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mcbride barbara mcbride that scousinsthere was our sam and
your uncles or aye f1043: cousins[inaudible] f1040: mmhm f1043: the
so ye know they recousinsor uncles or [inaudible] m1017:
as well f1040: no justcousinsor whatever they were uncles
dempster i will let leecousinsanswer that in detail but
scotland snp attended witnesses leecousinssportscotland alastair dempster sportscotland ian
dempster i will ask leecousinsto answer that but i
robson chief executive sportscotland leecousinshead of policy sportscotland 2
local authorities 14 15 leecousinssportscotland two major costs are
executive of sportscotland and leecousinswho is head of policy
just say do it leecousinsalthough the executive can make
which i was coming leecousinsi will leave the larger
stop people being precious leecousinsi wish i knew the
of my colleagues has leecousinsin respect of the nof
what government should do leecousinsis pointing out where you
on the point that leecousinsmade all sports facilities including
that underpin the rest leecousinson a page that you
the meeting 14 45 leecousinson the target that you
chicken and egg situation leecousinsthe targets are closely based
to hand 14 30 leecousinsthis is a strategy for
am making myself clear leecousinswe are already beginning to
introduction ian robson and leecousinswill be happy to respond
should [inaudible] one o mycousinsehm [laugh] two cousins if
my cousins ehm [laugh] twocousinsif ye like eh richard
the earth hoosie the twacousinsdevauled a meenit at the
meenit s thocht whyles thecousinsplayed in the foun o
m608: mmhm m1174: brothers sisterscousinsfriends it would all be
wis sisters dey wir secondcousinsmy my fancy dat said
yeah f1039: two sisters ancousinsthere ye know f606: mmhm
when my glasgow relations mycousinswere staying with us so
the sort of sets ofcousinsthat weren t weren t
been an unqualified nightmare hiscousinsbilly and willie were making
said embarrassed again and thosecousinsof yours are willie and
een apön some o hercousinsmaybe dey wid tak her
sort o nieces and nephewscousinsof mine but och you
thocht o wirsel s ascousinschrissie i never liket her
fur the land oor secondcousinsrobby an me says gerda
an eel with my threecousinsduncan ewan neil too young
spakk looder an the twocousinsdinna hae tae strain their
that t- two of mycousinsstarted fighting each other like
looking at my younger relativescousinschildren things like that say
braa lot dt wiz mycousinsgeed dair i dinna kein
to go and separate mycousinsm811: [laugh] f813: [laugh] f814:
one family of my owncousinsthat ehm one grandma is
in my life an mycousinswere very jealous of me
an winnie war far awacousinsit ll save siller on
faith puckles o his brucecousinswar skittered aa ower malaysia
we used to get macousinsused tae come oot an
it s like mum scousinskin o thing that are
bide at steenhillock wi hercousinsminnie an matty till it
one of her mother scousinswould walk all the way
got at home aunties andcousinswould come as well bringing
well be described as linguisticcousinsan opportunity was missed to
altogether there was about sixteencousinsat the time when i
allowed to wander when thecousinscame they got more freedom
did pause we re firstcousinsthat s bad enough but
candy an squeeze the andersoncousinsflappit doon aside nava an
butterflies must be at leastcousinsbottom joins in this cruelty
the clachan as his auldercousinsmairched aff tae the great

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