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the saltyre bene strak thecrounjowells wes gane ti the
o skoun an the scotchcrounjowells whyle thon stouth wes
o kings born tae acrounby servants fanned frailty her
frae aa ill for thecrounis thine ain and the
syne it luiks lyke thecroungaes ti macbeth macduff ay
yeir hair ablo yeir gowdencrounluiks lyke the first s
crimson craw crow creisht greasedcrouncrown cryit called cuil cool
n crane craw n crowcrounn crown cruppen a shrivelled
hands ye frae this gowdencrounthat supernaitral pouers haes made
throw the toun ower cassiescrounclan plaids roon queats unfurlin
is cawed luiv an hiscrounis cawed licht an his
the faes o the scotchcrounfur monie generautiouns nou we
a capital crime against acrounservant would o his ain
me keing syne chaunce michtcrounme on its ain a
bairn weirin a keing scrounon its littil brou all
n friend croud n crowdcrounv crown cruisie n oil
ye lack nocht but thecrouni widnae say ye re
ah daursay he wul shuirliecrouna blythsum career as a
knees sets up hir mutchcrounan wi hir twa haunds
gaist awa wi ye yeircrounblinnds ma een to the
yeir bairns wadna haud thecrouneftir yeir day is duin
foonds weir yeir ill gottencrounmacbeth the law is aw
wi nae royal son thecroungaed ti king taizong s
yingzong efter fower year thecroungaed ti the royal son
thon aither he says thecroundeserts the kess thai maun
jimmy shand dances i thecrounhotel hawick i 1954 whan
receive oor service til thecrounnae mair are ye obleiged
blue mornin goun wi hircrouno broun hair buskin hir
wes staunnin on the causiecrounwaffin t hir shae cowpit
i wish fae foun taecrounthe sun bed god could
him fa wore the thornycrounlost property the following objects
fill me pang fou fraecrounti tae wi utmaist crueltie
they ve laid a sterilecrounupon ma heid an putten
feet richt up ti hiscrounan the derk fire o
afore ye ettil for thecrounforby the thane o cawdor
the jewels in scotland scrouncum jyne wi me in

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