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social practices the tynin oculturalan linguistic diversity forenent the
social practices the loss ofculturaland linguistic diversity facing the
identity be a pairt oculturaldiversity an contribute tae the
a sense of identity embraceculturaldiversity and contribute to the
throughout europe share regardless ofculturaldiversity and political affiliation those
that reflect the historical andculturaldiversity of the scottish people
thirled tae a tynin oculturaldiversity thegither wi a tynin
associated with a loss ofculturaldiversity together with a loss
the richness of linguistic andculturaldiversity within the european union
being to celebrate scotland sculturalheritage in its full diversity
is tae celebrate scotland sculturalheritage in its haill diversity
protection of the world sculturaland natural heritage world heritage
and creating new one stopculturalcentres similar to irish heritage
to maintain its linguistic andculturalheritage 5 it is the
greater understanding of scotland sculturalheritage 75 as was stated
mair unnerstaunin o scotland sculturalheritage 75 as wis statit
the context of the nativeculturalheritage a global view of
the development of scotland sculturalheritage a number of members
a central role in ourculturalheritage and i look forward
line 6 at end insertculturalheritage being taken to include
contribution not only to ourculturalheritage but to our contemporary
an important part of ourculturalheritage for many people the
help children build upon theirculturalheritage it really is a
this different aspects of thisculturalheritage m608: mm m078: and
support these qualities and theculturalheritage of the area promote
to safeguard the natural andculturalheritage of the area to
conservation of the natural orculturalheritage of the land section
year in 1999 to theculturalheritage of the nation would
management of the natural andculturalheritage of the national park
this valuable part of ourculturalheritage what is immediately necessary
gives students knowledge of theirculturalmilieu and heritage it yields
united nations educational scientific andculturalorganisation unesco designate world heritage
would enrich and underpin ourculturalroots and our linguistic heritage
education was outlined in theculturalstrategy 1 a key priority
new an extendit opportunities nationalculturalstrategy 12 in august 2000
new and extended opportunities nationalculturalstrategy 12 in august 2000
tae that forby the nationalculturalstrategy an 5 14 guidelines
expressed that despite the nationalculturalstrategy and the 5 14
and consultation for the nationalculturalstrategy and the work being
as part of its nationalculturalstrategy and what plans it
s indigenous arts in anyculturalstrategy as well as in
earlier submission tae the nationalculturalstrategy debate for gaelic the
earlier submission to the nationalculturalstrategy debate in respect of
first report on the nationalculturalstrategy detailing work carried out
p78 6 scots executive nationalculturalstrategy first report 25 october
p78 15 scottish executive nationalculturalstrategy first report 25 october
pm executive debate on nationalculturalstrategy followed by parliamentary bureau
the report on the nationalculturalstrategy for scotland consultation responses
with stalling the much anticipatedculturalstrategy for scotland was launched
initiatives sic as the nationalculturalstrategy has gane some road
initiatives such as the nationalculturalstrategy have gone some way
m017: a a a nationalculturalstrategy [inaudible] f718: mmhm m017:
the context of the nationalculturalstrategy irene mcgugan is to
the implementation of the nationalculturalstrategy is proceeding effectively s1o
first report on the nationalculturalstrategy ootlinin darg done sae
i am pleased that theculturalstrategy recognises the importance of
commitment to develop a nationalculturalstrategy s1o 113 10 trish
commitment to develop a nationalculturalstrategy s1o 113 10 trish
popular music in the nationalculturalstrategy s1o 418 17 george
in the executive s nationalculturalstrategy s1w 1092 michael russell
the implementation of the nationalculturalstrategy s1w 12151 irene mcgugan
authorities in implementing the nationalculturalstrategy s1w 34879 cathy peattie
we hear that in theculturalstrategy scots language issues are
out as the newly publishedculturalstrategy supports the languages this
minding our past the nationalculturalstrategy tactica solutions scots consultative
minding our past the nationalculturalstrategy tactica solutions scottish consultative
this issue contradicts its ownculturalstrategy that has as its
first annual report on theculturalstrategy the executive drew attention
in relation to the nationalculturalstrategy the executive intended the
made tae anent the nationalculturalstrategy the executive intendit the
the scots executive s nationalculturalstrategy the general feelin expressed
the scottish executive s nationalculturalstrategy the general feeling expressed
the executive published its nationalculturalstrategy the strategy has four
the executive published its nationalculturalstrategy the strategy has fower
the consultation on the nationalculturalstrategy they will find that
as pledged in the nationalculturalstrategy was waning it has
as pledged in the nationalculturalstrategy wis dwinin the process
document called scotland s nationalculturalstrategy yes it was full
mibbe political guidwill tae uphaudculturalinpit fae ethnic minorities intil
be political will to supportculturalinput from ethnic minorities into
is proper legal social andculturalintegration of immigrants and ethnic
by some children as aculturalmarker of ethnic solidarity english
scotland is a modern multiculturalmulti ethnic society will the
to all regardless of socialculturalor ethnic background as it
to all regardless of socialculturalor ethnic background how will
whit wey the leids anculturaltraditions o scotland s ethnic
consider how the languages andculturaltraditions of scotland s ethnic
ensure that the maximum educationalculturaland economic particularly from tourism
report on the role ofculturaland educational policy and provision
are to maintain active socialculturaleducational and working lives it
united nations educational scientific andculturalorganisation it involves more than
the role of educational andculturalpolicy in supporting and developing
the role of educational andculturalpolicy in supporting and developing
the role of educational andculturalpolicy in supporting and developing
the role of educational andculturalpolicy in supporting and developing
the role o educational anculturalpolicy in uphaudin an bringin
the role o educational anculturalpolicy in uphaudin an bringin
the role o educational anculturalpolicy in uphaudin an bringin
the role o educational anculturalpolicy in uphaudin an bringin
the importance of educational andculturalprogrammes and activities in promoting
that language is integral toculturalidentity 52 scots has been
that language is inbiggit intilculturalidentity 52 scots has been
language is a statement ofculturalidentity a full description of
gain a sense of ourculturalidentity in relation to our
very damaging the child sculturalidentity is undermined and the
as original artefacts of socialculturaland historical interest in addition
good reason scotland enjoys aculturaland historical reputation together with
and a strong historical andculturalargument can be made for
we recognise the historical andculturalarguments for facilitating the use
because of my historical andculturalbackground i did caran a
relevant either through historical orculturallinks or if there is
a broader view of theculturaland social context of language
immediate text to the widestculturalcontext all these he considered
was completely out of myculturalcontext and gaelic was very
took a look at theculturalcontext and general structure of
in the scottish eighteenth centuryculturalcontext in addition to her
is what this is theculturalcontext in which people are
competence being aware of theculturalcontext in which the foreign
competence being aware of theculturalcontext in which the foreign
similarities and differences in theculturalcontext in which the topic
the ehm what is theculturalcontext of scotland in the
orientation religious persuasion racial originculturaland linguistic background and membership
orientation religious persuasion racial originculturaland linguistic background and membership
much aware of my gaelicculturalbackground but also of the
which derive from his ownculturalbackground errors are often a
come from that sort ofculturalbackground m608: thinking when i
an public services the mediaculturalactivities an infrastructure economic an
and public services the mediaculturalactivities and facilities economic and
economic and social life andculturalactivities european charter for regional
the task of social economicculturaland environmental renewal s1m 4028
considerations but the wider economicculturaland other issues that are
scottish executive what economic andculturalassessment it has made of
the immense economic social andculturalbenefits that a successful bid
which brings economic social andculturalbenefits to the people after
respond to economic social andculturalchanges in society the council
recognises the valuable economic andculturalcontribution the film sector makes
recognises the valuable economic andculturalcontribution the film sector makes
gaelic medium education recognises theculturaleconomic and social contribution of
an invaluable contribution to theculturaleconomic and social fabric of
taxation could make to theculturaleconomic environmental and democratic renaissance
the parliament acknowledges the socialculturalenvironmental and economic benefits that
to the economic social andculturalimpact derived from its activities
by processes of economic andculturalintegration that support the single
the print media to theculturalsocial and economic life of
such an atmosphere of crossculturaland cross linguistic sharing can
in other papers about theculturaland linguistic distance between home
authors often include linguistic andculturalfeatures which would be misunderstood
a whole range of awarenessesculturalliterary and linguistic which may
m942: it s like theculturalarts magazine for glasgow edinburgh
welcomed the news of theculturalcommission the arts already touch
establish in palma as aculturalinstitute of the arts and
allocated for all arts andculturalprojects and c what amount
capital expenditure on arts andculturalprojects s1w 7143 des mcnulty
scottish arts council development ofculturaltourism scottish museums council development
2 grampian television s regionalculturalcontribution the committee will take
2 grampian television s regionalculturalcontribution the committee will take
a major contribution to theculturallife of scotland and the
west highlands because of naturalculturaldifferences we can tackle issues
global responsibility sites can haveculturalnatural or mixed status scotland
one of three types naturalculturalor mixed there are no
public of its natural andculturalvalues these purposes should be
tourism industry sustainable green tourismculturaltourism and community involvement in
demonstrated clearly the link betweenculturaltourism and inward investment and
create a new opportunity forculturaltourism establishing executive support for
also assist in planning forculturaltourism in cases where information
said about the idea ofculturaltourism the involvement of music
big revival and a kinnaculturalcultural revolution in s- some
status with regard to itsculturalimportance a cultural management plan
and cultural issues topical andculturalissues and environmental issues there
and cultural issues topical andculturalissues in addition students are
concentrate on personal social andculturalissues topical and cultural issues
study are personal social andculturalissues topical and cultural issues
to its cultural importance aculturalmanagement plan is currently being
er you know the theculturalpakistani and indian cultural sort
revival and a kinna culturalculturalrevolution in s- some kind
the cultural pakistani and indianculturalsort of traditions in in
serve as examples of regionalculturalartistic musical and culinary excellence
the practicality of establishing regionalculturalcentres based on the ireland
serve as an exemplar ofculturalexcellence and regional activity foster
constructing a national narrative ofculturalhistory like any narrative it
culture seeking to maintain nationalculturalinstitutions while backing independent and
as diagnosis of a nationalculturalpathology can be found one
sub group o the nationalculturalstrategie s implementation group a
role of scots in ourculturallife this issue is not
a positive established organisation whoseculturalwork and role as an
border areas the peripheral regionsculturalbodies deprived social groups migrants
century brought immense social andculturalchange to the area of
projects which highlight social andculturaldifferences and similarities between speakers
for social inclusion and forculturalentitlement erm w- we ve
buzzwords like social inclusion andculturalentitlement i apologise for using
resources personal family social andculturalis so inadequate to exclude
services health transport social careculturalrecreational and legal improving the
sector an enormous debt inculturalsocial and sporting terms at
process a scan down theculturalpolicy statement was enough to
an unnecessary centralist approach toculturalpolicy which runs counter to
an electronic version o theculturalcommission document tae group memmers
in june to head theculturalcommission he will submit a
as a year away theculturalcommission is part of this
james boyle chair of theculturalcommission says we shouldn t
independent commission to look intoculturalprovision in scotland it s
time of great political andculturalchange and tasked himself with
languages which were facing greatculturalchange and which required linguists
are so essential for theculturalchange in the profession i
really traumatic agricultural industrial andculturalchange remember auld glen james
august 2006 successful implementation requiresculturalchange throughout the education service
significant change and for theculturalcommunity to take this opportunity
brings a change in scottishculturalhistory but one with different
different groups many of themculturalf785: mmhm m055: eh goin
why not let sports andculturalgroups be the adverts of
and supporting gaelic broadcasting andculturalgroups the executive also stated
with public bodies academic institutionsculturalorganisations community groups and religious
terms with the this ermculturaldimension of of my life
enhancing all aspects of scottishculturallife all scottish ministers regularly
important area of eighteenth centuryculturallife as mentioned previously the
jack shows valuably that scottishculturallife goes well beyond idiom
in in ful detail throughculturallife in the country eh
back its place in theculturallife o the country in
the scots language in scottishculturallife we are providing financial
sector is fully involved inculturalinitiatives s1w 14582 scott barrie
voluntary sector and sporting andculturalorganisations working with young people
education at aw levels theculturalsector an the commonty tae
education at all levels theculturalsector and the public at
for the governance of theculturalsector rather than the specifics
aboot draftin a statement oculturalentitlement concernin scots a guid
scots as a means ofculturalexpression although spoken scots appears
scots as a means ofculturalexpression the poet sydney goodsir
sir scots tung is aculturalgroup that s dedicatit tae
that our scots and gaelicculturalorganisations can use it to
scots language and its itsculturalproduct and power and ye
to communicate in scots ifculturalresources in scots are no
tae communicate in scots ginculturalresources in scots isnae produced
elaine thomson s1m 1817 gaelicculturalcentre for oban and lorn
acknowledged gaelic as being ofculturalimportance to scotland our language
competing language worlds and theirculturaland ideological implications well enough
interest in the sociological andculturalaspects of language chief among
from cathy peattie about theculturalaspects of language others have
of language education in promotingculturalawareness notes the positive response
which the foreign language existsculturalcompetence recent developments the last
which the foreign language existsculturalcompetence the response advocated by
on racial equality in scotlandculturalorganisations and local authority language
of building on our existingculturalassets people have taken burns
the brightest star in ourculturalfirmament when we are seeking
minding our past relate toculturalprojects for which it would
of delivering and sustaining ourculturalservices he has given the
mcaveety we need a newculturalvision for our country and
speed up the process ofculturalhomogenisation a monocultural world would
the world by bein biculturalmakkin for access tae twa
of people with many differentculturalbackgrounds living in different parts
often coming from vastly differentculturalbackgrounds to what exists of
throughout the school from differentculturalbackgrounds were interviewed to gain
made dancing part of palaceculturalaffairs thereafter missionaries attending state
discussions as part of itsculturalresponsibilities it has had with
had as part of itsculturalresponsibilities with her majesty s
and breakfast clubs sporting andculturalclubs and informal education through
its total budget and theculturallandscape would be transformed perhaps
was obliged to respect itsculturalneeds just as he would
by the area s strongculturalrevival notes the recent downward
the needs of any otherculturalgroup within his school community
the scottish executive how manyculturalco ordinators are in place
bedrocks for many kinds ofculturalexpression the irish by promoting
rather than divisive with crossculturallinks across many lands and
certainly not as many obscureculturalreferences f606: mmhm m954: ma
for the embassy where theculturaldept was offering new year
true we need a newculturalvision and do we need
of ascertaining what that newculturalvision should be to james
theatre is to reflect theculturalmores of the community it
cu- m608: mm m078: theculturaler set of references that
m608: mmhm m078: er aculturalloss m608: mmhm m078: perhaps
is more sort of ermculturalyeah m608: mmhm m1174: er
promote scotland s leids asculturalexpressions an as weys o
promote scotland s languages asculturalexpressions and as means of
scotland though classical and romanticculturalforms occupy the same moment
scotland s languages and theirculturalimplications creating thematic or topic
yourself it is a generalculturalissue for scotland on training
makes scotland sound like aculturalparadise on earth so before
was it a religious orculturalreference there because ehm scotland
scotland has responsibility for identifyingculturalsites for the scottish ministers
the young gentlemen of theirculturalcircle and in all probability
not explicitly stated and usingculturalcontextual and word formation clues
in broadcasting teaching music andculturalevents festivals and fèisean to
relationship with the political andculturalevents in europe in the
a feast of literary achievementsculturalfestivity and family research examine
health plans reflect the differingculturalgender and orientation of individuals
and access to a goodculturalinfrastructure the highlands the borders
and the development of aculturalplan further recognises the immense
is a far mair significantculturalplayer and seems to have
and get puns and localculturalreferences into the books f606:
collective tribal history spiritual andculturalsignificance chopped up for kindling
and became an all yearculturalsociety every year it was
head on a bible theculturaltour ended and we threw
their most important artistic andculturaltreasures and calls upon her
their most important artistic andculturaltreasures and calls upon her
a scottish leid leid andculturalur inextricably connectit tae ane
be recognised to have equalculturalvalue and dignity encourage multiculturalism
m762: in some you knowculturalways and so on so
that the the impetus theculturalnationalism m741: mmhm m605: which
s something it s aculturalthing which i think has
serene an dis located multiculturalan skilled as if i
as hodgart highlichts generation oculturalbrainwashin in thi classroom isnae
wad gyang inno sic aculturalbroth as a simmer skweel
discussion of literature or ofculturalcontexts such as greetings or
scuilteachers hae often actit asculturalgestapo inflictin nearhaun fatal damage
neolithic orkney designated 1999 areculturalsites1 in the uk as
realise the scale of theculturalaggression of the period from
towards english they sacrifice scottishculturalautonomy on the altar of
i go for the kindaculturalcombination of like chine- china
kept himself closely informed withculturaldevelopments south of the border
in other cultures such crossculturaldiscussion of literature or of
m818: [laugh] the massive kindaculturaldivides of like you know
one of the acts ofculturaldomination by the spanish dominicans
65 did not participate inculturalevents outwith the school of
he d given to theculturalexchange of lektors on the
an attempt to take theculturalhealth of the nation seriously
a scandalous invention of lostculturalorigins robert burns fashioned the
to room in search ofculturalrefuge we have come to
was the start of aculturalweekend but i ll have
i plan to base aculturaltalk on it has to
resistance there is also aculturalfactor in such communities this
bid to host a majorculturalshowcase speak to the people
seems to have thrown theculturaldepartment into some disarray possibly
that he would discover aculturalalibi here in the enigmatic
address in here is theculturalaspect again it s something
with complaints in particular theculturalaspect was signalled to us
to play in the schoolsculturalco ordinators pilot programme business
became terribly you know bigculturalicons in the sixties yes
in onomastic outsiders with noculturallink to the mountain areas
micht hae tae explicate mirkieculturalreferences like what in the
davidson an veesit aa theculturalsectors in texas i ve
proper [censored: forename] [censored: surname] the assistantculturalattache with the british embassy
come to terms with aculturalelite who preferred to keep
s all i broadened myculturalhorizons on thursday evening by
wondered if it s moreculturalthan anythin else m605: mmhm
initially inclined to discount theculturalaspect but when we listened
there was concern that theculturalaspect could affect the continuing
little i chatted to theculturalattache [censored: forename] [censored: surname] a mr
s attempt to establish hisculturalauthority by upholding the virtues
[inaudible] m818: aye kinna theculturaldifferences m819: that s pretty
undergo yet another n americanculturalexperience namely watching the oscar
day ms macdonald on theculturalgap between the smooth talkers
population were now from diverseculturalbackgrounds a local teacher when
finish by making a hugeculturalleap from ken barlow to
o his religious beliefs anculturalprejudices comin fae a religion
is intended to be aculturalcentre who knows if that
just a very specifical- specificallyculturali- idea that words can
huh f965: it was aculturalrepression although i mean what
about loch ness this isculturalheresy we may rescind your
annual st andrew s dayculturalcelebration lodged on 3 december
have far mair [laugh] interestingculturalideas when ye think aboot
must admit m819: [laugh] [?]called[/?]culturalintegration by eamonn coyle m818:

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