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gossipping a puckle and acurnare a few a handful
didna hae mair nor acurncontraks wi rab broun bot
wabsteid o the scots speikerscurnglesca at www mlove free
plastic wis holet in acurnplaces an ere wis nae
o liltin cummin fae acurnrocks nearhaund sae he crasp
an ink blot wi acurnspatteries aa roon t an
a hed ti doush acurno pows wi ma felt
an cairties thon wes acurno the sairie faks at
chairter for leids o thecurnpatent tae scots twa the
m a member of thecurnbut i could envisage the
i could envisage the thecurnputting forward eh very soon
in presenting me wi acurnfae s faither s ain
party committee the cross pairtycurno the scots leid in
s hope the cross partcurnwill will will will will

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