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grants improved regulation of consumercreditlending better resourcing of credit
grants improved regulation of consumercreditlending better resourcing of credit
credit lending better resourcing ofcreditunions and pressing banks to
credit lending better resourcing ofcreditunions and pressing banks to
that the scottish landfill taxcreditforum is consulted on the
that the scottish landfill taxcreditforum is consulted on the
changes to the landfill taxcreditscheme notes that the business
harper lothians green landfill taxcreditscheme that the parliament notes
charities plus housing associations andcreditunions 2000 01 [note: table here in original] in
mercy of irresponsible lenders supportcreditunions and time banks as
instead to lend money tocreditunions for them to lend
learning social economy things likecreditunions housing arts community action
as airdrie and shotts bycreditunions including access to low
lets schemes food schemes andcreditunions it is involved in
bureaux no shelter scotland nocreditunions no independent drug addiction
the proud lassie cuid haurliecredithir ain lugs mauirrie you
the auld keing cuid haurliecredithis ain lugs he wes
breaths nanse ah can haurliecreditit but ye r luikin
in it ah cuid haurliecreditthis an thocht ah d
ma brither ah can haurliecreditwhit we hae seen the
til hir heid she coudnacredithir ain lugs gowd tree
excitement eilidh maister ah coudnacreditit whan ah saw hir
ferr bonnier the queen coudnacreditwhit she haird gowd tree
hir at first he coudnacreditwhit she wes sayin but
fair dumfounert for he coudnacreditwhit the cailleach haed juist
the three levels foundation generalcreditand then to one of
qualifications system foundation general andcreditin standard grade and access
at foundation general or generalcreditlevels in the standard grade
the three levels foundation generalcreditsitting against access three intermediate
i m gaan tae giecreditfaar credit s due leave
tit afterwards but credit wherecreditis due it really was
gaan tae gie credit faarcredits due leave ma notebooks
credit the new child taxcreditthe minimum wage and we
on the working families taxcreditthe new child tax credit
a right tit afterwards butcreditwhere credit is due it
made by banks retailers issuingcreditcards building societies and money
queen appears queen ah cannacreditma ain lugs naebodie mairries
morn a puddok ah cannacreditma ain lugs ye dinna
and secure units normally acreditgrade in english was followed
entered for standard grade atcreditlevel as to their experiences
not abolished advance corporation taxcreditfor pension funds in july
of the working families taxcrediton indebted scots s1w 1747
include bills of exchange andcreditand debit cards in other
plastic rudolphs prance away withcreditcards and sense a million
like a holdall full ofcreditcards in a land of
save the so called pensioncreditis about to be introduced
august 2003 the new pensioncreditwill provide extra assistance for
next autumn the new pensioncreditwill result in an average
is something you can hardlycreditnowadays i winner foo mony
be greek you d hardlycreditthe odd names these greeks
o miraculous ye d hardlycreditwhit a wee patch on
no apology for giving duecreditto it in this talk
team i believe in givingcreditwhere it is due and
have been prepared to givecreditwhere it was due if
including access to low costcreditto families who would otherwise
following the introduction of automatedcredittransfer in april 2003 should
of the uk wide automatedcredittransfer system for the payment
under the uk wide automatedcredittransfer system referred to in
is offered at general andcreditlevels and if successful a
him it s ill ticredita puddok that chases eftir
micht finnd it ill ticreditbut it s aw for
nanse it s ill ticreditir ye shuir it l
pepper that s ill ticreditthe r naething bonnie aboot
malcolm that s ill ticreditye dinna mukkil lyke shona
of access to short termcreditand other financial services creates
of access to short termcreditand other financial services creates
in encouraging growth in thecreditunion and community banking movement
voluntary groups charities through tocreditunion and housing groups according
to establish and implement acreditunion development strategy for scotland
mr duncan hamilton s1m 272creditunion lodged on 11 november
mcleod s1m 272 karen whitefieldcreditunion that the parliament recognises
luiv wi hir ah cannacreditit eftir aw he haes
masha no here ah cannacreditit goes away the alarm
fair possesst moula ah cannacreditthis eilidh here she cums
douglas economic system m1183: socialcreditm1182: ah yes h- he
experience take forward the scottishcreditqualifications framework system of accreditation
services i give the executivecreditfor that and am glad
officers i ll give himcreditfor that though at times
role to give them morecreditthan they perhaps deserve i
ritchie could also give themcreditto buy cheese coals oatmeal
through funding i give allcreditto henry mcleish who at
no exception however i givecreditto highland nhs board which
van would have given themcreditagainst the expectation of their
syllables next and so oncreditcan be given for the
god is given as muchcreditfor the prisoner s circumstances
the msp for glasgow springburncreditshould be given to the
reluctant as possible and nocreditwas given to folk who
making a convincing performance specialcreditwas given to mrs a
hir ain faither can yecreditthat knicht ah ken aw
yeir parlor an wad yecreditit dae ye ken whit
and dementit tae i wouldnacreditmuckle o whit she had
but because ye ll nocreditthat machines can work better
what a ken a lcreditand that a l murn
mair it dis ye naecredita pause saicontlie ah seem
but caermoulis wes sweir ticreditthis ah still hae a
the page naebodie wul evercredita hae been here at
will hae mair weicht andcredita man like me disna
a hae nae wutnesses ticreditme enter lady macbeth with
yeir feelings daes ye mukkilcreditye hae lowdent ma suspeicions
tzu gin we ir ticreditthat lao tzu wes himsell
last debts and needed morecredituntil the next payday [note: photo: 'jim adams repairing the binder while will adams has his piecie. montgoldrum around 1939.']
haena onie prospect a coudcreditnae mair nor ti be
an a m stertin ticreditthe deivil s lees that
surg- a a douglas socialcreditparty individual but he he
up trouble but can youcreditit has the man nae
door lockfast and would youcreditit the man inside had
dinnae ask geordie ye widnaecreditit geordie wished he hidnae
e back door wid yecreditit it wis back e
shona yeir feelins dis yecreditno monie mithers wad ask
curse on it can yecreditsuch wickedness but he s
know that you can getcreditfor some previous study i
i need all the moralcrediti can gaither jack it
event happen to their undeniablecreditand firmly put shetland on
people it is to theircreditthat they have done as
been lost to their greatcreditthe burns societies and clubs
rural areas share in thecreditthe small savers played their
executive officials did to theircreditwhen they gave evidence to
murdert it but malcolm wadnacreditthat his dochter that haed
beaumont but james i cannycreditthat you ve kept all
an anderson shelter but allcreditto his tranquil disposition as
they deserve a degree ofcreditfor that i ask them
headit wumman yon would youcreditit she cropped her hair
in a boat would youcreditit uncle harry there s
committee room would be acreditto the stasi i would
ick waitter noos letter aacredittil um div ee no
earl of stair s greatcredithe not only tolerated the
wis takin a a thecredithe said och i m
it is ever to thecreditof his master that he
and it is to hiscreditthat when he realised mrs
her bocht goods intae thecreditbuik margaret ahint scrievin it
o september it s acredittae me that i steyd
closure it sometimes does notcreditthe scottish share of the
group that is to ourcreditand bodes well for the
council on the curriculum 1996creditfor initiating this laudable project
exhausted and might take thecreditfor success mike rumbles talked
we do not get enoughcreditin this country for what
that is vital for acreditlevel performance in extended response
they are eligible for familycredits1w 7102 colin campbell to
the scottish compact to thecreditof all the compact was
not do much to hercreditwhen she told us why
a review on the scottishcreditand qualifications framework does the
as equity investment or productioncreditgrants to scottish and international
that situation is to itscreditapparently a person in northern
that to the government screditi am the first roman
to robert schuman s eternalcreditthat on this day in
generate larger issues to itscreditthe federation has often supported
quite civilised these days acreditto british airways and the
gasp edward you are acreditto the school mr grant
entirely to the executive screditwe welcome the additional measures
will increase further because thecreditwill be linked to national
afore i hiv tae giecredittae dr sean o neil
will not advertise or presscrediton people that are manifestly
be richt caird i cannycreditthat andy wid dae sic
bay the big taboo thecreditdebt goin on the slate
s1m 4015 welcome overhaul ofcreditlaws lodged on 12 march

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