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ti a pein the mithercuidnakepe trak o the houshald
the hinner duir bot yecuidnasei oniething ayonts its lemes
flaik staun puir sowels thecuidnayit compreise whedder thai wuid
siccan a brattil at thaicuidnawun ti the ruit o
burn wes nerr dray wecuidnapruive it an nae amount
its whyt cullour itherwyss itcuidnathole the cauld an waantryfe
guid gaun ower tho thaicuidnafin an awnser at lang
bodach hed raelysed at hecuidnasauf the bogils he hed
on a condukkit skour mirrencuidnahaud hir tung a suppone
hiz lims he kent hecuidnabyde on the horss onie
the horss roun sae thaicuidnapit hauns ti r a
wes gried that oniewbodie thatcuidnapype or lilt wad tell
be queen masell an ahcuidnathole a puddok cockin up
bland smirk the rid douglascuidnathole sic a foutie plaister
haa smoorit wi fineries wecuidnathole sic douce an dentie
lang addikkit ti drougs ancuidnathole thair lak he graizled
blate ti pouss forrit acuidnathole the stres an streinyie
onie yill bot juggs acuidnathole thon aither he says
tyne hiz houss gin hecuidnawun mail frae the k
pley at the tron wecuidnawun neir it fur the
an grup thaim bot thaicuidnawun up fur ruth stak
in a lyke wey shecuidnabeir ti dae him skaith
the keing an his queencuidnabeir ti gie thair bonnie
tinsell ti hiz greve botcuidnajalouse frae hiz neist ak
o the modren warl johncuidnajalouse whitlik wes the mensefu
outby i the causie acuidnalat bug about the damish
vailyie inti the stuidio botcuidnadae mair fur thai wesna
bauld an weirlik souch ancuidnagainstaun the sojers thai joukit
o the swaw bot thaicuidnaluik roun sen the stewart
ti lowse thaim at thaicuidnaswik the hempie ti ish
its tail joco lik mirrencuidnafinnd wirds bot maistres stein
as a man o godcuidnahe thocht i bot jonik
ilk flouerheid the auld faithercuidnasei thaim cleirlik bot he
bit crabbit bi nou ancuidnabeleve it wesna a kinna
ebenezer wes telt at hecuidnamairrie on ruth it wesna
the verra nicht sen hecuidnahain thaim oniemair this wes
gaird an a ludge shaecuidnaein thank hir gydes afoir
wes dichtin hiz ei hecuidnafand the store as sair
ye shae telt him hecuidnathink o onie freins at
war feinist tho the commisarcuidnafinnd the siller ti pey
z tung the puir ladcuidnaeith stainch the bluid sae
inti months an still shecuidnacum up wi him oniewhaur
wha d hike thir trailscuidnadae itherwise nor faa inti
this deceesion an thaim whaecuidnabother thair heids aboot eet
tuik thaim ti carlyle ancuidnaexplene whitwey thon i the
run owre thaim the fairiescuidnafollae an hearin this vyce
sleipit lik a bairn ancuidnabe shiftit sae the men
princess cryit oot that shecuidnadae a sic a thing
aw shiffelt thair peypers ancuidnatel him ay or nae
aw at aince sumbodie hecuidnatall wha gied an order
auld carl at wes deifcuidnahere the annuncement richt sae
s teller 3 but shecuidnahairst it hersel she thocht
stationed at drem this laddiecuidnaspeak ocht else nor english
somehou naitral as gin itcuidnatak anither gate aa this
wi yeir bewtie ah juistcuidnahelp addressin ye nou mysie
s retrait fae edinbro snawcuidnafreeze him oot he d
throu the derk hours shecuidnawauken him an whan mornin
fit abuin the sea hecuidnahear its ingines yet for
he d gane gyte ancuidnalest i wis left my
an his warld wide renowncuidnaaccepp that speakin ordinary wis
milk saiperator brak doon ancuidnabei mendit hei sayed til
on the scottish teachers thatcuidnaban burns cause o the
maitter o the panser tammascuidnamynd the mak o the

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