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languages in his submission drdauvithorsbroch honorar research cheil institute
leids in his submission drdauvithorsbroch honorar research cheil institute
o jesse the faither odauvitthe michty roy dauvit neist
o jesse the faither odauvitthis is the genealogy o
johnstone 24 submission fae drdauvithorsbroch 25 submission fae p
johnstone 33 submission from drdauvithorsbroch 34 submission from p
out erm and eh ohdauvithorsbroch again [laugh] two bites
as a political football drdauvithorsbroch also argues that there
as a political fitba drdauvithorsbroch argies tae that there
gifted writers eh caroline macafeedauvithorsbroch gavin falconer andy eagle
in a different way sodauvithorsbroch this is on your
the trone o his faitherdauvitand he sall hae the
end upon the trone odauvitand upon his kinrick tae
o dauvit the michty roydauvitneist in honner and glore
hid behind a cloud minddauvita lot hings on foo
joseph o the hoose odauvitand the lass s name
quo he joseph son odauvitdinna be feart tae tak
suddenly remembered was a fridaydauvithis mother cried rin ben
twenty third psalm o kingdauvit[censored: text of hymn] the lord said the
nae mair o key odauvitsceptre o the royal hoose
speaking with those strangulated wordsdauvitdearie strauchten yer pynts his
bowl fit colour s thisdauvitreid da came the reply
pendicle ti suddron sangs bidauvithawkes ane michtie monad eastren
bi sanguine saul goliath butdauvitjeronimus solemn fou breekit wi
day in the brugh odauvita hainer wha is christ
were canaanites and sib taedauvitsae they were forbeers o

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