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syne they ran hame hamecryinlowpie for spang lowpie for
out an thocht he wescryinryde ryde fae the soun
soud she hear but vycescryinlouder an louder mak wey
haunds at hir dure ancryinwee vyces lat us in
bit rositty an ill forcryincrack an throwin sparks aifter
eftir the storm ah wiscryinma stupidity at throwin oot
an chappit on the buirdcryinget the drams in forgie
gaed to sit hissel douncryinout guidman get the drams
trailin fower yairds ahint hercryindarlin do you luv me
dure an anither smaw vycwecryinheich mhairi braw guidwyfe that
dure an a smaw vycecryinheich mhairi braw wyfe that
cauld bluid wi a vycecryinat me ai dear leddie
houss dure thare she wescryinout in a waesum vyce
yang chun and chen dacryinthem doun ti the mains
chen da begude ti raircryinwill ye juist shut yir
keikin throu the kiehole ancryinat the spinnin jennie spinnin
the wuids eftir his freinscryinbyde byde for he kent
she wad hear hir freinscryinhir name ferr awa owre
suddent soun o hiz faimiliecryineftir m the puir auld
at the onlookers flytin ancryinsouk in the cheeks o
sat doun at the windaecryinguidman a passin freir s
seed pods o e breemcryincrack fin ye got a
storie syne pompitie hoyed awacryinbyde you here a meinit
wee fowk didna stap thaircryinno thaim suin ane o
suin the wee fowk warcryinsairlie til hir first ane
roon his wife an dochtercryinoot och my puir wee
fower times he lowtit douncryinout his here sir an
or shuin or siclik ancryinat thair minnie ti halp
an doonstairs her ma wiscryinon her minnie yer parritch
rungs intil their hauns aacryinout kep him an amang
brae wi a tuim horsecryinwae s me our big
from downstairs thare they rcryinme ti cum doun the
anither in thair strioushie ancryinoot ane til anither ma
cum jyne wi me incryinhail keing o scots thanes
at the names i wiscryinher the noo hauf deid
wey i seem tae becryintae the virgin bit i
roon the hill o leddrachcryinon the slow coach tae
it soondit lyke she wescryinfor hir mither malcolm ay
aye til the tertar warcryinma man back hame ti
court pit out a placketcryinon fowk ti come an
the thrang gaed shi jincryindominie it s a lang
boy friend wha re yecryinpunkie i used to call
kirk jumble bit she wiscryinas she touched the lang
befawn me an wul becryinma name aw airts bi
ma luve see she scryinon me hurlin in ma
strecht up ti the doorcryinflesher zheng seein it wis
o maitters in this lifecryinti be confrontit the speerit
goes oot to work f890: cryinits head off f889: no
an donnert an i wiscryinprotestants soor an them exploitit
topos despite the franklin scryinhimsel a burel man wi
oh f1113: oh he scryinf1114: yes he s not
is he sad is hecryinf1114: yes no he s
wi her nae pynt incryinon the polis nae sense
an cam on the abbeymaistercryinhis doulanee whit kin o
some of them were likecryinand had nervous breakdowns and

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