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i d seen in italycrowdspushing in jostled crowds pushing
italy crowds pushing in jostledcrowdspushing out one middle aged
craa as past the silentcrowdsthey lead their monarch tae
avoided them and their attendentcrowdsand strolled instead through quieter
covering the roar of thecrowdsespecially the hampden roar was
dinner we pushed through bustlingcrowdsassembled outside restaurants and bars
building full of bustle ascrowdswait for trains great hulking
thrie estaitis can draw thecrowdswhether at the edinburgh festival
on a golden chair thecrowdsmade to follow them to
and dodging to avoid thecrowdsof other boys all weaving
much in place amongst thecrowdsat the scheduled starting time
season came round then thecrowdsstreamed into the sanctuary from
dancer s jangling knees pleasecrowdsyet ache to be off
ramshackle market astonishingly the marketcrowdsinto both sides of the
all five events drew sizeablecrowdswhat enthused me were the
to bring forth to thecrowdson cushioned seat the monks
their hearts out and thecrowdsturned out in their thousands
on sundays there were alwayscrowdsof visitors so that tea
clear the sodjers drave thecrowdsawa for fear o fit
you re like right thecrowdslike push up so i

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