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news dripped grief in mycuppedear five hours cold in
out of rula lenska scuppedhands which were cupped just
kin cannie thon hauns thatcuppedit roan shieldin an heirskip
in silence i felt hiscuppedbreathing gently fluttering in one
of tears that one handcuppedfor alms like a broken
s cupped hands which werecuppedjust inches away from her
peat heather hinney that scuppedin yon heich mountain flooer
drink as she spoke shecuppedher hand and squeezed quite
then examines it in hiscuppedhands and lets it fly
sit and face two candlescuppedin brass one glass buddha
like a sip of watercuppedfrom a mountain stream pure
towards him her hands halfcuppedover her eyes she hardly

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