action and that my
shall therefore take the samecourseof action as with the
terms of reference and thecourseof action for the reporter
we can follow a differentcourseof action from those that
for guidance on a suggestedcourseof action i suggest that
at this point the appropriatecourseof action is to ask
those issues perhaps the bestcourseof action is to take
be a better and preferablecourseof action it is perfectly
members agree to follow thatcourseof action members indicated agreement
i am happy with thatcourseof action members interests order
would like to know whatcourseof action members would prefer
1998 would nullify any othercourseof action mr kerr will
they wish to accept thatcourseof action or to pursue
to say that our onlycourseof action other than sending
radcliffe msp and agreed thecourseof action outlined within it
try to find a positivecourseof action perhaps the committee
do members agree to thecourseof action suggested members indicated
planning guidance note the onlycourseof action that i can
she is set on acourseof action that will have
the service agreed to thatcourseof action the final version
would be a very unusualcourseof action the registrar general
absence of any practical alternativecourseof action to enable the
of the need for acourseof action to set out
consultation document and decide whatcourseof action to take 8
members concluded that the rightcourseof action was to remove
that would be the rightcourseof action yesterday the minister
can do it too thecourseduring term time is hectic
[cough] and then du- ofcourseduring the time too there
tested only once during eachcourseministers have already endorsed the
labov 1972b 273 during thecourseof conversations with the street
explain decisions made during thecourseof games r supported by
preference to scots during thecourseof interviews children put forward
of hideous university during thecourseof much hanging around we
directive was introduced during thecourseof that dialogue the issue
he observed it in thecourseof the 1984 study during
source not only during thecourseof the authorisation but on
imposed on companies during thecourseof the current project 2002
what it preached during thecourseof the outbreak as i
which is unnatural during thecourseof the play the pendulum
outwith the area during thecourseof their education where reading
speak some lumphanan during thecourseof this current survey undertaken
above average however during thecourseof this year it fell
making the heriot watt universitycoursea degree course which would
er i ll do acoursea sixth form course for
i beaumont of course ofcourseand you as weel harry
it harry of course ofcourseas soon as there s
the car of course ofcoursebut who s the woman
mm m017: er though ofcourseeh even then of course
course eh even then ofcourseeh scots was er er
a course a sixth formcoursefor your children going out
yes course you can f1113: coursei can the towels will
m1007: of course m1008: ofcourse[laugh] f1009: it s come
other areas f1009: yes ofcoursem1007: of course m1008: of
yes of course m1007: ofcoursem1008: of course [laugh] f1009:
james may i beaumont ofcourseof course and you as
sound of it harry ofcourseof course as soon as
me with the car ofcourseof course but who s
watt university course a degreecoursewhich would attract more students
in the cupboard f1114: yescourseyou can f1113: course i
with hrt which is ofcoursea common means of preventing
could cut it down ofcoursea good bit but it
drive to the airport ofcoursea good breakfast required first
of deck cabins and ofcoursea huge steam belching funnel
local authority pay is ofcoursea matter for the local
and orthography is not ofcoursea modern phenomenon it has
as mauchline there is ofcoursea national burns monument in
in the latter was ofcoursea partial insurance against the
and delicacy is that ofcoursea sixteen year old does
doesn t have legs ofcoursea squirrel has legs he
throughout britain there is ofcoursea tendency among many people
our deliberations we were ofcourseably assisted by our clerking
well deserve the money ofcourseaccess the sports lottery fund
s chippendale chairs and ofcourseaccessories are a complete must
like i did not ofcourseadmire these activities my sympathies
situation gets more complicated ofcourseafter 1707 scotland s political
mmhm m194: and then ofcourseagain they brought them in
sort of mixture and ofcourseages and everything er i-i-
common usage nae offence ofcourseah arniston looking directly at
d leave her be ofcourseah wid lowers her voice
speakers in parliaments are ofcourseakin to football referees and
up she wasn t ofcourseall she d done was
f606: mmhm f209: because ofcourseall these irish navvies th-
increase in funding will ofcourseallow a substantial rise in
read them mostly lies ofcoursealmost entirely lies or facts
finally etc sequencing can ofcoursealso be used in relation
[laugh] m1008: but mate ofcoursealso normally means erm you
have discussions about but ofcoursealso there s a need
of depunctuated passages and ofcoursean essay parsing and analysis
i recognised him then ofcoursean fit the thump dae
an wheezing an hoastin ofcoursean kittling can lead tae
f631: mmhm f689: an ofcoursean that s when david
a chim- a chimenea ofcoursean you re all sittin
college courses by year ofcourseand by college s1w 6020
took tent o her ofcourseand gied her good counsel
were fiona s idea ofcourseand her parent s wedding
edinburgh er m605: yeah ofcourseand i think like that
for my exam results ofcourseand i was like f806:
i mean cause you'v- ofcourseand it s looking at
is before us today ofcourseand it would be inappropriate
neck now dripping wet ofcourseand put your hand on
flight i came last ofcourseand refused indicating my head
available as a matter ofcourseand should respond positively to
other languages notably english ofcourseand so on then students
thrang at hame beaumont ofcourseand the ithers the same
a while er married ofcourseand then moved from there
then never caught me ofcourseand then she would sit
would speak in gaelic ofcourseand there was a lot
as featureless as ever ofcourseand up at the ben
my daddy s leg ofcourseand wailing da da da
it you found it ofcourseand were for helping me
his realm these themes ofcourseare among the key ideas
and interests both types ofcourseare suitable for secondary school
s owners some animals ofcourseare venerated as totems others
huh mmhm fraser s ofcoursearnott s f1077: mm there
first year of the bacourseas a higher national certificate
he makes passes too ofcourseas a psychopath he can
but it was jammed ofcourseas he wriggled desperately to
please i d paint ofcourseas i always do but
eh ye know but ofcourseas i said before that
s all that matters ofcourseas long as it doesn
staff as a matter ofcourseas the end of the
his first class and ofcourseas we all know he
arguments though i do ofcourseas you know allow room
then the family home ofcourseas you see tolo says
take me to court ofcourseassault to her severe injury
performance in the end ofcourseassessment and also to compile
elements of the end ofcourseassessment and are accompanied by
margaret [censored: surname] was born ofcourseat cairnton but there s
tinkin lang sowl makkin ofcourseat da shörmal so dere
great left wing threat ofcourseat one stage jack straw
have to be taken ofcourseat that point a new
they got in and ofcourseat that time they were
intake for the pgce primarycourseat the university of strathclyde
help with [?]arranging[/?] events ofcourseauntie mary and i will
contributes to the end ofcourseaward at standard grade given
the future we are ofcourseaware of the hotspots that
yeah f1054: yeah f1143: ofcourseaye f1054: ehm what about
goes on and on ofcourseaye [laugh] the the expressions
leading riders are m608: ofcourseaye m642: as it s
s nae m608: oh ofcourseaye mm m1163: point they
apparently implies many children ofcoursebalance the claims of these
nomination that nominee could ofcoursebe a scottish judge we
the birth o phonetics ofcoursebe as dreich as methuselah
with scotland it should ofcoursebe borne in mind that
german and dutch could ofcoursebe equated in the 14th
it the oration will ofcoursebe mainly addressed to yoursel
edinburgh 43 it should ofcoursebe noted that not all
point in history can ofcoursebe portrayed as a time
grammar s he can ofcoursebe sent to a dictionary
1980s britton s categories ofcoursebecame the types of writing
could not know that ofcoursebecause he did not know
it i- it is ofcoursebecause it s a more
and jimmy s going ofcoursebecause obviously he s getting
their seats but quietly ofcoursebecause of the strap andy
i did not last thecoursebecause the number of members
spoke in yorkshire accents ofcoursebecause they were teenagers and
eventually their own fault ofcoursebecause you had given them
pass the world will ofcoursebecome my oyster i do
interest rates which has ofcoursebeen a key factor in
english poetry alliteration had ofcoursebeen the organising principle of
of this in theory ofcoursebefore i came here but
artist cesar manrique he ofcoursebeing renowned amongst other things
talkin about and sayin ofcoursebetter class folk f1018: i
[tarraing anail] [?]i think[/?] f982: oh ofcoursebidh iad sin [tarraing anail] m981:
scots and gaelic again ofcoursebut also other languages such
she is alone working ofcoursebut anxiously watching the entrance
the inspection caird aye ofcoursebut beaumont there you are
can lead tae canoodlin ofcoursebut for aa that i
where the biscuits are ofcoursebut he has never had
t understand the jokes ofcoursebut he surely understands the
an intervention mrs mcintosh ofcoursebut i ask mr gibson
germany i didna understand ofcoursebut i could see that
vote on holyrood soon ofcoursebut i do not know
and john were baptised ofcoursebut i don t know
have the same effect ofcoursebut i don t like
message i deserve punishment ofcoursebut i m not sure
beings are important yes ofcoursebut in actuality we re
picking they wouldn t ofcoursebut janie had learned to
sort of big question ofcoursebut mmhm f718: mm do
formally under the influence ofcoursebut that d be very
non eh workers nooadays ofcoursebut that would hae been
one of ours for ourcoursebut then i didn t
never heard of it ofcoursebut then i mean it
wis spoken about lilian ofcoursebut then who was the
other respectable people steerage ofcoursebut we re used to
mmhm m017: and then ofcourseby using scots to represent
eleanor leith that we ofcoursecalled miss leith f631: mm
or publication such writing ofcoursecan take a variety of
somewhaur the top brasses ofcoursecarolanne i was an accountant
mindset of taking the easiestcoursecarrying out media planning using
bit of a fright ofcoursecause he was just sitting
been corrected at school ofcoursecause there were one or
warmed towards thae youngsters ofcoursecause they were different you
huh of c- [laugh] ofcourse[censored: forename] m944: [laugh] i beat
take photographs ehm but ofcourse[censored: forename] s family couldnae resist
dol timcheall nam bùitean ofcoursechòrd e chòrd e riutha
understand the argument is ofcoursecircular groups are colour blind
johann lamont has raised ofcourseclass sizes are important but
is is headed where ofcoursecolumba left from it s
of fertiliser ertie was ofcoursecommenting on its effectiveness i
problem with scots is ofcoursecompounded by representing it as
much f1037: yeah right ofcoursecomputers and things i suppose
should as a matter ofcourseconsider implications arising from the
a view the government ofcourseconsulted the queen her majesty
of other matters such ascoursecontent cathy peattie you say
of copyright issues will ofcoursecontinue to be necessary more
in the primitive thus ofcoursecontributing to the creation of
the hog du projet ofcoursecorpora are more than literary
true erm and hopkins ofcoursecouldn t h- handle the
got in your hand ofcoursecouldn t you m827: could
nivver mind play fitba ofcoursecrimond were the cup holders
record it s dead ofcoursedead as a tailor s
toss of the coin ofcoursedecided who would get his
a totally different structure ofcoursedelivery and there were new
school stages has always ofcoursedepended on the commitment of
t have a car ofcoursedidn t have a car
women affected mrs warrington ofcoursedo you want specific figures
the green knight and ofcoursedunbar s tretis of the
if they were featured ofcourseedwina those years of tory
m608: mmhm m636: and ofcourseeh eh th- eh this
f718: yes m017: but ofcourseeh most of the dictionaries
out f718: right m017: ofcourseeh the result is eh
citizenship and inclusion vital ofcourseehm and also the continued
[laugh] f1054: hunting country ofcourseehm moody bert do you
hair and that so ofcourseehm when they all went
whom i class myself ofcourseehm you know we had
by some artists that ofcourseenglish is no longer a
the parliament which is ofcourseequal opportunities the reality is
in my later years ofcourseer erm i have er
remembered it [audience laugh] and ofcourseerm eh eh you ll
letter says it is ofcourseessential that all who appear
and ruled by dictatorship ofcourseeurope today does not mr
the way they are ofcourseeven here there are some
part of every unit andcourseeven though no explicit assessment
played at schoolies and ofcourseevery bairn wanted to be
haggis an everything an ofcourseevery year somebody like [censored: forename]
f746: mm f978: walking ofcourseeverybody walked everywhere then f746:
b removed the end ofcourseexam although again it would
doing it there are ofcourseexceptions for the teachers we
which nobody ever used ofcourseexpect the minister when he
great pity all political ofcoursef1038: yeah i i wish
that s historically speaking ofcoursef1054: that s interestin yeah
i was like f1150: ofcoursef1151: seeing seeing people that
a form of escapism ofcoursef1187: mmhm mm f66: even
much time with us ofcoursef606: yeah [laugh] m845: ehm
f631: mmhm f689: but ofcoursef631: so is that david
it so f641: yeah ofcoursef639: we ll see we
fruit cake and shortbread ofcoursef641: mmhm f640: ehm and
a pension so m608: ofcoursef643: that was another reason
in old gaelic but ofcoursef718: uh huh uh huh
come over here an ofcoursef746: mm f978: lerwick having
in idder as f960: ofcoursef961: a tiny peerie digger
complicated m964: [inaudible] here ofcoursef963: yeah f965: and and
everywhere then f746: oh ofcoursef978: when i was young
you be white meaning ofcoursefair impartial candid very guid
oot in an oor ofcoursefamilies went through a lot
browsing time again and ofcoursefending off the mendicant vendors
andy and geordie and ofcoursefiona about once a year
and and the commonalities ofcoursefolk tales have travelled all
production was superb and ofcoursefor anyone who heard it
but i daren t ofcoursefor i might have cracked
it s the same ofcoursefor incomers to remote parts
not partly that the presentcoursefor the intensive degree of
oedipus complex which was ofcoursefreud s own cherished concept
formed in new orleans ofcoursefrom a confluence of f963:
was teaching a higher stillcoursefrom the viewpoint of most
in our local communities ofcoursefundamentally we need to listen
third or fourth language ofcoursegaelic is our other native
of boiling water which ofcoursegave them a special flavour
world war thought that ofcoursegermany should be required to
it back to fiona ofcoursegiggles mum fiona accepts the
pointing at bessie peggy ofcoursegladys oooh i m forgetting
f746: yeah f978: just ofcoursegoes up in a huge
and latin vocabulary and ofcoursegrammar thus for a while
treatment of her mitchell ofcoursehad a philosophical point to
earliest possible opportunity we ofcoursehad a whole lot of
and the opera house ofcoursehad been built the ferries
belt beaumont aye aye ofcoursehae you been at the
and hypertext versions of thecoursehandbooks the essentials of old
copyright prevents some of thecoursehandouts being made available on
help the federation much ofcoursehas already been done to
hand the pilot will ofcoursehave to be comprehensively evaluated
hand the pilot will ofcoursehave to be comprehensively evaluated
words have been lost ofcoursehaven t they because of
scoop for the bobbies ofcoursehazel an alexander holmes hid
mr straw was like ofcoursehe changed his coat when
reid she replied black ofcoursehe could go at ony
loss of independence because ofcoursehe couldn t drive and
case as an mp ofcoursehe is still an mp
by the amendment but ofcoursehe or she cannot see
a rustle of paper ofcoursehe s failed not the
andy catatonic i whisper ofcoursehe s not that was
think i mean jack ofcoursehe s the only kid
variant cjd risk and ofcoursehe was not the minister
breakfast maybe it depends ofcoursehe was still holding the
him he studied it ofcoursehe would contact the appropriate
region of scotland including ofcoursehis own mr rumbles absolutely
eh with different intents ofcoursehow successful do you think
nice to men which ofcoursei always am we talk
carlsberg please you eighteen ofcoursei am [laugh] m815: ah
rev iain murdoch no ofcoursei am not it is
have er er then ofcoursei am probably speaking from
serious about this lilian ofcoursei am she s a
late first minister replied ofcoursei can t defy parliament
too far away but ofcoursei can travel round the
the armchair by tutankhamen ofcoursei d need to make
placie at may and ofcoursei d never seen him
going to tomorrow and ofcoursei did my usual you
to address unison members ofcoursei did not get the
on his tender parts ofcoursei did the space craft
that interested me but ofcoursei didn t er that
to florida next week ofcoursei didn t know where
as a feminist well ofcoursei do erm i don
harry his very word ofcoursei drew him a glower
motion after sewel motion ofcoursei expect nothing else from
for us and then ofcoursei got ambitious and wanted
would never have read ofcoursei had read things but
at that hour but ofcoursei had seen the reel
willing it to happen ofcoursei had tremendous misgivings but
s a fer chauve ofcoursei have been keeping my
present economic climate but ofcoursei keep such petty rivalries
[censored: forename] s little sister ofcoursei ll just batter you
card and present and ofcoursei love an excuse for
which there isn t ofcoursei m going to phone
for a minute peggy ofcoursei m nae makin a
is quite the opposite ofcoursei m prone to constipation
higher still development and ofcoursei m saying this because
a second of goulash ofcoursei m starving that s
there are common streams ofcoursei mean f963: right yeah
oh serious f1027: and ofcoursei must have been stinkin
john with you lilian ofcoursei never travel without him
stocking and we left ofcoursei remember doing that at
from what oh yes ofcoursei remember the pain i
black and orange sometimes ofcoursei run away just now
am wrong about that ofcoursei shall apologise the presiding
south of scotland snp ofcoursei share fully pauline mcneill
f1001: mmhm mmhm m1000: ofcoursei suppose ye hear often
to the committee and ofcoursei thank our marvellous clerking
mmhm f689: and [throat] ofcoursei told mum and she
in the near future ofcoursei urge the executive and
been protests about that ofcoursei want good wage rates
ovnis off this coastline ofcoursei was fascinated by the
m811: [inaudible] f813: and ofcoursei was like trying to
o man circuit and ofcoursei was on ma bar
you see [congregation chorus "i see an overhead projector"] now ofcoursei was testin your grammar
good at that but ofcoursei wasn t being too
erm and i really ofcoursei well w- we didn
were interesting curiosities oh ofcoursei went to the opening
water jist teemin doon ofcoursei wis jist soakin weet
life when liza answers ofcoursei won t die soon
me a post somewhere ofcoursei would appreciate your opinion
mmhm okay m952: an ofcoursei would pick up me
weather for scotland and ofcourseif i neglected my tasks
general he s right ofcourseif richard had sat the
f631: mmhm f689: and ofcourseif she invited like sort
answers afore they did ofcourseif they got it wrang
it s not unique ofcoursei-i- it used f718: mm
is rough it is ofcourseillegal to trespass on the
can imagine it and ofcourseimagination is the key to
to eat cereals is ofcoursein boiled form as in
kingdom government i am ofcoursein close contact with my
you know cause alexander ofcoursein his journey was was
present moment erm eh ofcoursein in my little corpus
one could hear me ofcoursein my agitation i lost
2015 university of glasgow honourscoursein scottish politics lodged on
2015 university of glasgow honourscoursein scottish politics lodged on
bute council which is ofcoursein shall i say our
descriptive word dreich m1146: ofcoursein the shetlands they ve
the big battle was ofcoursein the war aye m1163:
men were a awa ofcoursein the war min bessie
everyone is so lucky ofcoursein the west of scotland
that in every city ofcoursein the world you know
never knew and then ofcoursein them days the buses
ever locked wir doors ofcoursein those days but mrs
yeah f640: and eh ofcoursein those days the only
in irene mcgugan and ofcoursein you i am happy
for all and that ofcourseincludes equality for people with
geographical basis there are ofcourseindicators of inequalities in income
and lighting costs and ofcourseinflation must be recognised keith
seduce her my wife ofcourseinsisted that i speak to
were problems we would ofcourseinvolve ministers address how to
scotland act 2001 which ofcourseis an excellent idea we
the traditional trinity which ofcourseis easy to do if
for grandfather and jen ofcourseis er contraction of of
really m1055: eh kerr ofcourseis it eh comes from
views from mine fiona ofcourseis my pal and someone
mmhm m954: ehm that ofcourseis problematic cause it means
of like the primary educationcourseis slightly different f1150: yeah
put forward my belief ofcourseis that although a federal
you have to remember ofcourseis that erm there s
the converse of this ofcourseis that we will be
i had cearrach which ofcourseis the gaelic for a
fae the scuil m1000: ofcourseit could apply til a
influence the outcome 3 ofcourseit could be argued that
it disnae matter when ofcourseit did matter it dis
in that day and ofcourseit did not go down
yeah yeah we-we-we- well ofcourseit did you know cause
be broon paper neil ofcourseit doesn t i ve
but it does mean ofcourseit exercises a sort of
nor have i pause ofcourseit hasn t been the
of the federation and ofcourseit is an old scots
it is true rowland ofcourseit is and there s
is important or not ofcourseit is er the language
the basis of need ofcourseit is for local health
joke too i ask ofcourseit is it s a
the deputy presiding officer ofcourseit is not the minister
better at the outset ofcourseit is not within the
this ll work georgie ofcourseit ll work it s
t get every day ofcourseit never appeared in the
other one s kali ofcourseit s a it s
old and contemporary and ofcourseit s all folk music
mm m078: end but ofcourseit s also a poem
way i mean and ofcourseit s f963: mmhm mmhm
sorted out really but ofcourseit s going to take
m605: then and then ofcourseit s got its precedents
it really you lilian ofcourseit s me come and
not self financing then ofcourseit s not on i
it s very different ofcourseit s not the same
yeah m954: ehm and ofcourseit s sod s law
erm f1187: [paper rustling] f66: ofcourseit s very important to
to pay its way ofcourseit should be possible to
subject as amateurs and ofcourseit still affects the attitudes
there last sunday and ofcourseit wa- it was the
too far f890: yes ofcourseit was an i knew
what i mean so ofcourseit was and that was
colour of beetroot and ofcourseit was impossible to convey
number unless pause unless ofcourseit was mel gibson wantin
straiks for sharpening scythes ofcourseit was only in the
of the gerries could chewcourseit wasn t the food
lenient regime in scotland ofcourseit will not own up
f639: the reindeer and ofcourseit would be the empty
the early stages and ofcourseitchy coo we- we re
no question about that ofcourseits availability is on the
knuckly hand quite small ofcourseits whiteness and freckles set
is a full time universitycoursejackie baillie a piece of
philippines china india and ofcoursejapan they are also being
all keeping fairly well ofcoursejohn can t do anything
aye m194: and then ofcoursejust after that it was
be the same people ofcoursejust any more than f963:
hawkins in treasure island ofcourseknife through the celluloid sweetspot
with as real animals ofcourselast week uncle dod had
[laugh] f631: uh huh ofcourse[laugh] f689: but a lot
i was very spoilt ofcourse[laugh] m939: [laugh] m942: an
nobody likes f718: [laugh] ofcourse[laugh] uh huh m017: to
say then then an ofcourselerwick you know was a
o wur instincts is ofcourselibidinal impulses that are replanked
university of glasgow scottish politicscourselodged on 15 may 2002
the throne we shall ofcourselook at these in consultation
gate lodge the village ofcourselost its bowling green a
up but he has ofcourselost the place he looks
the upper part of itscoursem kerlie op cit but
kind of thing and ofcoursem- i mean sweeties were
the medieval makkars f718: ofcoursem017: and er eh of
in [laugh] an shittenhassen ofcoursem1000: but eh oh there
used for everything m1008: ofcoursem1007: for for eating an
gives us the breeks ofcoursem1007: that s right f1009:
whole lot o trolleys ofcoursem1010: aye m1013: an a
the barrel except culturally ofcoursem1020: aye m1021: and we
to do so that ofcoursem608: mm f643: was the
take them down again ofcoursem642: now i actually built
and that m608: aye ofcoursem642: so look at it
early shift people leave ofcoursem827: aye maybe aye f826:
was easier to clean ofcoursem903: aye mmhm mm it
their variety general histories ofcoursemake some mention of crops
marital vows duty and ofcoursemargaret herself mr macdonald s
people although it does ofcoursematter many of us will
never heard o it ofcoursemaybe bein fae buckie or
native community tongue that ofcoursemeans scots i want to
as a result that ofcoursemeans that some may require
soup and bread the bestcoursemeat of vague provenance and
gold is all gone ofcoursemelted down by the conquistadors
poem to a mouse ofcoursemembers have also mentioned a
english as a matter ofcoursemichael russell all the signage
f639: mmhm f641: yes ofcoursemmhm f640: i mean you
you know proving that ofcoursemodern gaelic doesn t have
spoken eh every generation ofcoursemore and more words disappeared
being good there was ofcoursemore opportunity to be bad
of such tea is ofcoursemost costly the bidding which
of shetland to take thatcoursemr adam ingram south of
with you myself rowland ofcoursemr beaumont is there something
oot a muckle grumph ofcoursemuggie sliga was right you
some bed not mine ofcoursemy boyfriend works with lloyd
it was mine and ofcoursemy mum confiscated the easter
table he was burnt ofcoursenae that i haud wi
claim o wages since ofcoursenae wages had been agreed
mu- my my mother ofcoursenaturally my dad and my
third row it is ofcoursenearly perfect now try that
state of health but ofcourseno one cares for that
in x there are ofcourseno original livingston speakers because
simplex had been introduced ofcoursenot all the compound simplex
some respects at least ofcoursenot all the multiple pharmacies
anything like that lilian ofcoursenot beaumont i canny i
nice [laugh] f833: no ofcoursenot f832: quite fit f834:
kelly fat boy fat ofcoursenot he was just a
to hospital his heart ofcoursenot his lungs or his
feel guilty do they ofcoursenot they wouldn t be
where she was maggie ofcoursenot we said we d
willy nilly michael matheson ofcoursenot we took part in
earned you half pay ofcourse[note: photo: 'casual workers at drumyocher, left to right, rosemary fraser; elma mennie; alex jeans and noreen maclennan.'] [note: photo: 'noreen maclennan; rosemary fraser and elma mennie at drumyocher.] a tattie digger
m017: but ba- linguistically ofcoursenothing is either bad or
prudence in following such acoursenotwithstanding the importance of the
kids would say trainers ofcoursenow f1027: mmhm mmhm f1026:
my own lifetime but ofcoursenow that the fish have
shops that are in thecourseof alteration invariably finds skips
as millar explained in thecourseof an interview conducted at
gaelic to english in thecourseof an interview conducted at
time and place in thecourseof an interview exploring the
questioned about this in thecourseof an interview put forward
with other details in thecourseof collecting raw data from
mr sheils visited in thecourseof compiling his report s1w
by all parties in thecourseof considering the bill at
who is set on acourseof constant disruption in an
loss or spillage in thecourseof dividing goods for resale
they are already in thecourseof doing so hugh henry
a constable has in thecourseof duty been assaulted or
and is acting in thecourseof employment or in that
did two years of acourseof er in primary education
seller would in the normalcourseof events have a reasonable
do that in the normalcourseof events matters are raised
am sure that in thecourseof future events we will
people she helped in thecourseof her life who have
as a variable in thecourseof her research into linguistic
as a variable in thecourseof her study into glasgow
were working graham in thecourseof his interview contended that
encountered by trudgill in thecourseof his norwich study 1986
certainly not scots in thecourseof informal interviews with the
almost uniformly claimed in thecourseof interviews to speak english
wider european community in thecourseof its interactions with scotland
be polished up in thecourseof its passage we do
tell him to pervert thecourseof justice or target certain
might add and the futurecourseof much scottish poetry kupper
that encouraging welcome in thecourseof my opening remarks i
weights and measures in thecourseof preparing histories of prices
like home where in thecourseof several conversations before i
be made known in thecourseof stage 1 consideration of
at least one publicly fundedcourseof swimming lessons prior to
authority provides at least onecourseof swimming lessons to all
that wild mammal in thecourseof that activity 2 a
submit their views in thecourseof that debate irene oldfather
snp will not obstruct thecourseof the budget scotland no
and move about in thecourseof the day on your
cover all eventualities in thecourseof the evening v [censored: surname]
government scottish executive in thecourseof the evidence the committee
of animals slaughtered in thecourseof the foot and mouth
to come out in thecourseof the next couple of
united kingdom rate in thecourseof the next session of
united kingdom rate in thecourseof the next session of
united kingdom rate in thecourseof the next session of
far its account of thecourseof the scottish reformation today
to be undertaken in thecourseof the topic by involving
fruit and vegetables over thecourseof the week we re
they have produced in thecourseof the year as the
just the police in thecourseof their duties but the
workers in edinburgh in thecourseof their duties recognises that
for a time in thecourseof their nomadic existence indeed
oxygen as part of acourseof therapy 5 with regard
1998 126 127 in thecourseof this particular survey various
moving through society in thecourseof time viewed from a
allowances or charities in thecourseof transactions these form part
clydebank is where each suchcourseof treatment is available to
that s par for thecourseof which but you re
based on the quality ofcourseoffered rather than on whether
committee the arguments centre ofcourseon fairness they centre on
consulted as a matter ofcourseon the appointment of the
either as part of theircourseor later as revision large
end of the day ofcourseosteoporosis is an important issue
recruitment and job satisfaction ofcourseother factors contribute to job
separately in the table ofcourseour major spending area common
students beginning an accelerated degreecourseover the age of 25
that communities scotland is ofcoursepart of the executive however
thinks of his registrars ofcourseparts of the regulations will
already discussed with peggy ofcoursepeggy returns with her mother
are a gaelic speaker ofcoursepetitions the convener petition pe194
place yes and they ofcoursephoned to say you would
the statement i am ofcoursepleased to answer members questions
members present it is ofcoursepossible for members not to
of gaelic speakers and ofcourseprotecting peebles shire cattle and
terms of the type ofcourseprovision offered there are three
with guilt irrational guilt ofcourserationally a man is entitled
and midnight the animal ofcourseremains your property and will
surroundings but his lordship ofcourserevels in it our ancestors
s looking for and ofcourserevival goes back to germanic
would do that and ofcourses- the coal scuttles were
gives carolanne the papers ofcoursesadie to carolanne oh the
minute beaumont mr sanderson ofcoursesanderson i just came to
album boyter oh aye ofcoursesanderson you ve rooked us
daniel he did not ofcoursesay so specifically but the
huge huge varieties but ofcoursesee it s no longer
across and this was ofcourseseventeen ninety eight this is
a sunday morning loretta ofcourseshe bade here an a
is freaky but then ofcourseshe bides auld reekie she
this habit and then ofcourseshe d been given the
you come here so ofcourseshe d seen the two
else has f1154: yeah ofcourseshe does she s lovely
one of her chaps ofcourseshe doesn t tell me
oh right f1150: and ofcourseshe ended up with this
m608: aye f643: so ofcourseshe fell and she fell
house like ballindean which ofcourseshe had she was fine
lawyer from aberdeen and ofcourseshe has been taught french
and wearing her coat ofcourseshe is suffering from the
to walk into problems ofcourseshe knew but what kind
the ground make sure ofcourseshe s no gay hound
from daniel hartmann yes ofcourseshe said she would bring
wee prickle o conscience ofcourseshe says we ll come
wanna go with you ofcourseshe wanted to go with
denner time every day ofcourseshe was my faither s
kind of scary f806: obstaclecourseso does he mean f807:
not claim state benefits ofcoursesome are not entitled to
god m194: aye and ofcoursesome of the rest of
they start off but ofcoursesome people erm because the-
to your bairns too ofcoursesorry i can t have
the baltic states and ofcoursesouth to an auld alliance
and and tougher and ofcoursespeech is summed up by
meaning change a wheel ofcoursestick i replied for i
three pages ahind [laugh] ofcoursestutterin oh sit down [inaudible]
and latin vocabulary and ofcoursesyntax so he s meeting
eventually this gaed wye ofcoursetae gaelic spikkin scots this
a food crop must ofcoursetake account of its use
weaknesses rls did not ofcoursetake up the suggestion that
but we have not ofcoursetaken the same amount of
may be of use ofcourseteachers do not have to
were less fanciful and ofcourseten times the size the
tae go but then ofcourseth- and the torches in
grade but also because ofcourseth- the notion of the
aidh f982: oh aidh ofcoursetha dùbhghall tha dùbhghall air
be a proportion higher ofcoursethan our population ratio paragraph
ago it is true ofcoursethat after the professional disputes
not to be removed ofcoursethat article was absolute nonsense
results we are aware ofcoursethat attention has focused in
elder ian jenkins and ofcoursethat grand matriarch of scottish
forbye our twa selves ofcoursethat hoists the flag of
i am speaking metaphorically ofcoursethat i am using a
by the present bunch ofcoursethat i do not want
is ad hoc the onlycoursethat i know of is
in an explanatory note ofcoursethat is normal practice is
united states of europe ofcoursethat is not my phrase
detailed breakdown of ethnicity ofcoursethat is not new information
not just a poet ofcoursethat is what is so
for advice and assistance ofcoursethat is why cabx exist
were ready was made ofcoursethat led to a huge
of people who access thecoursethat means that the universities
deein leid eh but ofcoursethat raises other questions therefore
urgency that is needed ofcoursethat requires a degree of
english speakers only and ofcoursethat resulted in english becoming
was the wild side ofcoursethat rls found it most
s al on holiday ofcoursethat s funny 3rd term
dollars into francs but ofcoursethat s stupid quebec s
it s oral history ofcoursethat s what oral history
f746: mmhm f978: an ofcoursethat seems to have ehm
been under surveillance provided ofcoursethat there is no risk
naething to worry aboot ofcoursethat was a meant to
start to cry and ofcoursethat was the worst thing
climbed on a shelter ofcoursethat was within sight of
in a special category ofcoursethat would raise the possibility
in the free advertisements ofcoursethat wye toby says she
and a toilet and ofcoursethe biggest luxury was that
of events did alter itscoursethe bubble started to move
of an awareness of languagecoursethe chief aim of which
of an awareness of languagecoursethe chief aim of which
less i welcome that ofcoursethe consultation involves not this
of the biographies was ofcoursethe death in 1937 of
if you had visitors ofcoursethe eh you di- you
jiner m999: eh an ofcoursethe english bein wright like
had time to achieve ofcoursethe equal trick is not
of this erm eh ofcoursethe erm we ve got
each category of land ofcoursethe executive would be in
and the teachers delivered ofcoursethe fact that that was
top of me which ofcoursethe family eventually do what
the school sector and ofcoursethe first we ve h-
business joked jim unless ofcoursethe friesian was tethered in
establishment of management provisions ofcoursethe fund could have gone
on our committee soon ofcoursethe justice and home affairs
to the a77 is ofcoursethe m74 extension we made
touched on that matter ofcoursethe majority of older people
the fairytale ending was ofcoursethe men s football final
thing you can do ofcoursethe minute the bastards realise
to your scots moose ofcoursethe moose that i speak
f606: mmhm f209: then ofcoursethe museums who are hosting
were people there too ofcoursethe navvies who kept comin
them on sand and ofcoursethe next time it rained
of literature er but ofcoursethe number of people that
again which he will ofcoursethe only thing to be
in it we are ofcoursethe party that took scotland
f606: yeah f209: and ofcoursethe peo- th- this caused
that their homes remain ofcoursethe personal care that they
mail some photocopying and ofcoursethe phones there s a
able to do it ofcoursethe piece that she wrote
two sides to that ofcoursethe police are also afraid
job on day one ofcoursethe presiding officer was handed
wikk on mister claus ofcoursethe reindeer wad be free
enforced or accepted was ofcoursethe role allotted to women
process mr mcconnell yes ofcoursethe scottish executive decided that
language in each state ofcoursethe sign languages are all
the situation david elliot ofcoursethe situation could have been
huh m194: and then ofcoursethe the troops was comin
made some valid points ofcoursethe wrong people will be
then the di- an ofcoursethen the better schools of
m827: so f826: and ofcoursethen there s a hundred
functional writing level c ofcoursethere are a few minor
shortage of beds too ofcoursethere are core responsibilities for
wrapped in silk here ofcoursethere are few advertisements the
in the report but ofcoursethere are key issues of
purple patches with urquhart ofcoursethere are no purple patches
in the first place ofcoursethere are other risks a
in the u s ofcoursethere are there are skipping
few weeks of a universitycoursethere are usually classes offered
funding in that way ofcoursethere is a strong argument
were campaigning against it ofcoursethere is never anybody in
money to crews runs ofcoursethere is nothing to prevent
t existed previously and ofcoursethere isn t the the
mark the day pause ofcoursethere mightna be ony cause
november 2002 c 3620 ofcoursethere must be adequate safeguards
that we move forward ofcoursethere must be measures to
eh with the hmi ofcoursethere s a lead hmi
m017: and er eh ofcoursethere s a logistic difficulty
cultures other cultures and ofcoursethere s a role there
line against that and ofcoursethere s a tension there
that s removed but ofcoursethere s [?]action away[/?] the good
out of them and ofcoursethere s an element of
up there and then ofcoursethere s eh the troops
beds you know but ofcoursethere s great competition tae
would it be desirable ofcoursethere s lots of issues
times a week so ofcoursethere s queues there ye
more general feeling of ofcoursethere should be equality between
raspberry or strawberry jam ofcoursethere was also the very
breaks pensions and transport ofcoursethere was keith harding s
isle the next isle ofcoursethere was nae brig but
called then and then ofcoursethere was the job there
huh f828: ehm because ofcoursethere was there were no
on in the hall ofcoursethere weren t maybe so
english teachers often use ofcoursethese are broad descriptions only
things for my sea ofcoursethese ll fit my sea
for its archers but offcoursethese stirring times of men
uh huh m017: and ofcoursethese translations vary enormously in
f902: the but now ofcoursethey aa come fae f826:
uh huh f826: which ofcoursethey always used to do
buildings but on land ofcoursethey are there are even
chatham in kent an ofcoursethey come up here for
hidden behind the greenery ofcoursethey couldn t disguise their
i d been mairrit ofcoursethey didnae ken i d
peggy the home helps ofcoursethey dinna bessie they do
lot of shared goals ofcoursethey do but that marriage
do it in england ofcoursethey do like a separate
as people in durham ofcoursethey do not but they
mean the same thing ofcoursethey do what is strange
m194: and everything then ofcoursethey had a las- si-
such a surprise as ofcoursethey had not previously seen
which i mentioned earlier ofcoursethey have children and grandchildren
throughout the world an ofcoursethey have tae speak english
the garden but there ofcoursethey just grow all year
s nice f978: well ofcoursethey started ehm goin round
writing a novel then ofcoursethey they they begin to
to the centres because ofcoursethey too needed to bed
when they addressed you ofcoursethey were a wee bit
a fish van but ofcoursethey were expensive er because
them off and then ofcoursethey were goin onto the
in there and then ofcoursethey were going tae the
in the hoose and ofcoursethey were grand muckle widden
out of his pocket ofcoursethey were meant as the
they m608: mm m194: ofcoursethey were un- unloadin it
for the war and ofcoursethey weren t taken down
fruit salad for that ofcoursethey would need a recipe
d be intolerably patronising ofcoursethey would to someone in
to millionaires [audience member coughs] well ofcoursethings have changed since then
subject we are not ofcoursethinking about degrees of scottish
anidder een for stuffie ofcoursethis is an example of
of launching the project ofcoursethis is not the first
two m608: thirty two ofcoursethis is now two thousand
taught me cicero too ofcoursethough i didn t warm
oh erm oh oh ofcoursetinkerbell f1103: fitt you daein
pair of stockings but ofcourseto buy a pair of
the teacher should not ofcoursetry to hit all those
that eh and then ofcoursetwo the army had a
obviously f643: uh huh ofcourseuh huh i mean i
er mmhm f718: yes ofcourseuh huh mmhm we were
m608: mmhm m194: so ofcourseuncle robert on the first
such barbarous treatment was ofcourseunforgivable however lofty the education
and and and then ofcourseup here in in glasgow
innocuous swelling too and ofcourseup in the north west
good fun and roonders ofcourseus- an the boys of
senior stages teachers have ofcourseused a variety of teaching
us- an the boys ofcourseused tae play bools in
quite well erm and ofcoursewanted home and that was
restrained i mean monboddo ofcoursewas for the savage and
the biggest problem then ofcoursewas getting off the island
top for nothing this ofcoursewas in the good old
village one major problem ofcoursewas long term storage to
of the examination which ofcoursewas not negotiable mr macintosh
high as possible coal ofcoursewas rationed and the lady
m608: mm f641: mm ofcoursewas that um- umbrella makers
evening the choice of maincoursewas the same fish or
does not approve bakhtin ofcoursewas writing in a period
f1054: mm f1041: and ofcoursewe add the e the
houses as a matter ofcoursewe also have full spectrum
mmhm f978: eh when ofcoursewe always liked to go
have been dealing drugs ofcoursewe are also leading the
measures are being undertaken ofcoursewe are always under pressure
enter into the timetable ofcoursewe are aware of the
for such a study ofcoursewe are aware that hm
are committing legislation and ofcoursewe are committing ourselves to
national party s amendment ofcoursewe are supporting that report
agree with a superstate ofcoursewe believe in a supranational
through each paragraph interruption ofcoursewe cannot change these rules
er that helps but ofcoursewe cannot hope for any
comin in tae but ofcoursewe d american south africans
odd yins we d ofcoursewe d every nationality jamaicans
m815: [sniff] m816: so ofcoursewe get oor tickets m815:
all that and then ofcoursewe had the h- the
non departmental public body ofcoursewe have a right in
our expertise in sport ofcoursewe have also have a
possibly end war which ofcoursewe have managed to do
re jokin m942: so ofcoursewe immediately got the brochure
couple of months into thecoursewe just all looked at
balance on this issue ofcoursewe must protect our historic
scvo s annual report ofcoursewe need to be aware
in his annual review ofcoursewe need to be aware
still worked and ehm ofcoursewe only got one small
oppose the sewel motion ofcoursewe support international co operation
home to watch and ofcoursewe thought july would be
remark from another farmer ofcoursewe understand that it has
right dorothy grace elder ofcoursewe want to cut out
banff and buchan snp ofcoursewe welcome the concessions and
fellowship with me and ofcoursewe were f641: mmhm f640:
is an important qualification ofcoursewe will continue to review
f826: mmhm f902: well ofcoursewell she was nursin an
pass at me and ofcoursewent straight upstairs however all
breeding bigger people we ofcoursewere at the front but
then the better schools ofcoursewere the proper english and
oh aye and then ofcoursewh- an odd time ye
because of my father ofcoursewhat about your mother surely
not straightforward uncomplicated confections ofcoursewhat anyone does with their
was crowded round and ofcoursewhat do i do anybody
f1111: yes oh yes ofcoursewhat do we do at
yeah f829: yeah then ofcoursewhaups m830: the norn whaups
in the street so ofcoursewhen kids were playing you
kept the house cause ofcoursewhen the forestry commission comes
really where else and ofcoursewhen the oil came you
at all and noo ofcoursewhen wir been away for
an so on but ofcoursewhen y- you were young
[laugh] in a pond ofcoursewhere do monkeys like to
spoonful as a matter ofcoursewhether they needed it or
the field of slang ofcoursewhich iona s m1007: yeah
then there was tv ofcoursewhich we had erm f963:
you the same zeb ofcoursewhy would you change the
the doctor cairrit on ofcoursewith modern medication we are
aye f1023: and doublers ofcoursewith the ball with the
f643: speak it and ofcoursewith the bordeaux accent m608:
at these in consultation ofcoursewith the royal family but
firstly lay a layer ofcoursewoody pruning in the base
hard because everybody else ofcoursewore stockings f631: mmhm f634:
a compulsory timetabled part ofcoursework a typical week for
in the middle of acoursewould have caused considerable difficulty
mmhm m194: and then ofcoursew-wh- westwing [?]as i was sayin[/?] at [inaudible]
fae ye though georgie ofcourseye can she is smoothing
aye m194: and then ofcourseye had tae have yer
john swinton i mean ofcourseye ken him but hae
f831: mm m842: an ofcourseye kin understand it f831:
if it bothers ye ofcourseye neednae read the rest
we did f640: but ofcourseye never objected tae it
a fine job mind ofcourseye re oot in aa
that stair rods f1054: ofcourseyeah what aboot running water
of the sort m608: ofcourseyeah yeah m1174: of the
aye f638: and then ofcourseyer sweets were rationed m608:
critters were they chipmunks ofcourseyes chipmunks in the garden
f1009: mmhm bus bus ofcourseyes m1007: mmhm f1009: yes
selected we do not ofcourseyet know it is by
i know about her ofcourseyou always know switch it
company car oh and ofcourseyou are permitted to smoke
if you re thinking ofcourseyou are you know but
fit tae dae neil ofcourseyou can he s there
f66: no no no ofcourseyou can t but you
aye bonny beastie m1000: ofcourseyou could an attractive ye
aye for boys peevers ofcourseyou could never play peevers
they were the days ofcourseyou could play on the
out as that but ofcourseyou d already put all
actually you know erm ofcourseyou get less able to
s been f1143: right ofcourseyou go yes yeah f1054:
hold onto her carolanne ofcourseyou had to she might
be going you must ofcourseyou have been very patient
oh right but you ofcourseyou heard them in the
hinna seen him since ofcourseyou ken a aboot hospitals
negative as it was ofcourseyou know and it could
although there are people ofcourseyou know but but f963:
er particularly with zaf ofcourseyou know erm f963: right
loss all of that ofcourseyou know human things you
at night and then ofcourseyou know my mum would
there [laugh] f746: oh ofcourseyou know them so [laugh]
the folk club so ofcourseyou ll there was a
your fruitcake ginger wine ofcourseyou made ginger wine for
m608: aye aye m642: ofcourseyou re gettin the thirty
a tricky venture unless ofcourseyou re heading for your
m608: mm m642: and ofcourseyou re just seein this
got up f641: because ofcourseyou re on the other
t mean sea literally ofcourseyou re referring to the
edinburgh worse in london ofcourseyou ve either got people
in a play but ofcourseyou ve got to keep
t mean anything unless ofcourseyou want to be different
you re wee and ofcourseyou weren t allowed on
all you- oh yes ofcourseyoung person in cheap trendy
let you go for ofcourseyour class is waiting inside
the golden era was ofcourseyour joel silver eighties i
f631: [laugh] f634: so ofcourseyour name went in the
f631: yeah f689: an ofcourseyour witnesses need to be

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