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trees an thrie blawawa plantscuivertin blawawas ae day as
trees an thrie blawawa plantscuivertwi blawawas ae day as
sydes o hir war faircuivertwi derk skurls an sair
hurry hoy ah m awcuivertwi shairn nou michtie whitna
trig an prosper the causiescuivertwi smuith tarmacadam sae the
lass crivvens she s awcuivertwi bluid she s bluidin
him alane fair daivert awcuivertwi clours an out o
the hazel trees war newcuivertwi leafs an the fulyerie
in this glen wes awcuivertwi saft brounie gray fog
flippers an thair skins becamcuivertwi selkie coats o gray
muir owre the wat dewcuivertgress wi the haill clekkin
we hae gethert oorsells andcuivertoor weaknesses lat us meet
see thare a gullie knifecuivertin bluid in the bed
aw week ah im awcuivertwi stour she brushes her
mair the houss is weillcuivertwi gress nou ye can

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