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germs wi clarty buits faedauncinon ma gums giraffe skinnymalinkie
m telt that scat ceilidhdauncinis popular wi scots an
lowe an the fire wisdauncinblythely in the hearth the
a sang bonnie the harebelldauncinsae thrang wages are scarce
cauld dowp cauld cheer ithersdauncinon the fleer muckle pech
church o scotland nae singindauncinor general frivolities mark has
end in tears but indauncinan joy as it had
pearls an ruffs spanish galleonsdauncinbears streets wi a thoosan
the wee feigurs that wardauncinin the ring an ai
fairies liltin an saw thaimdauncinin the ring on sunday
is stottin fu wee quinedauncintae a strange new beat
it sets the aik leavesdauncinaff in the daunce o
like the styoo o poppiesdauncinower the air kate sat
comin snochry jock are yedauncinnae wi you fit wye
forget me nots wad bedauncinfar the rowan stood wi
taen this up bedein andauncinwi mair virr nor ever
sowel quo minnie her eendauncinwi glee ay bit thon
swippert jurnay hamewith shae wesdauncinmad wi tammas whan he
strete o embro whan thedauncinwes duin thai furmed thairsells
haed the wee fowk wardauncintil the muisic o a
m gaun back ti thedauncinan ye can tell yeir
draaers are lacy see themdauncinon the line jiggin there
henna an hinney an swackdauncinquines rubies an meensteens an
bullocks the cobras wyvin andauncinthe glaur o the gutters

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