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craik v croak crammasie acrimsoncran n crane craw n
craik croak crak conversation crammasiecrimsoncraw crow creisht greased croun
this mair raicent buik thecrimsonpetal and the white taks
an easily offendit nature thecrimsonpetal and the white transports
butler removing a lady scrimsondress under dripping shrubs through
with fairy lights gold andcrimsonribbons and garlands of seasonal
that wisna reed it wascrimsongladys it was reed bessie
reed bessie louder it wascrimsonwi bonnie green braid roon
shining teeth splatter red dropletscrimsonmy snow white thoughts so
road fin i flash mycrimsonee the highway code says
in the crappy brown andcrimsonof annie s i had
her eye the purple andcrimsonand yellow now jet black
an overall putty with weirdcrimsonpurple blotches your unsteady breathing
beasts wi siller sides ancrimsonbreists soumin aroun luikin nane
well same wish giver givecrimsontomatoes twelve heads cross parrots
mahout s head with itscrimsonbandage his white suit almost
the doors were a brichtcrimsonon tap o ae door
the hours apart letting thecrimsondawn come pouring through bird

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