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frae newbattle newbattle s indalkeithyou know so i mean
she was she belonged todalkeithand her her mother tried
as he drove down todalkeithto congratulate the staff on
how he travelled down todalkeithto congratulate the staff on
a video link between thedalkeithand glasgow sites which proved
and she was talking ordinarydalkeithsis- ken betty she used
sufficient consideration of the a65dalkeithbypass scheme will have taken
and kept a school atdalkeithand that she did take
she kept the school atdalkeithhad she maybe been a
seb staff were based indalkeiththis year there were probably
a result i went todalkeithand spent some time with
sent the wifie packing thedalkeithfolk were jealous of her
school to be built indalkeithby midlothian council using a
what is being done atdalkeithand through our internal quality
s letter phone calls todalkeithsaid put them in through
locate the new school indalkeithnot in danderhall or the
the day he went todalkeithhe turned up to find
the brae heid ower abuindalkeithwhaur ye cuid vissie the
from the aps into thedalkeithprint system it eventually transpired
that we were working indalkeithmichael russell this is the
she had the schuil atdalkeiththe wumman was frae the
how many when he visiteddalkeithwhere i was spending most
that when he arrived atdalkeithhe was gobsmacked to paraphrase
him on his way todalkeithmr monteith would the job

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