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the potential economic impact ofcutsin fishing effort and quotas
2003 the commission proposed largecutsin quotas as an alternative
whiting but instead proposed largecutsin the quotas for these
sea 1993 2003 [note: figure here in original] similarcutsin whitefish quotas have been
keen to ensure that thecutsin whitefish quotas were accompanied
impacts of various scenarios forcutsin whitefish landings the results
economic impact of the quotacutsagreed at the december meeting
for bans and major quotacutsand which is talking the
vote on any new quotacutsbefore they are implemented urges
at its march meeting thesecutsin quota and fishing effort
skeins called cuts or halfcutsa cut being about 310
the cuts aw the offcutsan he would sew them
an collect aw the thecutsaw the off cuts an
the cuts mister blaikie thecutsit s not that it
for demanded mr scott thecutsmister blaikie the cuts it
belt it creaks too thecutsmr robb the cuts she
be bought in skeins calledcutsor half cuts a cut
the cuts mr robb thecutsshe intones and i see
that cost target and avoidcutsin other budgets after debate
as local schools are witnessingcutsin their budgets for staff
to implement 250 000 ofcutsto the budgets of local
improved public services before taxcutsa parliament to make a
schools and hospitals before taxcutsand protect investment that will
increasing council tax or throughcutsin services in the local
services to pay for taxcutsonly the scottish liberal democrats
ask the scottish executive whatcutsand closures are currently proposed
at risk if proposed staffingcutseliminate elements of extra curricular
and to reject any proposedcutsto the nhs in glasgow
s1m 1932 david mcletchie proposedcutsto the scottish regiments wednesday
fishermen take the pain ofcutsclosures and fishing bans any
to opposing vigorously any draconiancutsin fishing opportunities calls on
to support communities affected bycutsin the fishing industry s1f
tinny air a whining planecutscircles in the sky dead
candy twisted a whining planecutscircles in the sky five
and will result in furthercutsin services and the continuation
stewart as a result ofcutsin the scottish prison service
stewart as a result ofcutsin the scottish prison service
to address the deep fundingcutsimplemented by previous tory and
would it address the allegedcutsthat appear in the budget
snp is to address thecutsthat it claims there are
in the light of thecutsof 40 per cent cut
into the impact of thecutsmade on the provision of
basho ir the sum shortcutsin the mukkil lift abuin
lots o green roadies shortcutslittle roadies m1000: aye there
bales 3 35 tons 14cuts4 804 miles 5 10
if one ship uses 14cutscoal in a journey how
then give planning permission thatcutsacross local plans but when
is a thematic partnership itcutsacross some of our most
and he had wee offcutsand he used to make
as if to speak sadiecutsher off sadie dinnae say
the phone rings once andcutsoff as the second ring
believe thunderball was savaged bycutsfor example i remember in
the document there are morecutsfor example in funding for
talk aboot erotic aids faircutsye up that love to
agnes to carolanne it faircutsyour world doon tae size
wilton street requesting that hecutsback his hedge since all
ve finished malcolm bradbury scutssince i arrived and i
neep heid bides next doorcutshis gress wi a motor
us although the main elementcutsin not next year but
million next year with furthercutsin subsequent years throughout the
pensioners petition against sheltered housingcutslodged on 10 may 2000
pensioners petition against sheltered housingcutslodged on 10 may 2000
in order that these swingeingcutsare reversed s1m 2627 mr
and also stipulated that thesecutsshould be accompanied by a
a further 7 million ofcutsmay be made by scottish
3122 unison campaign to avoidcutsin public spending lodged on
during the tory years ofcutsand a lack of proper
distinctly with the years ofcutsby the conservatives continued unfortunately
term for any amendment thatcutsat the heart of the
through the slatted wooden piercutsthe rippling shadow on the
road to the industrial estatecutsthrough the near end of
are sinister purposes behind thecutsperhaps we re being conditioned
were in because of thecutsthat were being imposed on
erm and i mean thatcutsboth ways i mean the
masala indian mixed spice makecutson side of legs of
journey how many tons andcutswill 51 ships use 4
gutter his mither says itcutsnae butter says he ll
deer craw on yer claithcutsnae ice ower here nae
for sutherland if not bycutsiain smith we want there
to its recent announcements oncutsin expenditure if so to
maxwell davies if the thingcutsout all the time we
s aye vext gin hecutsa wurm in twa wi
knife he kneels down andcutsat moula s tongue ye
to accuse the conservatives ofcutshe should explain to the
he he s he hecutsit up wi wi a
her wearin shoes then hecutsthe feet aff her carolanne
budget document mr gibson allegedcutsthe member should read the
appear in the morning withcutsand bruises and bashes and
know that the experts oncutsare in the executive as
same reasons the scientists advisedcutsin catches of nephrops and
we were trying to maggiecutsin realising what the flower
letter condemning the possibility ofcutsin the project which they
directors have even taken savagecutsin their own remuneration however
abeen frost sticks in ancutstae the been tuesday 29
tae stap saut gettin intaecutstheir pain measured in thoosans
for a delay in thecutsuntil the food standards agency
430 compulsory and voluntary jobcutsat its headquarters at craigforth
government interruption i spoke aboutcutsthat were imposed by conservative
fill a gap left bycutselsewhere but as the minister
thoroughly with spices rub intocutsleave for 6 hrs mark
on throw snaw an hailcutsan cracks makk fingers reid
on the back for reliefcutsand sores white of an
grief and joy like swordcutson his brow one brother
havin seen the two roughcutsof the the falls and
it is cold but fathercutsout the frills to kelty
you ivver sa win chillcutsthroo tae the been noo

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