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in angry fyke if icudbe an alchemist i d
lotus the alchemist if icudbe an alchemist wi crucible
aroon the toon if icudbe an alchemist wi magic
waa fowk said thon sangcudhae bin aboot spikk s
fair scunnered that a bairniecudken sic coorse spikk bit
that the auld yird fowkcudscreive an spikk bit fit
on an ashet if theycudspikk micht gar ye scrat
wis a pouerfu chiel ancudeasy makk things gang missin
feet an heicher aathegither shecudjist aboot makk oot the
ye luikit close eneuch yecudjist makk oot the shape
in a spidery scrawl theycudjist makk oot these wirds
a tree s lang cleukcudmakk a besom tae swype
s species sic bonnie fechterscudmakk teerification amang ony faes
chiel wi ae glower hecudbirssle a hairt tae aisse
a lesser chiel daith surelycudhae wyled torphins withoot his
s cantrips were legion hecudreist a chiel wi ae
chiel wi bluid group ocudtak a kidney frae an
onie o their hames hecuddae nocht about it forby
jin an the thrie capitanescuddae nocht but cry their
an time again at wecuddae nocht else bar tak
projections they showed me theycudaa jist be forgeries naethin
wyce like craitur an naethincudbe waur than bidin on
that navachitta deed pat duguidcudfin naethin amiss nae as
her feel fur naethin avacudiver pierce thon certainties foo
the best interior designer hecudafford nane ither nor jenny
briefs o glamourie at nanecudread an whan they pit
lousna strang drink nane houcudye get sae muckle fou
the commontie remeid but houcudhe cure them aa the
zhao says the elder houcudwe affront the lord clerk
yir ain sel benignitor houcudwe no honour ye nou
quit the warld nou houcudye brak the abstinentium o
officiar o hie degree houcudye pit me owre sic
at clyped on ye houcudye sae sclander a daicent
o s fits an facudargie wi thon fur the
broke their eggies if loonscuddae thon tae the breet
be liftin him an hecudthole thon bit he hid
fa kent nae better computerscuddecern tae a hair fit
wi junkies single quines facudfaa wi bairn as easy
wis takkin bets on facudfirst ding the bull s
a quine fa s faithercudtakk the meat frae yer
up an ilkie kinno birdcudbe seen in the lift
a blight nae bonnie mooncudlift if they hud been
o tea taks afore hecudstaucher ti s feet lift
scowth micht hae nae termcudgar sic muckle dreid an
been aefauld an leal hecudaiblins gang in an out
begude ti stound an hecudgang nae mair niver the
workin man or woman icudgang on fir iver on
no skaithfu at aa acudjuist gang nae mair quo
tae show her fit hecuddee he hid killed a
aince screevit o that wecuddee in twas or companies
an it wis aa shecuddee nae tae sneeze an
tae the breet beasts fitcudthey dee tae quines she
the finest that ony sillercudbuy brian s here neil
mither or that his faithercudhae bin ony ain o
drink out the lad acudjuist hae come doun here
sell him drink fine hecudsee the bodie wisna willin
food as muckle s icudswalla until the day i
siller or skint fit maircuda wumman wint doon the
an winnert fit wye icuddern fit i d daen
him fit if jock dowcuddowse fur bluid as weel
as a sweetener an icudpye ye ootwith fit i
its protection nae furreign bodycudwin within fifteen fit o
cauld heat hunger fit maircudye sikk swyte pyochers slivvers
for hens or bees icudaye tak abeen 20 a
the community a community thatcudscarce tak tent o itsel
bit tree sae s hecudtak a bit keek an
an stop them flesher zhengcudtak nae mair an wis
couthie eneuch gin their spikcudfyles be gey coorse nava
blade o gress gin yecudlea us gae by it
o contamination sae transplant teamscudperform aside each ither gin
colonise the yird gin theycudstabilise it an war ettlin
brocks an hoolets gin wecudwin an storm an thunner
fowk s either fur theycudbe turned awa frae the
darg like a terrier hecudread fowk like a buik
dark gods war ferlies fowkcudsee sun and meen and
tae garrot fowk ae yarkcudslit a thrapple as clean
aside frae the beaks theycudanely skirl like scurries frae
data frae a virus saycudbring doon the hale system
ain hauf brither true yecudgrowe kidneys noo frae a
the watter frae stranraer yecudnear spit ower wi a
the lans o leddrach minniecudsee frae the tap o
weel s a landmerk wecudsee it better frae a
placket doun an said hecudstop the royal bairn frae
toon or clachan faith yecudwheech frae lonach tae embro
fireflauchts o quartz granite thatcudwithstaun aathin frae the snell
a puppet maister fur icudfeel my hairt strings fair
doon and machines roupit yecudfeel the solidarity mind you
s wame grew waur shecudfeel the stickiness growin atween
fly an i feel wecudwe d look doon here
faither s craft fin hecudarthur tho wis a different
tae behave a beast hecudbide wi them his faither
a lang term mortgage hecudgae richt tae the tap
the hoose aa emily graycudhear wis silence a lang
tail sae lang that shecudsit on t her een
the fishin ha section yecudsmell it lang afore ye
lang business haun milkin itcudtakk twinty meenits tae strip
the cloor fan gordon michtcudshakk the throne itsel noo
nae mair ance an hecudstaucher ti s feet he
o the puir afore ochtcudbe daen even the bairns
pruive there wis naebody yecudbide wi ava afore the
o a battle afore hecudeven draa sword an the
road sae the milk cairtcudfecht its wye throw the
o hauns sae the eldercudgie the admonition ane bield
wis braw sae quaet yecudhae hearkened tae the drappin
da guesten hous keeper atcudhaud ye back sae auld
eyn it sae heich yecudstaun up in the pitmirk
wi fleg oor savage celtscudskail mair bluid than a
a mair roondit education thancudthe schule noo in this
fur nae haun o minecuddrap the stoor abeen yer
aboot as close as yecudget fur a leevin donor
fur snacks atween his nebcudgyang on monday s plate
a glitterin company fur fyewcudstring the shinin wird my
t wi glamourie ither bairnscudsclimm trees or fecht or
flies tae relieve hissel hecudeasily hae wyted till he
florida an dolphins an icudhae a harley davidson an
pee like as a pilotcudhae a sleep or a
a richt kittlie moo yecudhae picturs o the beatles
airts an scottis scrievins ancudhae traivellit the warld wi
tyaach a herd o hippopotamuscudhae wallowed up tae the
the warren fin the quinescudhear the rubbits drummin wi
spit an sweir an bragcudsaften fin it melled wi
it soundit rale nesty loonscudbe coorse she kent that
their skirls till the shipcudcatch the tide cooncillors kent
aye aye nae doot avacudbe the setterday daunce quo
horrors waur nur onythin africkcudconjure up nae aids bit
a labyrinth far nae minotaurcudroar nae hostages be sacrificed
place could we nae wecudsclimm up the side o
love names that nae pharoahcudtranslate bit fred or bert
tae the mull an parentincudbe dane bi either sex
gracie sowl at bi glamouriecudguide the wind an wather
that tuik harns tae daecudnoo bi daen bi plasma
a hunnerd the noo icudsee it on the speedometer
pit in a face hecuddae spreidsheets in domestic accoonts
war shinin like sharn yecudsee yer face in the
a wud greyhound that terrorcudstap licht yer neep lantern
o razor sherp teeth thatcudtakk yer finger aff as
chappin at yer culture pleasecudye lat me in i
fine eneuch chiels bit icudbe daein wioot aa the
flung awa an aa hecudsay wis a guid belt
a hairy kipper syne shecudmak oot his blin fair
an wis richt gled navacuddivert hersel onywye a neebor
a fylie tae spare icudtell ye a richt tale
gaed but niver the captioncudhe mak he d juist
interest tae a committee yecudbid them tae meet in
quarter o the price wecudd ye ken whit thae
the fecht na bit yecudhelp save a life quo
syne he hochered an yecudsee his thrapple wirkin up
overload o raw emotion yecudskirl and cheer heroes war
hoo scotland is governed yecudstaund for election as an
him a bit heize upcudhe shift him he spied
crocodile inno the watter icudrin on bit ma pen
efter a wheen meenits shecudhear the ithers wheechin doon
hid the smit an lovecudbluim the waddin wis quick
gyaun till their genetic engineerscudgraft the embryos o humankind
novel wi fower tory heroescude en allan massie pull
or a daunder an anaesthetistcudstravaig aboot as weel wi
wi their wage levels theycudturn oot millions o the
an i the saicont theycudsee fine the fearsome wey
o this nou whaur elsecuda rin ti thocht lu
be feart o that ahcuda wee peep an ah
a hale raw o recipientscudat eence be gien new
thoucht o that that icudbe a coortin bridge an
better days whae on eirdcudbe feart o that ah
touch on a breistbeen hecudfouner hale herds o kye
thinkin o the fusky thatcudgar auntie nell s cousin
the room an if luvcudstaun nyakkit an bare o
o american imperialism somethin theycuduse an chuck awaa when
is a collogue o dominiescudyous yaise thir twa novels
his mither wished his hamecudbe a cage tae keep
air foo she wished shecudcheenge tae a paw paw
tae borra ilkie buik icudsniff oot aboot disraeli i
said she wis a romanticcudlose her heid ower the
wha belanged hynelawtie toun weillcudhe play the double knifes
thrie fower month or hecudstaun up strecht his haterent
in as a littlin icudsee gracelan an florida an
forbye that a moo thatcudspit an sweir an brag
labour theory of value icudsee it iverywhere in their
gollach s queats if icudbe a beastie i d
hinner en forkietailie if icudbe a beastie i wadna
far the roch stoot winscudget a gweed skelp at
affa caal i wish icudget cosie climm up then
affa caal i wish icudget cosie climm up then
that anely a clean quinecudbind it a young quine
a short clay pipe cweedcudcyack cake oatcake dallie doll
dry as a stick acudferr a went a wee
s got a moo thatcudgnash the qe2 guairds the
side room the brawest sillercudbuy brian duguid didna wint

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