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i am grateful to maracedareaufor her advice and comments
and methodology for dost maracedareauhas examined the changing perceptions
of harry watson and maracedareauvolume v o pn was
when the editorial director maracedareauwas tackling the entry for
g 1951 is characterised bydareauas a closet encyclopaedist who
whole range of scottish culturedareau2002a 80 the need to
very largely to linguistic analysisdareau2002a 81 jack aitken his
historians as much as linguistsdareau2002a 83 this approach in
this section is included indareau2002b and in dost xii
accelerated completion in november 1993dareauin a letter to dr
to responsibility for edited copydareauand overall responsibility for the
the crisis of 1981 continueddareauhad returned to dost in
end of the year 2000dareauet al 1994 it was

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