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wae s the herts odaunerinmen harkin back whan they
eftir a packman bodie camdaunerinby an whan he sichtit
wyld gress cuivers the courtyairddaunerincreepers hap the wal ah
bat moth bare scud nakeddaunerinstrolling screivin scraping howkin digging
leaf scraping the paving stonesdaunerinblithe i the caul kiltit
voce o the lord goddaunerinin the yaird in the
days it s gey wanchaunciedaunerinan whan ye think aboot
an ae day he wesdaunerinalang the saunds near his
caunil this lyfe is adaunerinshaidae a sairie actor that
whan he met a wifiedaunerindoon the road haudin oot
middle o june an whiledaunerinalang its bank i had

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