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a bit pairchment an acrayonin ma poutch he rummages
singular and plural forms lecrayonla r├Ęgle les stylos adjectives
no f1111: you dinna usecrayonon blackboards do you you
piece of paper and acrayonfrom the satchel and gives
his hand will smudge thecrayonhe lifts it a little
a stark trail of terracottacrayonon the bedspread sudden urgency
chooses a scrap of redcrayonand without thinking writes a
andy opens the dusty littlecrayonbox none of the crayons
the apple she licks thecrayonoff her pinkie sits up
he hadn t for thecrayontastes dusty and nasty miss
she picks up a yellowcrayonand puts in the yellow
he picks up an orangecrayonand writes a lovely a
draw oh i had acrayonfor you here earlier u1028:
hold your pen hold yourcrayonthis way look like that

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