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tirse scarfs swaapin on dacraigsan weel kent stacks an
shags swaapin beating their wingscraigsflat rocks by the shore
scaurs she pits oan clintycraigsare briests belts hur waist
traivil owre heich hills ancraigsan athort mosses an muirs
on fuit owre hills ancraigsan athort mosses an muirs
maun gae owre hills ancraigsan athort mosses an muirs
the hills an owre thecraigsan athort mosses an muirs
ti the bak a ourcraigsgin we hedna waashed aricht
whyte faem clashin agin thecraigso the forelaund an breingin
snaw baw ah sklum gretcraigsa passed exems an blethert
s trumpets blawin ayont thecraigsan the storm is gittin
fin ye ve e tremendouscraigsan cliffs o st kilda
an mist haps the distantcraigsma lang retreat is ower
a gowden cuinyie roond thaircraigsthe whyle he s prayin
sent a loun up thecraigsti claucht a billie gait
maws peingin on the barecraigsan skerrs an the cauld
stey gait up throu thecraigstil ma wee bit biggin

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