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bi guid fortun a canadianecrownerat cums frae the lik
kent at kittil cattil likcrownercrannachan an ebenezer ross is
k nicht mair wirdie norcrownercrannachan thon s ma onaffectiounat
the twenes inglis an juniperecrownercrannachan wes the pylot wi
gied keichen betymes sae thecrownergied mirren a kis at
kists john cuid sei thecrownerrakkonin the eitems than wiouten
at the yett ti wairncrownercranachan at maistres grunstane frae
unnerstaunnin o the sitivautioun thoncrowneris uisin ye as a
wes a stait privitate thecrownerleuchit lik a wie laddie
lik a weitie spounge thecrownerwes a mukkil boukit man
it wes ane ordour thecrownerwes set in hiz motir
man he suidna swallaed thecrowners propones wiout tellin hiz
astonist ti sei at thecrownerwes dichtin hiz ei he
k nicht an lowden thecrownercuid be insnorled i thon
kent hiz mainners bot thecrownerherkent ti hir cuttance eydentlie
a guidwyfe weill says thecrownerhe is yeir kie ti
tornes but its wame thecrownerwes lat doun on a
lost a nyow jo thecrownerat embro castel bot the
wes ti mairrie on thecrownerfur he wes beirit i

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