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they already know a greatdealabout language and that with
themselves will learn a greatdealabout the nature of language
we owe nurses a greatdealand all of us in
used their feet a greatdealand came to the door
padding er not a greatdealand i think the horse
we can stomach a greatdealbut he should be slightly
might not seem a greatdealbut it is a quarter
parliament has achieved a greatdealbut must be given time
and romance and a greatdealelse victorian scottish authors in
would have been a greatdealhappier if the provisions in
do not see a greatdeali am pleased that the
not been mentioned a greatdeali am sure that my
did not say a greatdealin his statement which is
fyow hooses meant a greatdealin the old days it
at the moment a greatdealis done through husbandry to
definition of that a greatdealit was wonderful i did
critical listening took a greatdeallonger and individual presentation could
consultant had taken a greatdeallonger if they did have
the public purse a greatdealmore 10 48 cathy peattie
there must be a greatdealmore in the collections of
address the situation a greatdealmore needs to be done
it must be a greatdealmore than that it must
principles but not a greatdealmore the common foreign and
mike russell has a greatdealmore to say on that
order and involves a greatdealmore work the lack of
and that caused a greatdealo resentment in the falkirk
think kelman employs a greatdealo scots he s he
will discover that a greatdealof action was taken in
to be causing a greatdealof bad feeling there is
uk can have a greatdealof confidence the tribunal will
who has enjoyed a greatdealof consensus on this issue
us have given a greatdealof consideration to whether tenants
there was always a greatdealof contact between here and
risk it took a greatdealof courage to take that
licensing has caused a greatdealof debate this may come
community that suffers a greatdealof deprivation is that although
it necessarily made a greatdealof difference in a lot
it has taken a greatdealof effort and time to
period aitken put a greatdealof effort into expanding the
committee who put a greatdealof effort into scrutinising the
88 there is a greatdealof endorsement for increased exposure
osteoporosis and does a greatdealof excellent work in the
ben wallace has a greatdealof experience i did not
of locomotion but a greatdealof foot slogging went on
done the public a greatdealof good this winter you
there will be a greatdealof good will from all
reluctance and with a greatdealof hesitation and having made
each gladys with a greatdealof huffing and oh me
to each other a greatdealof informal discussion took place
promised there is a greatdealof interest in our deliberations
the matter needs a greatdealof investigation and input which
passion spontaneity and a greatdealof knowledge on many occasions
learners benefit from a greatdealof listening to examples of
fun and inherited a greatdealof local lore from her
does not seem a greatdealof money even in these
fishing for information a greatdealof money has already been
of starlings and a greatdealof money paying them to
they would save the greatdealof money that the national
there isn t a greatdealof mother earth on the
gray i spend a greatdealof my time meeting older
yard apparently in a greatdealof pain gripping the top
would come under a greatdealof political pressure from people
clearly been under a greatdealof pressure have you been
volunteers who take a greatdealof pride in our quiet
period these demonstrate a greatdealof regional variation and are
the cause of a greatdealof resentment and bad feeling
there is not a greatdealof satisfaction in meeting them
it gives me a greatdealof satisfaction to be closing
say there is a greatdealof speculation and comment of
it up with a greatdealof squawking he then leaves
and were under a greatdealof stress heads were not
in the process a greatdealof support is emerging across
programme i have a greatdealof sympathy with janis hughes
other members have a greatdealof sympathy with that i
said i have a greatdealof sympathy with what christine
responsible for a very greatdealof the good work and
1976 and did a greatdealof the work for the
the land spent a greatdealof time listening to pied
do not have a greatdealof time mr jenkins ian
the marking took a greatdealof time the higher still
and therefore took a greatdealof trouble over everything he
than england 34 a greatdealof uncertainty is associated with
and large by a greatdealof voluntary activity the fact
that it took a greatdealof willpower to reject the
was aware that a greatdealof work had been done
something for which a greatdealof work has been done
just say that a greatdealof work has been going
which to do a greatdealof work if we are
the academia list a greatdealof work is done on
that we have a greatdealof work to get through
weeks and relied a greatdealon rhetoric the contracts that
we would gain a greatdealor we can go down
billion is a very greatdealparticularly when it is produced
age alastair dempster a greatdealrests on the enthusiasm of
cleaner maggie johnston a greatdealshe was unique smelt of
it would be a greatdealsimpler for retailers to administer
long we hae a greatdealtae get through today he
time but not a greatdealthis year in the light
which has done a greatdealto bring the arts to
seems to have a greatdealto commend it any difficulties
excluded that has a greatdealto do with the labour
upset farmers sacrificed a greatdealto keep foot and mouth
i still have a greatdealto make amends for but
did not relate a greatdealto people leaving institutions or
by macdiarmid did a greatdealto raise consciousness of scots
or 80 contribute a greatdealto society they want to
which has contributed a greatdealto the parliament it has
mouthpiece for the parents idealwith one of the great
there is not a greatdealwrong with such polyculture perhaps
he obviously suffered a greatdealyet he insisted on coming
warm welcome to the mccronedealand were enthusiastic that it
heating programme and the warmdealannual report 2001 02 s1w
that much disarray the warmdealcontributes to energy savings our
rented sector applied for warmdealgrants in the last year
the take up of warmdealgrants to pensioners and families
as a result the warmdealhas resulted in 130 000
already made through the warmdealin providing insulation to 80
already made through the warmdealin providing insulation to 80
the operation of the warmdealin scotland with specific reference
communities the executive s warmdealinitiative is a continuation of
of funding in the warmdealprogramme for 1999 2000 is
tolerable standard warm deal warmdealprovides a grant of up
the launch of the warmdealscheme on 1 july and
s1m 391 fiona hyslop warmdealthat the parliament notes with
central heating initiative the warmdealthe concessionary fares scheme and
heating programme and the warmdealthe result of that innovative
schemes these include the warmdealthe review of the building
current operation of the warmdealto address this and other
of the tolerable standard warmdealwarm deal provides a grant
to say furthermore has adealbeen cobbled together with certain
bureaucracy with which firms mustdealbut the chancellor of the
been there if the newdealdid not exist notes with
of law enforcement agencies todealeffectively with some of the
for a project worker todealexclusively with women over 50
equal opportunities committee i willdealfirst with the question on
and in the office theydealfor example with case marking
that we would negotiate anddealin bilateral discussions with those
because bodies with which wedealin respect of tenants and
discussion today with the newdealin scotland for example could
sip des mcnulty i willdeallater with that issue which
people who are trying todealmuch more generally with the
with crimes retrospectively it willdealonly with crimes that take
that the justice committees shoulddealonly with criminal law legislation
point about whether it woulddealonly with issues such as
the poet should choose todealonly with the beautiful and
the petition i want todealonly with the specifics of
we have management plans thatdealprimarily with the first year
we must find ways todealproperly with rurality which mike
initiatives work through the newdealthrough connecting people with disabilities
i hope that we candealtoday with questions or comments
in scotland is insufficient todealwith a demand that will
in connection with the newdealwith a ministers and officials
way for the parliament todealwith a particular issue without
does not have time todealwith a petition it should
public how we want todealwith a petition or any
anybody we might have todealwith a plethora of issues
would like mr lowman todealwith a point in the
at westminster the right todealwith a scottish issue when
dorothy grace elder do youdealwith a sue ryder office
any other relevant body todealwith abandoned vehicles s1w 27407
500 million a year wedealwith about 729 acts of
is to decide how todealwith agenda items 7 and
on the private sector todealwith all private landlords who
the procedures first we shalldealwith amendments to the bill
all committees a committee candealwith an issue that crops
in england eddie egan wedealwith an office in england
negativity andrew normand we mustdealwith and manage that phenomenon
scottish parliament has had todealwith and we should do
any plans in place todealwith any effort displacement resulting
scottish executive will take todealwith any increase in the
what action is proposed todealwith any shortages in diphtheria
that are in place todealwith any such incident s1w
what plans there are todealwith any violence against staff
the issues that it candealwith are known as devolved
action is being taken todealwith asbestos in glasgow s
the bill that we candealwith at stage 2 if
the budget document difficult todealwith because it does not
and there are plans todealwith business specific problems that
to be brought in todealwith cases of alleged failure
wider context how do wedealwith change for change will
we have been able todealwith civil and criminal legislation
authorities with the power todealwith complaints regarding high hedges
authorities with the power todealwith complaints regarding high hedges
to enable local authorities todealwith contaminated and derelict land
in place a strategy todealwith contaminated land including landfill
and section 3 2 whichdealwith contraventions and exceptions and
increase international co operation todealwith crime it is sometimes
given that it will notdealwith crimes retrospectively it will
constituted is manifestly failing todealwith criminal and offending behaviour
the police s capacity todealwith criminal behaviour within communities
the bill does not justdealwith criminal investigations and drugs
proper provisions in place todealwith dangerous dogs and in
a science linguistics could onlydealwith data that could be
that must by its naturedealwith diffuse pollution dr black
innovative reed bed system todealwith domestic sewage in a
include inter alia powers todealwith domestic violence after debate
more targeted so that wedealwith enforcement where it is
but it is important todealwith facts and not with
sometimes on inappropriate occasions todealwith family business with which
integrated network that lets usdealwith fares and reliability we
had a sulking wife todealwith first whit is it
such systems to systems thatdealwith flexi credits for how
stay within the law ourdealwith gamekeepers and the shooting
fund recycling rather than todealwith general waste management problems
for now he had todealwith getting himself and his
till you really have todealwith her when she found
wider questioning of how wedealwith history and more intimately
of the statutory provisions todealwith homelessness even if it
that if we manage todealwith homelessness in its present
police activity in having todealwith hunt saboteurs would provide
have a simpler system todealwith i have indicated a
any questions that we cannotdealwith i will be happy
s views because the ssisdealwith impact assessment the forestry
statutory instrument that we willdealwith in item 5 is
typographical error which we willdealwith in the usual fashion
nhs and local authorities todealwith incidents arising from the
many issues for ministers todealwith including the appointment of
think that the guidance mightdealwith individuals the executive says
the groups met infrequently todealwith issues in other words
ceremonies you would have todealwith issues such as access
out how the board woulddealwith issues such as conflicts
obviously we will need todealwith issues such as enforcement
to work out how todealwith it although we do
relation to the petition anddealwith it as a separate
don t really have todealwith it f809: [laugh] f810:
parliament could act quickly todealwith it i prefer to
information for that reason wedealwith it in less detail
the health centre have todealwith it increasingly prisons are
that an obvious way todealwith it is by bringing
back from the executive anddealwith it it is better
government budgets are altered todealwith it loss of critical
constituency we are trying todealwith it many people who
into the issue and todealwith it more appropriately stewart
mr sanderson we ll soondealwith it sanderson thank you
the standards committee could alsodealwith it the conveners should
different ways in which todealwith it we can accept
extra costs into consideration anddealwith it when it is
a situation is able todealwith it without having a
the executive do i willdealwith kenny gibson s statistics
can check in and onedealwith labels at three tables
framework should be introduced todealwith landlords or the private
period of time and willdealwith language policy and how
it would have had todealwith later the work load
him if he exists todealwith life through the intellect
for local authorities they mustdealwith limited resources competing demands
trying to tackle deprivation anddealwith massive social problems in
will be brought forward todealwith matters in section 78
s flexibility and ability todealwith matters that are outside
and 3 of the billdealwith matters that are reserved
mcnulty we are trying todealwith members approaches to lobbying
first the letter does notdealwith mercury secondly i am
residential mobile homes park theydealwith midlothian council s proposals
few minutes but i willdealwith mike rumbles s point
that the icc is todealwith ms macdonald i want
would not be able todealwith ms white that brings
irene mcgugan and i willdealwith much of the detail
highlands and islands to effectivelydealwith new challenges to their
the report that we willdealwith on 27 november we
lothians snp i want todealwith one matter that does
the capacity and flexibility todealwith one person we need
cabx exist but they alsodealwith other activities such as
the franchise replacement process candealwith overcrowding by considering matters
office with several deputes whodealwith particular fields thus keeping
context of standard life willdealwith people from scotland people
already introduced additional powers todealwith people who are involved
it is more difficult todealwith people who have been
other health professionals too theydealwith people with respiratory problems
the border about how wedealwith persistent sex offenders mr
for children s hearings todealwith persistent young offenders s1o
more quite important item todealwith petitions asbestos pe336 the
equivalent of this committee todealwith petitions coherently across the
how long it takes todealwith petitions i would like
the way in which committeesdealwith petitions the convener the
councils should be able todealwith petitions when i was
points angus mackay i willdealwith phil gallie s point
may no longer have todealwith poverty factors such as
will be a need todealwith prejudice and ignorance on
pounds possibly being required todealwith priority need how specific
how we as a communitydealwith prisoners in those categories
service with experienced staff todealwith private tenants i could
the bill an element todealwith private tenants would it
that context the executive willdealwith problems that are not
the 21st century we mustdealwith racism sectarianism and the
of the industry if wedealwith realities in this committee
final petitions that we mustdealwith relate to opencast mining
mcclure 1988 subsequent chapters willdealwith related research methodology and
set out how local authoritiesdealwith relaxations of buildings standards
issue for the committee todealwith richard grant primarily the
to allow local authorities todealwith roads particularly of the
asked about how we shoulddealwith rogue landlords more generally
our strategic plan is todealwith serious crime almost 12
in the glasgow office todealwith serious crime having identified
the strongest possible measures todealwith sex offenders if pragmatically
a matter for her todealwith she may be concerned
parts of the bill thatdealwith single tenancies the introduction
bigger portfolios who did notdealwith small two person and
of time in which todealwith so called alternatives that
you at all because theydealwith so many f965: that
team in four years todealwith social justice i understand
in common in how theydealwith social policy the achievement
it is common sense todealwith some issues co operatively
debate the speeches attempted todealwith some of our policies
i hope that it willdealwith some of the issues
research be broadened slightly todealwith some of the issues
be aware that we shoulddealwith some petitions and say
will it enable us todealwith some small anomalies such
have the language skills todealwith someone who believes that
parliament many of the committeesdealwith specific devolved areas such
or objects but they candealwith specific people or entities
is right that committees shoulddealwith ssis as early as
to how the committee mightdealwith ssis if i go
scottish executive how it willdealwith submissions and responses to
and i have had todealwith such a problem i
best advice on how todealwith such a situation do
it is its responsibility todealwith such cases in respect
it be more appropriate todealwith such eventualities in the
because it is important todealwith such incidents quickly the
does not have time todealwith such issues so are
we must consider how wedealwith such offences if the
financial provision for support todealwith such people i understand
strengthen local authorities powers todealwith such situations business bulletin
meets its objectives when wedealwith such technical measures it
school children getting a rawdealwith teachers going on strike
didn t really want todealwith that cause it s
year so we need todealwith that challenge we also
is making and i willdealwith that element later however
hope that the minister willdealwith that finally i was
i will leave him todealwith that generally it is
would not be appropriate todealwith that in primary legislation
ways that we need todealwith that is the same
the minister might want todealwith that issue before i
robin harper may want todealwith that issue he will
else we will have todealwith that issue in due
has made the executive coulddealwith that letter in the
way that we need todealwith that one of the
for animal welfare we willdealwith that petition last a
presiding officer the member candealwith that point when he
bid for additional staff todealwith that pressure the need
to consider how he willdealwith that problem we all
that some other budget willdealwith that project she has
it may be possible todealwith that sort of issue
might be the way todealwith that the convener we
been overemphasised we need todealwith that the voluntary sector
drawing and decided i coulddealwith that then drew another
[exhale] amount of nerve todealwith that thing you know
strengthen our staff resources todealwith that type of work
many families how do wedealwith that we need to
fencing there are ways todealwith that why not consider
arrangements it is there todealwith the additional potential problems
services were left stretched todealwith the aftermath three policemen
success however will the ministerdealwith the amount of sips
ministers about which court woulddealwith the appeal process i
want and deserve let medealwith the arguments that have
and perhaps more significantly thatdealwith the arrest and surrender
picture of it they mustdealwith the bad address the
continue with it we willdealwith the broader issues of
measures are in place todealwith the consequences of prison
five organisations to come anddealwith the core issues meet
the system s inability todealwith the current level of
towards enforcement how will wedealwith the dialogue that will
those who have had todealwith the difficulties of arranging
we may begin before wedealwith the dog fouling scotland
about storms that she coulddealwith the dramatic overbearing often
it was not easy todealwith the european union with
systems must be able todealwith the extra pressures to
two individual colleges we shoulddealwith the financial difficulties that
under the 1982 act todealwith the fire safety issue
organisations feel that whenever theydealwith the government or local
westminster bill contains provisions thatdealwith the granting of privileges
what plans it has todealwith the growing problem of
a centre of excellence todealwith the health hazards of
a centre of excellence todealwith the health hazards of
policy so we need todealwith the here and now
and more intimately how wedealwith the human life cycle
reading and consideration because theydealwith the important issue of
voluntary sector is funded todealwith the increase in costs
attention your committee had todealwith the instrument in question
the executive will introduce todealwith the issue angus mackay
there is an intention todealwith the issue at the
under codes of guidance todealwith the issue in more
information if other legislation willdealwith the issue let us
is over how we shoulddealwith the issue of nurses
would it be appropriate todealwith the issue of the
that the criminal justice billdealwith the issue rather than
the ombudsman s office todealwith the issues there was
but i will try todealwith the key issues that
difficult for local authorities todealwith the legislation is difficult
debate next week westminster shoulddealwith the legislation members indicated
the united kingdom parliament shoulddealwith the matter as it
rest assured that we candealwith the matter at a
the executive as it willdealwith the matter before the
can say that it shoulddealwith the matter dr brown
point that we wish todealwith the matter in scots
i will be happy todealwith the matter later too
general taxation first i willdealwith the matter of expectations
sure that the committee candealwith the matter swiftly my
have procedures in place todealwith the matter the convener
otherwise of the uk todealwith the millennium bug paragraph
the minister for finance todealwith the minister for finance
well designed computer programs candealwith the more repetitive tasks
in the hardest work anddealwith the most difficult problems
f785: mm m055: even todealwith the national history just
funding review was crucially todealwith the need to bring
break for coffee before wedealwith the next agenda item
of abraham now i willdealwith the one who perished
and the first was todealwith the overcrowding of the
associated with the chemicals thatdealwith the parasites and those
line staff who have todealwith the patient in the
of resources within regions todealwith the peaks and troughs
briefly paragraphs 2 to 9dealwith the period for answer
and ask that committee todealwith the petition given that
which can decide whether todealwith the petition mary scanlon
is the committee that willdealwith the policy issues as
sepa would then have todealwith the problem from both
that that measure alone willdealwith the problem it is
sell petrol to try todealwith the problem of high
scheme are in trying todealwith the problems in the
present rate of funding willdealwith the projects that already
that they own if wedealwith the properties first we
appropriate for some organisations thatdealwith the public sector as
will ask len higson todealwith the question that arose
the first minister we mustdealwith the reality of the
policy and planning issues thatdealwith the resource allocation of
varieties by the time councilsdealwith the ring fencing that
wishes pe406 does not quitedealwith the same subject as
granting those trials i willdealwith the second issue which
mr jim wallace i willdealwith the second question in
expected to go i willdealwith the should and the
as a genuine attempt todealwith the situation hugh dignon
too co 53 unable todealwith the situation the adults
enough for the parliament todealwith the situation we have
last year i had todealwith the so called sudden
way that we need todealwith the song that we
liberties and the need todealwith the sort of things
between handlers the people whodealwith the sources and senior
currie said it does notdealwith the standards in properties
with steps at westminster todealwith the tax benefits and
committee the convener we willdealwith the three sets of
the international community has todealwith the uk as a
order to redirect resources todealwith the urban and rural
together with secretarial support todealwith the usual rush of
must carefully consider how wedealwith the voluntary sector in
provides to local authorities todealwith their new responsibilities for
because of the people f810: dealwith them all yeah and
on a small scale wedealwith them as and when
would not be able todealwith them on the other
is the best way todealwith them or whether some
effort has been made todealwith them the convener before
sure that the executive candealwith them the convener we
challenges and ensure that wedealwith them the first minister
and then take action todealwith them there is no
views on how we shoulddealwith them three options are
three options we do notdealwith them we add them
opportunity and a mechanism todealwith them you asked whether
clearly stating its plans todealwith these difficulties and to
the corpus forces you todealwith these problems now coming
by the scottish executive todealwith these problems this briefing
gavin corbett i get todealwith these questions because i
the i think you candealwith these things in a
that colleagues at westminster mustdealwith they are not necessarily
folk or climb walls andealwith things f1054: mmhm mmhm
most important thing is todealwith this issue consistently across
we have been asked todealwith this morning is the
able to say we lldealwith this person but we
erm we find that theydealwith this problem in a
as this committee does notdealwith those issues i reported
the policies that try todealwith those issues mr paterson
most happy for justices todealwith those matters and would
mr wallace and you candealwith those points when you
power to introduce policies todealwith those problems such evidence
that it was following todealwith those problems we were
grab the opportunities available todealwith those shortcomings we should
and i will attempt todealwith those speeches in turn
piece of subordinate legislation todealwith today members should have
need to be modified todealwith today s changing patterns
police force employs specifically todealwith traffic issues broken down
opinion on that councils mustdealwith two separate pieces of
that it was used todealwith urgent matters between meetings
not use the committee todealwith urgent matters did you
the use of money todealwith vacant and derelict land
use of available resources todealwith vacant and derelict land
the committee s role bothdealwith very relevant subjects particularly
you know cops of necessitydealwith victims of violence families
record numbers of police todealwith violence drug crime and
of the scheme because theydealwith visitors and people who
odour which seems impossible todealwith we have come across
is the appropriate way todealwith what may be or
separate issue that we willdealwith when we come to
natural science edward i willdealwith you later he storms
why they let this womendealwith young children she was
the processes of hearings todealwith young offenders s1o 6375
carolanne till now you candealwith your own agnes aye
the issues that it candealwi is kent as devolvit
national programmes such as newdeal18 24 and training for
schemes such as the newdeal50 plus can and do
the minister mentioned the newdeal50 plus which recognises that
for responsibility for the newdealand the remainder of its
the outcomes from the newdealare broken down by a
year olds left the newdealbetween 1 january and 31
into jobs through the newdealbroken down by i race
fifth of the scottish newdealbudget has been spent so
thrown cash at the newdealbut most of the people
have also recruited a newdealemployee is 29 and if
who have signed a newdealemployer agreement in scotland and
had not signed a newdealemployer agreement prior to this
who have joined the newdealemployer option s1w 1036 alex
its role in the newdealfor communities s1w 206 fergus
destination statistics for the newdealfor young people and the
the success of the newdealfor young people and the
programme other than the newdealfor young people in scotland
obtained employment through the newdealgateway and how many of
the research on the newdealin scotland could we also
compelling evidence that the newdealis delivering long term structural
compelling evidence that the newdealis delivering long term structural
new guy what s thedealis he fi roond here
s1m 1104 failings of newdeallodged on 12 july 2000
new macnabs hae a guiddealo fun at roylance s
the working lives of newdealparticipants should be placed in
be sustained when the newdealprogramme has concluded and d
be sustained when the newdealprogramme has concluded and d
all those leaving each newdealprogramme in each year since
allowance element on each newdealprogramme other than the new
work through support for newdealprogrammes by providing affordable child
people and the other newdealprogrammes s1w 1033 alex neil
people and the other newdealprogrammes s1w 1034 alex neil
activity trainers and promote newdealprogrammes which give unemployed people
research briefing on the newdealso that it covers wider
alex neil failings of newdealthat the parliament notes the
many models skillseekers the newdealtraining for work and so
mabel hildebrand from the newdealunit at the scottish executive
constituencies fall within which newdealunits of delivery s1w 12230
month period on the newdealwere in the same employment
jobs filled by the newdealwould have been there if
to secure the best possibledealfor scottish fishermen whilst ensuring
to secure the best possibledealfor scottish fishermen whilst ensuring
will argue for the bestdealfor the highlands and islands
to secure the best possibledealfor the highlands and islands
reflects both the best achievabledealfor the scottish fishing industry
and to secure the bestdealfor those who rely on
b terms and menus bestdealstill seems to be the
ever what s the bigdealabout being a virgin anyway
ehm it s a bigdealan it s good an
suddenly it s a bigdealand f965: and the child
s not that big adealand it s two hundred
s hamster s no bigdealaw it does is birl
f1150: yeah f1151: a bigdealbecause there was enough people
s not really a bigdealbut it it makes you
think it s a bigdealin scotland anyway m741: but
big it s a bigdealjust now m605: i don
a chicken was a bigdealto have you would have
would not be a bigdealto make that accessible members
s how ye huv taedealwi the sassenachs it s
need sic graith they dinnadealin life an daith but
working model for a gooddealof linguistic work the prague
sonnets will require a gooddealless text than one who
the thesaurus contains a gooddealof information of interest to
although she saw a gooddealof lawrence when he was
cool there was a gooddealof mixing of central and
tools there was a gooddealof recycling of items through
pieces go into a gooddealof technical detail about passing
before there s a gooddealof the usual whispering going
this simple level a gooddealof useful data can be
to get a good financialdealpuk hopes to bundle several
5 5 is a gooddealto pay for a read
literary quality owes a gooddealto scott s careful editorship
as they and a gooddealwiser this could have provoked
the property then needing adealof repair should be sold
frankly should not have todealthere are a number of
we are getting a betterdealfor taxpayers money amey is
is to secure a betterdealfor tenants in the socially
objective of securing a betterdealfor tenants in the socially
primarily to provide a betterdealfor tenants of social landlords
disabled people and a betterdealin the education of our
because you won a betterdealthan was expected or is
that they get a betterdealthat shows that nations can
the decision was a donedealwhy given the cross party
striving to force ourselves todealfirst through the intellect living
they say that a specialdealwas made when we lost
if you can kind ofdealdeal you know expose your
before he can clinch anydealhe s got a solicitor
ae german sodger i candealwi gladys nods to the
free sweets f810: i candealwithout the free sweets f809:
f641: so it s adealyou can come every year
you can kind of dealdealyou know expose your own
and expect its suppliers todealin that way logic bp
us hus that shit tidealwi way oot oor league
the scenes to clinch thatdealand make the ferry service
which voluntary organisations have todeali support the report and
similes or metaphors preferring todealin concrete elements tastes smells
a six year period thatdealis comparable to what would
speaking out against the proposeddealmade a major contribution to
judging to reach a fairdealserious business trade to be
women that er had todealwi them and they used
which i answer the phonedealas far as i may
which had a very rawdealin the previous settlement the
potential employees and if adealwas struck the farmer would
t as much of adealmade about cancer in the
t as much of adealmade about the link between
ll therefur differ a gretdealfae d wirdz dt ir
hamilton s1m 235 a fairdealfor nhs workers lodged on
tony blair negotiated a specialdealfor the highlands and islands
bit full of himself adealhere a deal there till
strong negotiating position however thedealhit a snag the stair
peyment hen it s adeali cannae shak hans sae
edinburgh i got a publishingdealin france ehm so the
a real thickhead sometimes thedealis for a trip you
structure 88 there a guiddealo endorsement for mair exposure
fack john macnab foresees adealo whit freud wid later
real blessing there was adealof frustration for me as
beside you is that adealokay right see if you
himself a deal here adealthere till i get what
view but withdrew after adealwas struck leaving members of
an husnae been yaised taedealwi a range o domains
surely be part of thedealand counted his blessings he
cross party support for thatdealand the unanimous backing of
some kind of black marketdealdod an dinna spend it
that was part of thedealerm f606: uh huh m954:
the impact of this shabbydealon scotland i beg the
crichton suggesting that the pfidealfor glasgow schools is likely
the parliament believes that thedealobtained for crofters regarding the
position as he knows thedealthat was reached early last
gil paterson s1m 1468 rawdealfor glasgow lodged on 13
council meeting and at thedealon fishing quotas for 2003
hid saxpence ower eftir thedealbit mither s broos gaed
the highlands and islands thedealstruck by tony blair in
efter aa the ballads ayedealwi love daith an war
thin on the grun taedealwi mair nor yin wi
pairlament monie o the committeesdealwi specific devolvit areas sic
cuiver cover dae do daeldealdaftlyke foolish daith death darg
us jilly bj let medealwi this ih pat s

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