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the previous day in thedaylightthe fields were like patchwork
doom november weather not muchdaylightand murky misty days however
to sit there in broaddaylightlingering over the juicy emotional
and there is plenty ofdaylight11 the organisers would like
the field beyond which indaylightis a tangle of scrub
worker bees toil like antsdaylightflies in on a predatory
a peerie bit in thedaylightbrushes are in here asked
obscure glass through which indaylighti can see bars a
open let s have thedaylightin for when the kid
world drained of the intensedaylightcolour of the island a
t catch any of thedaylightso i had to really
now and again in thedaylighther deep set eyes still
prospect of more and moredaylighthours when i can t
hallway it ll soon bedaylightan the bairns ll be
and the state of thedaylightthere was a good north
two skylights let in moredaylightif there was any and
yes f1159: in there indaylightand oh no never again
the bill there is nodaylightbetween most of the submissions
you go in there indaylightand it s not so

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