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a rabbit fitt s hedaeina bird look here s
m1108: hey f1107: fitt yedaeinaa ye c- seem to
ain f1113: fitt are youdaeinan elephant right f1114: yes
f1116: oh f1115: fitt theydaeinare they eating mm oh
okay so fitt was youdaeinat granny s the day
no okay fitt was youdaeinat playgroup that you got
ball f1127: fitt wis youdaeinat yer fancy dress concert
spanner look fitt he sdaein[child noise] f1095: he s standing
f1099: come on fitt youdaeincome on a quick wash
come on [censored: forename] fitt youdaeinf1100: nothing f1099: come on
piglet f1103: and fitt theydaeinf1104: erm making a cakes
yeah [laugh] f1103: fitt youdaeinf1104: i ran through water
is it tommy fitt youdaeinf1104: [laugh] f1103: he s
course tinkerbell f1103: fitt youdaeinf1104: tinkerbell needs to swim
me m1106: mum fitt youdaeinf1105: oh i ll s-
granny f1129: fitt was grandadaeinf1130: watchin the tv f1129:
a second [long period of silence] fitt youdaeinf1134: that pen fell doon
that s fitt ain youdaeinfirst f1126: that one there
mmhm and fitt s hedaeinfitt s fitt s fergus
s see fitt we redaeinhere fitt you raking for
f1115: fitt are the aeroplanesdaeinhuh oh look that monkey
oh [squeals] f1105: fitt youdaeinin there right come on
that s fitt he sdaeinlook see watch look oh
f1091: fitt ain are youdaeinm1092: this one f1091: which
being silly what was youdaeinm1096: gluein f1095: fitt s
him in bonny fitt yedaeinm1128: [colouring in] f1127: are you
i m f1127: fitt youdaeinm1128: i m just tasting
[laugh] tickle f1115: fitt youdaeinno ow keep your feet
ow [child noises] f1115: fitt youdaeinno stop it oh she
f1095: fitt s the bucketdaeinower there put it back
goes and fitt s hedaeinputtin on his f1116: jacket
f1101: fitt ain are youdaeinright dae fox then f1102:
[censored: forename] brush [running water] fitt youdaein[running water] [inaudible] m1096: [inaudible] f1095:
[child noise] f1127: now fitt yedaeinsee when ye ve finished
eh woody fitt are yedaeinstupid dog woody put this
sticking some f1105: fitt youdaeinswitched it off m1106 : [noise from toy]
f1101: fitt f1102: i mdaeinthat bittie [panting] no you
[censored: forename] [traffic] fitt were youdaeinthe day then m1096: fitt
it s daddy daddy sdaeinthe dishes that s fitt
see ken fitt he sdaeinthe noo he s sharpening
aye and fitt was [censored: forename]daeinwas he playin wi lego
mm f1129: fitt was youdaeinwas you did you have
[inaudible] f1129: fitt was grandadaeinwhen granny was ironing and
f1129: aye fitt was grannydaeinwhen you was painting f1130:
oh cat fitt s hedaeinwi the sack he s
just watch fitt you redaeinwith this thing [censored: forename] f1130:
f1129: okay that s easydaeinhey what a load o
f1129: now mind [censored: forename] wasdaeinit so she s goin
[inaudible] f1129: was he naedaeinnothing either f1130: no f1129:
minutes f1129: what was shedaeinwhen you was painting f1130:
oan yur aw fur jillydaeinaw this trainin an coachin
yi dey ken what yurdaeindimps cool it stew wur
aye berna the brew sdaeinfine tricks wi yur brain
understand bj realize what yurdaeinjilly bein the silly wee
dey see what she sdaeinpat she s pushin yur
di yi see what yurdaeinpat yur noh that far
oanywae wrong is when yurdaeinsuhum intentional suhum wi malice
stew shouts what ur yidaeinyi dey ken what yur
kirsty jilly hur roots needdaeindoes stretching exercises bj shouts
pause an aw the timedaeinit fur yursell jilly that
what the hell ur yidaeinjilly looking fur the truth
re yi looking fur heredaeinthis fightin jilly boxing pat
pat why jilly why yidaeinthis jilly stops boxing does
fancy moothwork jilly bj sdaeinwhat you should ve been
juidge axed me whitlik illdaeina bene arreistit fur an
nou til aw hir illdaeinan she s been putten
turnt ooto eden like illdaeincottars at term time i
it s aa his aindaeinforgie me ma ill fashions
til he s an illdaeinfylit felon forby at winna
the droug treffekin an illdaeini scotland thai haud the
that in this warld illdaeinis aften weill aneuch rewairdit
end til aw hir illdaeinshe maun hae gien up
richt for aw hir illdaeinsyne thay aw leeved til
the states is an illdaeinterrorist sae twad be richt
an excuse for him illdaeinwee limmer no whit would
she s an honest weilldaeinwumman an yeir ill wull
tellin whit the lads weredaeina hunner yairds doun the
thocht tae whit ye redaeinan gie ower this incessant
room natasha whit ir yedaeinandriusha ir ye readin it
a disturbance whit ir yedaeinbouglin aboot doun thare maister
s faith whit are yedaeincomin up the brae mingin
the invalid whit are theydaeindoonstairs a cry bit they
dinnae ken whit they redaeineither i mean i was
been leukin whit he wisdaeinfor as he taen his
sowl whit hae ye beendaeinfor ti git sae wabbitie
mither valgerd whit ir yedaeingunlöd ah im watchin the
thievin tatties whit are yedaeinhere an whae are ye
flouers whusper whit ir wedaeinhere bloomin for thir drukken
whit the hell are youdaeinhere i speirt dumfounert ah
speak speak whit ir yedaeinhere in iceland an whit
maister rintoul whit s hedaeinhere nanse ah sent for
in whit are they awdaeinhere the maist o them
tae watch whit ye redaeini mind aince bein oot
teacher ken whit you redaeinin a way that highlights
you juist whit ir yedaeinin this chaumer wi morag
mother agnes whit are yedaeinlurkin there oot exit agnes
maid whit is that forkdaeinlyin on the saet for
sternly whit is that forkdaeinlyin on this saet going
no right no whit yedaeinm1096: [inaudible] no no open
the man whit s hedaeinme a service for this
tae him whit were wedaeinme an the girls whit
richt ken whit ye wardaeinmorag but ah did ken
tree eilidh whit s shedaeinmoula she s haggin doun
s whit we ll bedaeinonyway me an the girls
ah wunnert whit ye wardaeinoot yeir bed yeir grace
did ken whit ah wesdaeinqueen softly juist think bairn
crammasie whit s the speiritdaeinsee doun ablow the watter
whit the fuck are yedaeinshe didna speak she lowped
richt ken whit she wesdaeinshe says she aye loues
shi jin whit are yedaeinsnowkin about on ma grund
puggie an whit are yedaeintae ma wee brither puggie
you watch whit ye rdaeinthat l dae fyne richt
guid sakes whit s shedaeinthat s ma faither s
teacher ken whit you redaeinthat shows that some of
a sayin whit wiz adaeinther jinty s gein sumdy
sowl whit hae ye beendaeinti git sae wabbitie an
me whit have i beendaeintryin tae persuade the baby
end an me ah wisdaeinwhit ah wis bid dae
dae ye think ye rdaeinwhit ir ye up ti
pause bairns wi wur kristadaeinwhit wi wur bid dae
didna ken whit she wesdaeinye can swallae that if
dog what s the dogdaeinf1116: [inaudible] f1115: what s
s [inaudible] f1115: [inaudible] puppiesdaeinf1116: poppies [?]i know puppy[/?] f1115: the
f1115: what s the dogdaeinis he hidin mm that
o sillar he wes weilldaeinan innerlie an aw the
thane o cawdor leeves weilldaeinand unco bien for ti
owre the score wi weilldaeinit haes a strang sense
weill aneuch rewairdit an weilldaeinseen ti be wanchauncie follie
be a nice quaet weilldaeinwee auld mannie irena ay
wi you ay ye redaeinweill says the bodie daimen
she wes a guid weilldaeinwumman god bliss hir maimorie
wes finndin an yokkin weilldaeinwycelyke men she secht an
what ah asked ur yidaeinhere ah ve cum fi
huv kent what yi wurdaeinmust huv cammy ur yis
it wur whan yid wisdaeinae lambin fur the bryden
wur dugs an the mithirdaeinsayin nothing takin hur orders
dimps cool it stew wurdaeinthis fur you silence stew
the leevin hairrie ir yedaeindoun thare pompitie ah m
dae ye think ye irdaeinneedle ah dinna want ti
kyndlie valgerd hou ir yedaeinorm orm no sae bad
i f1121: mmhm you redaeina good job dae ye
mmhm you managing f1118: yesdaeina good job f1117: good
re doing fine you redaeina good job [inaudible] a
a mess f1118: i mdaeina good job mum f1117:
f1118: [inaudible] mummy i mdaeina good job mum f1117:
f1104: yeah f1103: you redaeina great job f1104: and
van aye somebody s busydaeina job m1110: somebody s
whiles fit s a cooperdaeina loon s job for
byllies aa are workin ladsdaeina thenkless job for free
there now when i wasdaeinthe job back and forrit
aw day an insteid odaeinthe job hirsell she fermed
that patsy wis tae bedaeinthe job ken said oh
secret i hate mysel fordaeinit but i canna stop
fine we canna be bathereddaeinonythin else hen dearie me
ah m no uised widaeinsic things ah canna byde
canna be expected tae keepdaeinthat loretta would she maybe
heat och i canna bedaeinwi it loretta sitting down
ach no i canna bedaeinwi rinnin back an fore
orderly houss ah canna bedaeinwi uissless auld bodies hingin
hoi polloi ah canna bedaeinwi vulgarity ah feel insultit
up if you re naedaeinit m1096: my lace is
[inaudible] m1096: i m cleverdaeinjigsaws f1095: mmhm you are
gluein f1095: what was youdaeinm1096: gluein f1095: was you
in [inaudible] what were youdaeinthe day then m1096: erm
up cause you re naedaeinthem hurry up m1096: [music]
box if you re naedaeinthem m1096: i am doing
tyres or if they redaeina cost cuttin exercise on
two three f1109: ye redaeinan awfie lot of counting
what they re maist comfortabledaeinan f831: mmhm mmhm m842:
sometimes say hoo re yedaeinan folk ll reply oh
hi loonie foo re yedaeinan my cousin went up
dae ye think ye redaeinbessie wilson that was sair
fit wye no ye redaeinfine gladys it s a
dae you think you redaeingo and get changed this
dae ye think ye redaeinhe blustert ah m fishin
awright [censored: forename] how re yedaeini m your wee pal
re speirin hoo re yedaeini mean we re nae
good because what ye redaeinis ye re translatin nae
you re supposed to bedaeinit s this ain look
well ma f1109: you redaeinit very well that s
fit like hoo re yedaeinm1002: [laugh] it s just
thinkin o what ye redaeinm1016: eh i ve got
tae ken hoo ye redaeinm999: aye [laugh] aye fit
pen you re not d-daein[?]pen[/?] f1133: [inhale] you dare
dae you think ye redaeinsmashin your mither s kitchen
ye re if ye redaeinsomething an ye get affa
remember that when you redaeinthat to [censored: forename] then he
be seen that we redaeinthe feck o them yet
high bit f1109: you redaeinthe high bits m1110: i
suit fitiver project they redaeinthe romans say or the
see oh ye re stilldaeinthe stickers m1128: no i-
aye aye foo re yedaeinthen ye ken an an
got my ain wye odaeinthings ye re the same
am i f1121: you redaeinvery good you re a
dae ye think ye redaeinwi that big treble heuk
f1097: watch what you redaeinwi that water it ll
still ken if they redaeinwrang whan burnin conscience drives
right if you re naedaeinyour jigsaws put them back
[inaudible] of it i amdaeinit f1095: oh well dae
[child noise] f1095: right are youdaeinthe jigsaw or are you
dae ye think ye rdaeinmalcolm standing with his weight
can dae that i likedaeinthat mum after we do
dae that when mummy sdaeinthe dishes m1090: mmhm i
ken eh if i mdaeinonything different fae that i
dinna ken like fit yedaeinor do ye mean like
dinna ken fit i mdaeinthis weekend eh nothin planned
o hair an they weredaeinthis wi it ye ken
ken that the toolies isdaeinwar work they could bomb
f1103: [inaudible] what s hedaeinf1104: [laugh] [laugh] f1103: oh
f1103: no but you keepdaeinit don t you mm
[censored: forename] f1103: i m naedaeinonything f1104: [?]why?[/?] f1103: i
ye kent they war baithdaeina lindford christie doon the
it ll no be ourdaeinat ye loss yir guid
braith an ye sudna bedaeinevil at aa fur god
is juist oor wey odaeinhere ye wul unnerstaun siller
a caunle on a chandlerdaeinhim reverence gin ye hedna
the yaird whan he wesdaeinhiz beisenes tho ye wuidna
inby ye wul see himdaeinit throu a byuss glaumerie
warld forby ye l bedaeinme a guid turn for
thinkin aboot fit she sdaeinon washdays ye could hear
gladys were ye thinkin odaeinonything for it bessie a
i d be bad fordaeinsomethin what way are ye
would- ye wouldnae get kidsdaeinthat now no no [laugh]
raised anither question are yedaeinthat to impress them because
hail ye wha are weeldaeinthe lord is wi ye
matthew hi jim how yedaeinthe summer s no been
say what they ve beendaeinye would just [laugh] you
the noise is f1104: daddydaeinthe dishes she bides up
tak caws the faimilie wesdaeinbeinlie nane the les thai
illnes wes o ma aindaeingin we leive mair douce
laist he wes onawaur odaeint knawinlie nou the dede
thinkin yon wes shona sdaeintae she wesna content wi
natasha natasha ah wes juistdaeinthe roonds for ti see
whan she wes stravaigin abootdaeinthings lady the things she
ma puir defenceless heid furdaeina forbidden deed here adam
hoose froo s traisure furdaeina wash is mah mam
at the gaird fur nodaeinhiz dewtie eftir tho he
naw naw punished bad furdaeinletters words numbers zeb he
what you should ve beendaeinlookin efter us carin fur
flee whan it s nodaeinbut did you try the
whan i think it sdaeinbut it s only a
their cry whan i mdaeinnocht but slippin bye in
whan a wis ae teenagerdaeinsum joinery i the herd
what him an me sdaeinaw beam mi up beam
they thingied your hert wasdaeinaw that f643: well maybe
the window wha is thatdaeinaw that lood speakin thare
the cause o this himdaeinaw the talking you two
would be guttin herrin anddaeinaw things like that and
aw he gies hir fordaeinit is nettils but keep
tae see that aw aredaeinricht an nocht on earth
like you s ah mdaeinthis voluntary dimps aw that
wi mense and wi richtdaeinenoo and for evirmair the
instinct the richt way ofdaeinleave them be to go
auntie [censored: forename] see i mdaeindifferent colours huh f1133: that
m shuir they r nodaeinhir a bit of guid
you f1126: aye i mdaeini m nae daein that
eh f1102: no i mdaeinit real f1101: oh aye
dinnae understaun what i mdaeinjust get the fuck oot
no f1127: what was shedaeinm1128: look i m doned
yet f1126: i m naedaeinthat first f1125: i think
daein this i m nodaeinthat m608: aye m1163: you
m daein i m naedaeinthat one first [inaudible] that
doing the boat f1089: youdaeinthe boat m1090: i m
ma veesits ah m stilldaeinthe roonds o writers groups
s it f1122: i mdaeinthe washing up the day
the pub i m nodaeinthis i m no daein
s okay okay i mdaeinthis okay i ll nae
it tae get used todaeinwithoot frank i m nae
f1134: i am done f1133: daeinthat ain and it s
juist sleeps an sits abootdaeinnaething olga aweill lat hir
mrs dodds an hir scholarsdaeinthair lessons sittin liggin an
f1117: [censored: forename] obviously doesnae likedaeintheir their hair cause she
found a different way adaeinit almost by accident ah
masell a professor an nodaeinonie academic wark but ah
cos it wis better thandaeinreal work anyway ah like
garrin me gang places andaeinthings ah didna want ti
real work anyway ah likedaeinthings lik that and made
that nae doot enjoyed thirselsdaeinit dunbar an tranent schuils
s nae the purpose odaeinit f1130: and what is
owre a drystane dyke eftirdaeinnae mair nor weit his
he has nae intention odaeinthat but as he acquired
a calf that s naedaeinweel it s affa behind
thinkin is for auld weimendaeinthings haes been ma lyfe
hamish [inaudible] and hamish [inaudible]daeinthat come on hamish [inaudible]
faithers plowter in the kitchendaeinaa the cairryin an fetchin
an it s aa yourdaeinbenignitor aye an aften the
chiels bit i cud bedaeinwioot aa the steer i
he likes there wisna muchdaeinthat nicht tae begin wi
wi a biggar frae fyfedaeinthe main contrak howsomdevir smaw
f1101: [humming] [singing] what youdaeinf1102: i can t put
we will what that boysdaeinin the water what are
what the arts cooncil sdaeinit s difficult to see
say och what are youdaeinoot on a day like
what the fuck ur theydaeinoot there silence cammy stew
tae watch what we weredaeinso we built m608: oh
same ones again what aboutdaeinthe farm ains and then
could show thur love wisdaeinwhat they did ti us
an depressin or it wasnaedaeinyou any good that sounds
o ma faither an meidaeinrepairs tae the cobbis ae
mynd ma faither an meidaeinsum wurk ithin the waster
eh the lassie that wasdaeinit though she was brilliant
she no dee in thedaeino t she did that
kiehole saw the wee bannokdaeinawa at the ingil ho
suspected a wee quinie odaeinonythin amiss they wad hae
want to hear o youdaeinony mair housework all right
are you going to continuedaeinthat m1106: no i won
wis real look murray isdaeinhis elvis his cousin maggie
an a body wis anelydaeinhis ceevic duty bi keepin
in the pub whae wisdaeinthe wurld tour thays r
fancy an fin i wisdaeinthon i felt sae maisterfu
man s chief eyn wisdaeinyer ceevic duty chief o
no awfu he s ayedaeinsumthing silly masha gets up
concern that mair aye needsdaein81 giein a thocht tae
mm aye uh huh f902: daeinentertainin the kids an eh
i i was we weredaeinthat talent show f831: aye
scuddlin claes for for ehdaeinyer hoosework m999: is there
did we think we weredaeinraisin our consciousness jist tae
denner hingin oot the claesdaeinthe airnin cuttin the gress
peacefu even though we aredaeineighty it s the time
unit are aften on tvdaeingaelic raps it gies them
a d be better affdaeindeacon dong a favour an
til an whitfor is propopovdaeinootby in a troika wha
an direck wey an idaeinsae funnily eneuch he ratifies
an the kids have beendaeinthat an as i said
f831: an we shouldna bedaeinthat we should be quite
on baith breet an mandaeinthe darg tae full their
they had the asylum seekersdaeinthe hair an daein the
an ferm bairns wad bedaeinthe same hoosaeiver the auld
seekers daein the hair andaeinthe the paintin o the
land an its culture indaeinthis we ar takin pairt
land an its culture indaeinthis we ar takin pairt
yett valgerd hou is hedaeingunlöd awthing faws afore his
at that time he wasdaeinhis national service doon in
erm katie s pig isdaeina jig just right there
the hell s big johndaeingrowled wull that s buggert
must be millions o weemendaeinjist that it s five
nuthuin away cammy dolly sdaeinthe talking dimps ya choob
ti serve the land indaeinthat we serve oorsells we
like this i am jistdaeinmy duty said pullar but
like a wean and himdaeinthis fuckin heidmaister routine and
the aix moula didna denydaeinit it coudna been shona
speir hou their men weredaeinjeez we cuid hae been
that wishin only tae bedaeinthe milkin or collectin the
show me better wyes odaeinathing i said till im
speakers cuid read chaucer athootdaeinthe same some o his
in other words i wasdaeinit wrang f1102: mmhm right
that ins- m999: we weredaeinmoody insane was feel f1053:
in ellon watchin john mearnsdaeinhis hinmaist stint as mc
saired in the royal navydaeinhis national service in his
a man and awfy weeldaeinmrs laing i can hardly
cam up on puggie ochtdaeinnaethin yet freen cam the
thoosan ither jobs that needindaeinaften fowk at the big
m642: it wisnae the olddaeindoon the bottom of the
conquest as punishment for wrangdaeinor through a contract entered
us hou is the firedaeinsoliony the wund haes lowdent
a string a yo yodaeinthe heilan fling pit mirk
lik jyvvirs at the jiggindaeinthe twust nou thocht the

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