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he finishes aff the silagecrapfriday 26 temp 10 20
taks in the second silagecrapithers a hurl on a
silage stops takin in thecraprain in the heavy range
i watch far more intelligentcrapf940: crap s sometimes a
far more intelligent crap f940: craps sometimes a good thing
ony drocht tae dry thecrapfor cuttin it wis noo
cuttin the hairst cuttin thecrapfor fit he hid focht
yavel crap wis e secondcrapin succession teen fae a
on the monday a yavelcrapwis e second crap in
seeds ensurin next year scrapo weeds the servant lassies
the grund o weeds ancrapplantin the veggies building this
oot bricht maist o thecrapis teen aff the grun
meanie m941: well it scrapf940: i m glad that
dome it was pretty fuckincrapf940: [laugh] aye it was
go an smell some leopardcrap[laugh] f940: it s the
[laugh] f940: [laugh] that scrap[laugh] i well got in
[inaudible] it was still prettycrapthough f940: aye m941: starlight
wi a baikie in ecrapo e waa another point
jobs cowp to tip emptycrapo e waa wall head
very thing an wi hiscrapfermer his a fling tuesday
tae dry tae pit incrapthe fermer dis try thursday
s been chopped it scrapbecause it f943: it is
m944: ma one s justcrapf943: an i can plug
m944: you re absolutely talkincrapf943: we have talked for
f943: aw right m944: arecrapfor deals f943: i m
slaggin off [censored: forename] talkin randomcrapand bein a bit [?]inebriated[/?]
oanywhere dimps cut the fuckincrapcam your ma loves yi
yi along fed yi somecrapo bein the great survivor
m noh listenin ti yourcrapoanymair yi kin mibi talk
you just need to watchcraplike that you know what
sit and watch the samecrapthat you do i watch
frames hey wis a maincrapilky speck wis saved an
o yer strae or heycrapthinkin aboot e olympics maybe
rowein hiz ein than hecrapbak ti hiz bed rosie
tell you sadie cut thecrapeh ma heid s gaun
wis still a lot ocrapnae cut an it lyin
though weel we got ecrapin an hairstit in fine
ye fair get a gweedcrapthough e new fowk ve
[laugh] m811: e bay scrapthough f812: can you get
wis needin tae teem eezcrape wis een o es
take his book fae ecrapo e wa and get
on e season an ecrapwi lang lines o dykes
noo tryin tae saa somecrapnae stue monday 27 temp
seed tae pit in hiscrapso eence again the thrashin
it wis fin aa thecraphad been taen in an
sterts preachin about aw thiscrapand that how [laugh] ma
o a guidin han macrapo esperantists a roon mi
dyke afore ye plant yercrapfa s the simmer skweel
and f835: why you recrapan i m jokin [laugh]
family it was really reallycrapand ehm [laugh] i went
you f1102: mmhm you recraparen t you f1101: [laugh]
[laugh] f814: yeah that scrapif you re f812: they
y don t need thiscrapany more susan he sh
need to stay overnight ohcrapyou would have to wouldn
yeah so it s quitecrapand they re not going
think f835: that weather scrapf833: i know thery re
a bit of an artistcrapsuddenly these same suits are
m608: mm m642: been totalcrapand we went we ve
stookit clear o the staunincrapa sair trauchle oor efter
an swallaed him neck ancrapdaith climmed the stair o
wid crooned wi a floorishincrapo breem an funs at
fou o blek puddens shecrapup the stairs lyke a
back back ti the childhoodcrapstew what diyi say wi
start oan aboot that crazycrapwi mah faithir lee said
forkit throu the houss fraecrapti ruit an fand nocht
time tae gaither in thecrapa time tae bend an
public transport and it wascraperm absolute rubbish you know
mm mmhm m762: got acrapjob and you know literally
you expect it to becrapknow what i mean m818:
an drivel it s maistlycrapah think that wullie shouldnae
it was cheaper it wascrapf814: yeah cause that s
fur yursell jilly that scrappat bj cares boot baithe
it does it- it scrapwithout it that s the
and i was i wascrapat physics but like one
purposes or police checks bloodycrapshe growled her voice was
sauchtrie burn the skeillie reivercrapalang the schoir i the
in thai is khrap pronouncedcraphonoured fly upon my pork

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