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in alang all doubil doubildargan truibil fyre burn an
cantraip pat all doubil doubildargan truibil fyre burn an
an bubbil all doubil doubildargan truibil fyre burn an
for a her days bydargor dint though whiles gey
v dabble daith n deathdargv toil dauner v wander
deal daftlyke foolish daith deathdargwork dauner stroll daur dare
ither nor inglis 32 efterdargdone by the pairlament s
lyfienes an yokit ti hizdarginglis wirriet about the lak
awa the day s dourdargthe saicont coorse in lyfe
ti serr ye is dourdargyeir grace a wul ryde
an he said ye maunnadargowre sair littil ane for
wes sae littil uised widargthat she never gat oot
littil fallae an did hisdargthat weill that awbodie lykit
o cairryin oot the degradindargo torture an capital punishment
punishment for wickedness a weiriedargti warsil throu until the
honest fur twis a lanesomedargin his executive eyrie lookin
himsell for his day sdargsyne the honest smith rase
o gweed honest sharn thedargwis hard the oors war
murdo gat back frae hisdargat the plou his wyfe
sober an alane nae easydargan telt him plain that
laith ti dae the fairmindarghe socht alane for fowk
uised wi this kynd odargnor yeirsell this wad be
wuid bei ae wuman sdargan gey affen a wuid
masell doun ti this frichtsumdargawa an begowk the warld
fand at a hed tidargfur masell insteid ti pey
ye nott for e dailydargan a e sotter o
fock gangin aboot thair dailydargwi blithsome herts the day
first she wes gien coorsedargin the kitchen helpin the
aunt florence tuik ower thedargo educatin minnie first aff
lorimer tuik on the wechtiedargo makin scots prose anew
brian wis gweed at sdarglike a terrier he cud
wumman died o the sairdargat is necessar ti bigg
it wis a gey sairdargwalin oot a winner frae
mainners mair eased tae computerdargnor tae doonricht scunnerin soss
bit grund in ae daysdargwiooten onie wannecessar trauchle nor
lats ye ken fit thedargwis like in the nor
taen on wi his daysdargan cuid ethlie gie owre
owre monie a year odargbi this tyme wurd o
plyter o their life sdarga warld that nippit their
gin a d foreseen sicdargan strife a d bided
sic a hard day sdargthat whan ah cum hame
awa til his day sdargthat wul ah dae even
a l gie ye sumdargwul redd ye o yeir
oor efter oor back brakkindargwi the thrissle prods stoonin
frae hame fur ae daysdargi the hoscote wud fallaed
hame eftir his day sdargtil his sheilin an kis
merk cairrie on wi yeirdargthan naething else maitters caw
fyew traivellers tales the ordnardargfur a culture cairrier in
fur yer half day sdargthey turned aff the beach
fur beerial yet the polisdargwad takk time there wis
aff the bit wi thisdargava she spins for a
me na na my weedarglies here now i think
ve wrocht is there somedargi canna dae he canna
o events wis reddit andargdone oot ower the 45
the national cultural strategy ootlinindargdone sae faur on the
rest o the day sdargis done even then she
syne tell him ye haedargti dae leive him wi
sighs raxxes eyn o daydargfeenished he enjoys his strang
on wi hir day sdargin thir steirin dwams o
an git on wi madargah l try no ti
juist hae ti wurk andargaw the happiness is reserred
inby we set ti thedargwi the anerlie gear we
an fowk blythe at theirdargwhan whit wis tint wis
an wis back at herdargin the hoose scrapin carrots
fowks bairns wis a thanklessdargspeecially isie leave the kittlin
pyson halflins veins his publicdargwis t spylt by yon
naebodie kens whit siller andarghaes been spent on it
maun kemp an chaave andargperpetuallie tae keep whit s
taste she sae luved herdargshe aye mislikit tae win
an oot blawn braith aadargaa poetry deen stoor sattles
the result o aa theirdarghid bin the septiles an
bailie as pairt o hisdargbit likewise the warm watter
yirsels faiver his the kittlesomedargo designin a simmer skweel
minions were thrang at theirdargin the earth abune for
breet an man daein thedargtae full their wame monkey
hutches per man was thedargand for that work you
can best tak on thisdargan whaur the fundin is

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