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did ony hairm bonny greycraiterse moosies ah weel ere
caterpillars an maggoties an craalincraitersat hid eir roadies in
bricht aboot hares een interestincraitersthough ere wis eence i
jist fin em aafa interestincraiterswi eir skeely wyes o
edward s curiosity for aacraitersgreat an smaa got him
preparation of this volume 1craitersor twenty buchan tales east
a volume of short storiescraitersthat preserves and presents the
bit ey re ugly lookincraitersricht enyeuch an e lad
bounce iv coorse aa youngcraitersdee e same it s
their fellows at school unlikecraiterswhich showed no mercy to
the daily diet sometimes ithercraiterswere dried and salted for
ony o at naisty brooncraitersnae sign o onything aa
likit tae ken fit kinnacraitersey d been bit like
birds an ony ither hungrycraitersget at fit wis left
cd see faar e littlecraitersat bide in e grun
ere wis plinty o aalcraitersin at hooses an maybe
back seat an aye ecraiterswis ay ere niver an
hairbourage an hoosin tae weecraitersmaybe millions o em some
an aa mainner of weecraitersin the works yaird but
slovakian village it is humancraitersthat play the leading role
degrees o respect for aacraitersif ye cam on a
be a colony o ecraitersin t fin ye come
the attitudes of fowk tocraitersthe two cannot be separated

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