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across da fud ta lizziecouttsknowe sledges nyiggin at wir
think the warst na jaikcouttsthe grieve frae braedykes chippit
hear it andrew buchan jessiecouttsgeorge duguid clytemnestra thespiosis jim
that she had wanted deirdrecouttsout from the word go
the moment decision for deirdrecouttsto consult an agency lately
rest of the day deirdrecouttswent through the door stunned
s hail and farewell misscouttshail and farewell you ve
all returned home safely mrscouttsmilltown cottages at the age
hairpins and brushing floors mrscouttsi remember going to feed
him and the miller jamescouttswho sell t amon bicycles
house and being fed bycouttss mother no official arrangement
60s by jean strachan neecouttswhen we moved to arbuthnott
ways to put this misscouttsno two ways at all
made for taking on douglascouttshad simply come across to

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