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1543 reference to the templecroftcalled croft grier as it
pieces of agricultural land darfarsoniscroftcroftmonnock mccrerie s croft particularly
to the temple croft calledcroftgrier as it shows that
darfarsonis croft croftmonnock mccrerie scroftparticularly noteworthy is the 1543
and mrs james begg peattiecroftduncan campbell bamph 1st battalion
granda mutch stayed at bamphcroftfor many years and i
kirkton cottage pat mutch bamphcroftrev russell was involved in
they later moved to bamphcroftthe corn was milled by
married george aitken at bamphcroftthey had sandwiches at their
aitken was sent from bamphcroftto the stepps near whitefield
enjoyed mr jimmy mutch bamphcroftwas in charge of the
very suddenly at the reiskcroftcharlie watt then was the
cluseburn bloomfield uppercraighill gobbs reiskcrofthareden little wairds burnside and
for a time rented acroftat hillhead of seggat a
at his birthplace the aberdeenshirecroftof hillhead of seggat the
in mitchell s life thecroftof bloomfield the school the
his married life at thecroftthe lintmill where there had
grandmother when living at lintmillcroftwent barfit in the summer
was also the mutch familycroftacross the river from the
married son lived on thecroftand helped at home so
a number contain the elementcroftsuggesting they were pieces of
of corn on our owncroftwe took ower e smiddy
continued to live in thecrofthouse until her ninetieth year
uneconomic she let out thecroftland for grazing and continued
shore curving round behind innermessancroftto bridge the messan burn
but much smaller than acroftan estate map of around
tramp pick came from tollocroftwhere jimmy hunter s father
if you lived in acroftor larger farmhouse you may
hallowe en tradition of stealingcroftproduce such as cabbages and
harry s faider had thecroftf1073: mmhm f1074: and he
when the work on hercroftpermitted one of the subjects
live and work on thecroftthey recognised the issues but
slender living from her cairndhucroftwhich was latterly supplemented by
she approaches alex ewan scroftvoice after voice occurs as
red berets george simpson chapelcroftborn at aquherton farm kintore
born in 1903 at acroftroadside of auchenderran keith she
moved to the 10 acrecroftat mill o delgaty turriff
who had moved into anothercroftover the hill and left
f828: mmhm it was acroftthat dad had my dad
paying a visit to acroftin caithness once where two
of light from outside thecrofthad become part of the
road from sandmill to inchparkscroftto run on the flat
of the nineteenth century thecroftwas of about 60 acres
black house something or acroftor you know in some
grannie at newmachar had acroftand lots of pigs and
days there without buying thecroftthis is an example of
on jamie s grandfather scroftand the scottish national dictionary
he retired he got thiscroftand made a kind of
widdie to the now vanishedcroftof curriedoon meaning to photograph

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