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him crucified risen ascendit ancuminagane wi aa yer hert
is henna powder sudanese peanutscumincoriander black pepper chilli nubian
thogt i herd a noysecuminfrae ma pockit taeok oot
ginger to paste add coriandercuminchilli salt beat yog into
ginger 1 tsp coriander powdercumin2 tsp vinegar 1 chilli
baked cake with coconut cashewcumintypically old english teatime with
furget tae miss the mantelpiececuminup ye wur pure paralytic
takkin the rue an oncuminafore gud on cruikit hochs
a kin jalouse whit scumina ve saw that luk
a clue it wiz awcuminback tae me ma yankee
chalk fist on the horizoncuminintae view as they pass
ae waitter wheel the waittercuminfrae ae mill pound up

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