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been vigorous in acting againstcrimesinvolving knives but it needs
are available the incidence ofcrimesinvolving knives rose by 46
the law in relation tocrimesinvolving knives s1o 5142 the
on that issue criminal justicecrimeswith knives 5 alex neil
truancy child poverty criminal justicecrimeswith knives european union scottish
greatest gravity such as genocidecrimesagainst humanity and war crimes
there is a list ofcrimesagainst humanity for which there
such as war crimes orcrimesagainst humanity will usually be
crimes against humanity and warcrimesit is extremely likely that
the crimes such as warcrimesor crimes against humanity will
who commits one of thecrimessuch as war crimes or
he was guilty o thaecrimesi believed it then there
may be guilty of thesecrimesi cannot deny them was
guilty of the said horridcrimesof bestiality with a mare
guilty o the maist seriouscrimeswis sentenced tae twinnin fowk
guilty of the only twocrimeswith which primitive society concerned
rise in crime particularly incrimesof violence and the recycling
rise in crime particularly incrimesof violence and the recycling
rise in crime particularly incrimesof violence and the recycling
how many of these werecrimesof violence for each of
of rape and other sexualcrimesif accused persons are allowed
380 cross examination during sexualcrimestrials lodged on 14 december
lamont cross examination during sexualcrimestrials that the parliament recognises
and victims of other sexualcrimeswhen alleged assailants are allowed
bill referred to common lawcrimeswith a significant sexual element
scotland were headed common lawcrimeswith a significant sexual element
murder that sentences for othercrimescommitted during a more serious
to proceed many of thosecrimesincluding murder or assault are
obtained in other countries forcrimessuch as murder should not
ensure that victims of suchcrimesin scotland will be entitled
the incorporation of icc statutecrimesinto domestic law and co
are the victims of hatecrimestake forward the recommendations of
investigation and prosecution of icccrimesthe general pattern in part
those individuals who commit icccrimeswithin the jurisdiction of the
that we are talking aboutcrimesof the greatest gravity such
terrorists the impact of thecrimescommitted by gangs on a
as a percentage of allcrimescommitted in each area s1w
of people who have committedcrimesso that they can go
executive how many drug relatedcrimeswere committed in each police
the scottish executive how manycrimeswere committed in scotland by
in relation to current wildlifecrimesas a great number of
those set down for wildlifecrimesin the countryside and rights
that the number of recordedcrimesand offences in fife has
clear up rate of recordedcrimeswas a in each category
what the number of recordedcrimeswas a in each category
the number of drug relatedcrimesit is time to reclaim
drug abuse and drug relatedcrimesregrets that the scottish executive
police are dealing with herecrimessuch as drug trafficking which
respect to the category ofcrimesreferred to in article 8
is certainly a different slantcrimesgo on in the countryside
other country related activities orcrimesif you want to call
article 8 which is warcrimeswhen a crime is alleged
fights against terrorism organised crimecrimesagainst children drugs fraud and
law because most of thecrimesin scotland are common law
s 1996 draft code ofcrimesagainst the peace and security
it will not deal withcrimesretrospectively it will deal only
it will deal only withcrimesthat take place after the
torture an capital punishment lessercrimeswar dealt wi bi chippin
damage and to other suchcrimesi would like to know
the people who commit thosecrimesare looking after their jobs
to know something about thosecrimescould there be a table
prey we appreciate why thosecrimesgo on the people who
have tried to prevent thosecrimeshappening we do that by
of these requests were forcrimesfalling within the definition a
on the issue and oncrimesmotivated by homophobia and by
spinsters and titled gentlemen solvingcrimesin leafy ehm villages ehm
die hard 3 further harlincrimesinclude resurrectin stallone s career
deter offenders from committing furthercrimeswhile on bail s1o 3291
issues to do with thecrimesthat are involved often arise
and of the elements ofcrimeswhich are in final draft
1 of the bill newcrimeshave been created and there
into the feasibility of monitoringcrimesto identify any sectarian motivation
jammy piece to plot wircrimesor play release that time
was mair victim o hiscrimesthan conspirator in them she
man was burnt for hiscrimesseiven year syne ye kent

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