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by mr scott satisfy yourcuriositymiss porteous he fog horned
son gout jean baxter scuriositywas kindled how old is
gossips yet smit wi theircuriositykate jyned the boorich an
jist a maitter o iverlaistincuriositytae see foo ae thing
narr 4 thomas edward scuriosityfor aa craiters great an
ithers an for eence ecuriositywis mair regairdit n wark
which were consumed with greatcuriositynatasha read the guarantee of
her knitting i never saidcuriositywas a bad thing an
breaking its banks margaret scuriositycould contain itself no longer
be encouraged to develop acuriosityabout words how they sound
whole island of mallorca mycuriosityabout the man himself is
through it and out ofcuriosityshe ll just follow it

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