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flicht the velvet o thecurtainslike the heivens up abeen
haimmer last cam velvet bluecurtainssae dark next tae the
warld frae ahin her lacecurtainsfitiver chorin or vandalism she
aspidistra partially shrouded by lacecurtainsof intricate design graces her
has hung traditional mallorcan lacecurtainsover the french style windows
glory over task complete thecurtainspart the heavens weep the
entradas displaying antique furniture festivecurtainsof mallorcan cotton and views
tae this clutter o ornamentscurtainsdrawn fatality in the atmosphere
glow grew behind the drawncurtainsof the right hand window
chink o tinklin bells drawncurtainsoffer lakshmi narayan twa deities
breakfast arrives with the drawncurtainsthe babble of new voices
ere wis naebody aboot thecurtainswere still drawn jonsar winnered
stertit tae git bleck ootcurtainsfor thair windaes an a
went daft shifting furniture changingcurtainsand cushion covers cajoling him
shut afore about to closecurtainsbeth stands shouts sadie sadie
made share we hud thecurtainsshut afore about to close
for the deid wi thecurtainsshut an the only din
turns slowly then whips thecurtainsshut backs away from window
no according to plan thecurtainsare raised from the windows
windows or used to linecurtainsbicycle and car lights you
whigmaleeries i canny bring thaecurtainsdown lilian you want them
ae bird got ahin ecurtainsi cam on canny haadin
the window attempting to lowercurtainsboyter de il tak these
woe boyter up wi thecurtainssee s a haund mr
room then jilly pulled thecurtainsclean off the windae bj
d notice em on ecurtainso e stair windae an
dew blaws throu the gauzecurtainsaiblins chang o the muin
window to draw back thecurtainsto the north beyond the
feeble cry pause silence thecurtainsclose or the lights fade
pat is jilly pat thecurtainsan the light flooded in
pat jilly kept draggin thecurtainsapart then bj kept lee
were stowed in ahint theircurtainslike sardines yeuch i m
margaret ahint scrievin it incurtainso sorrow flickerin ower her
should we maybe draw thecurtainsrowland just what i had
tail tae draw the kitchiecurtainsticht shuttin oot the ferlies
sofa stuffed wi horsehair netcurtainsright fire and congoleum square
my mouth pulling back thecurtainslight invading the room she
they talk she closes thecurtainsputs light on amd tidies
o dawin ah steik thecurtainso the study throu the
blue rinse twitching behind thecurtainsand all that sort of
has even lent her bluecurtainsto replace the grotty green
bit ere wis nae badcurtainsower em an fin ye
to do in house todaycurtainsfixed bath cleaned door repaired
ever having to open thecurtains[laugh] [inaudible] [laugh] [laugh] f809:
the open sky pulls thecurtainsopen let s have the
the door and draws thecurtainsthe room is in semi
the frill on the blowingcurtainsthere in the room where
loues me ay an thecurtainswul hae ti be taen
you have chairs table bedcurtainsetc so hopefully will have
i managed to wash thecurtainsthat came with the house
first fitters comin aa thecurtainshid bin cheenged even the
she jinkit back frae thecurtainsfeart he d catch her
she said drawing back thecurtainshere comes the boat granma
wi the rejoicing multitude thecurtainswill be heisted up to
[laugh] i hate opening thecurtainsin that flat just now
parts and shuts two emeraldcurtainsclosing double barrelled the carrot
austro hungarian empire and heavycurtainspartly closed against the glare

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