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are you talkin aboot eddiedavieleathered you in geography in
come aff it i remembereddaviemurdoch didn t i everybody
us arseholes again eh andaviemurdoch he lives in fuckin
cunt got a doin affdaviemurdoch i hink the pope
that got a doin affdaviemurdoch noo you re really
didn t i everybody remembersdaviemurdoch same as matt black
the results wir bad kennindaviehe d probably hae askit
naw he cuidnae hae askitdavietae came alang wi him
oot on the rassle widavieas usual it wis davie
davie as usual it wisdaviewhae hud seen him the
a heid one day sodavieinvitit tony tae a square
try tae explain it awadaviekent tony went up the
that tony foond oot thatdaviewis gay anaw bumped intae
5th october 1985 my granpadaviecurrie ran the scout troop
same an the wark odaviecurrie johnny cairns an h
he hud got pished widavieand wis fir stoatin stairtin
he hud thoucht o phonindaviebit he kent he d
it this centre afor widaviebit hud ayeweys felt a
in the end him andaviehe hud been best pals
thinkin o aw the possabilitiesdaviehis best pal hud says
safer sex he cuid seedaviean his safer sex patrol
it craik sheil wis aedavieriddle whae played the bagpipes
wind it s me annadaviehurry up it s raining
i found her gaze unsettlingdaviedrew her attention i was
it him it wisnae thatdaviedidnae like him in fact
richard simpson s1m 942 thedavieand william show lodged on
i never cried him dilithiumdavietae his face back then
turned to peer back atdaviei ll bring you another
you ve brought a frienddavieshe turned to look at
kent the bit ferst badedavieclerk netta clerk o burnfit
got his baws booted affdaviewhen he came tae bellahouston
that masel ed still ifdavieturns up tonight i don
you know whit i meandaviewas awright sometimes i sat
the heid a wee bitdaviewudnae hae approved o his
i ken damn fine aulddavies daft but so are
ye tak yer ease aulddavies gyte fou weel i
empty o aebodie him andavieaften used tae come here
then i take it saysdaviehaudin a condom in his
he s actually there ifdaviewent mental again it s
i m going to askdaviehume we ken whit he
wis he gaein tae telldaviethe airm reached roond an
bleak monochrome a note ondavies door confirmed the climb
an the orra loon dandydaviefa waukit ower ffrae his
up at a roup thedaviebroon tractor was garaged here
enough to be peered arounddaviewho s that with you

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